Q3 Data Release Annoucement

The Kepler team announced yesterday the release of Q3 data has moved up from June 2012 to September 23rd. Q3 is about 90 days of additional data (bringing the time baseline to about 210 days). The press release also mentions Planet Hunters by name (thanks Kepler team!).


We just heard the news yesterday, so we’re starting to discuss and plan now about how to get the data uploaded quickly and take the lessons learned from the last two uploads. We’ll keep you posted as we know more about Q3 and what our plans for PH are. There’s still lots of Q2 data left to go through in the meantime.


Happy Hunting,



2 responses to “Q3 Data Release Annoucement”

  1. robert gagliano says :

    Meg, will there be any brand spanking new stars added to the Q3 DR and if so how many? Thanks.

    Cheers and good hunting,
    Robert Gagliano

  2. Meg says :

    We get to see the data for the first time when it gets released online and we can download it on September 23rd – but Kepler is monitoring the same stars to look for longer and longer period planets including planets at 1 AU (so you would need three years of observations to detection 3 transits) – so the majority of the stars will be the same in the Q3 data release as in previous Quarters, some stars do get dropped for a variety of reason, but most will be the same stars as Q1 and Q2. We’ll know more about Q3 when it’s released.

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