Helping find new planet candidates

Today’s blog post come’s from guest blogger Mahamitra Jagadheshkumar, a summer student who worked on Planet Hunters and helped us sort through some of theQ2 light curves identified on Talk for additional planet candidates.

Hello fellow planet hunters my name is Mahamitra Jagadheshkumar,  and I am a rising junior at The Bronx High School of Science in New York who has been doing research on exoplanets at Yale (I’ve been taking metro north to Yale 2 days a week) this summer. I have been working with Meg Schwamb on learning the techniques of planet hunting (mainly transiting) as well as programing in IDL. Over the summer my research included classifying over 500 transit candidates and eclipsing binaries in your talk discussions so the team can agree on a set of new planet candidates


3 responses to “Helping find new planet candidates”

  1. prashant says :

    i also want to learn the techniques of planet hunting so whom should i concern please help

  2. toniscarmato says :

    Another very good news!

  3. Kamla Motihar says :

    Great work Mahamitra. Congrats. I assume that one needs a background in astronomy to be able to undertake planet hunt. Am I right?

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