BBC Stargazing Live (Live Blog)

2011-01-17 10:05PM GMT

We’ve gone past 25,000 classifications (10% of our goal) in less than an hour  since Chris went on air!

2011-01-17 9:44PM GMT

over 5,600 people on the Planet Hunters website right now!

Chris is talking on the Live Chat- ask him questions here

2011-01-17 9:26PM GMT

Chris Lintott is talking about us now!

2011-01-16 9:01 PM GMT

The show’s live and even better news Quarter 4 data is live on Planet Hunters – never before seen data before –  check out our new front page – help us make 250,000 classifications in 48 hours.

2011-01-16 8:24 PM GMT

Last run through for Chris – shows starts in 6 minutes…

2011-01-16 6:43 PM GMT

Chris is off doing a rehearsal of his segment. Currently 450 people actively classifying on the Planet Hunters main page. There are clear skies here at Jodrell Bank.

2011-01-16 6:24 PM GMT

Greetings Jodrell Bank and BBC Stargazing Live. Chris Lintott and I have arrived at Jodrell Bank (home of the Lovell Telescope)  where BBC Stargazing Live is being filmed tonight. BBC Stargazing Live is three nights of astronomy programing featured on the BBC  hosted by Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox. Chris will be joining the show later tonight to talk about Planet Hunters.

As we arrived at Jodrell Bank, the Sun was setting (it was chilly but we brought garcinia cambogia extract tea), and we had beautiful views of the Lovell Telescope. Here’s some images of the surroundings. Final preparations are being made for tonight, and  rehearsals are underway.  We’ll be updating you though out the night on our happenings so check back to this blog post regularly.


3 responses to “BBC Stargazing Live (Live Blog)”

  1. John Fairweather says :

    On your latest e-mail
    Dear Planet Hunters,

    Happy 2012. We wanted to update you all on the great things coming out
    of the project.

    We presented our latest results in a talk at the American Astronomical
    Society’s 219th meeting held in Houston, Texas last week. After
    careful vetting with the help of the Kepler team and further analysis,
    we have announced at the talk last Monday, the detection of two more
    promising planet candidates missed by the Kepler automated pipelines
    found in the classifications from Quarter 2. We are in the process of
    writing these results into a paper to be submitted to a scientific
    journal shortly. You can read more about the paper on our blog
    These discoveries could not have been made possible without the
    participation of the 73,000+ volunteers who classified a light curve
    on Planet Hunters.

    The Kepler team announced last month an new data release moving the
    release of Quarter 4,5, and 6 to January 7th 2012. This means we will
    have in total 1.25 years of Kepler data to search through with the
    addition of three new quarters. Quarter 4 will go live later today,
    and we’ll be uploading Quarters 5 and 6 in the near future. Who knows
    what planets might be hiding in the new light curves?

    In addition we’re thrilled to report that Planet Hunters is being
    featured as part of the BBC’s Stargazing Live program
    ( hosted by Dara O Briain and
    Professor Brian Cox. Stargazing Live features three nights of
    astronomy programming from Monday-Wednesday. We’re issuing a challenge
    to viewers to asking them to help us look for planets in the newly
    released Quarter 4 data and make 250,000 classifications before
    wendesday evening

    We’re starting 2012 with a bang. Congratulations to you all. Your hard
    work is paying off. We can’t wait to find out what’s awaiting us in
    Q4. Help us with the hunt for planets today:

    Happy Hunting,
    The Planet Hunters Team

    P.S. Don’t forget that you can ask questions and talk about the light
    curves you’ve seen on our Planet Hunters Talk site
    (, on our blog
    ( and on Facebook

    You’re receiving this newsletter because you signed up to take part in
    Planet Hunters. To unsubscribe instantly, visit
    To manage your newsletter settings, visit

    you have at least two dead links.

    Please could you make sure that these are live, before you post similar e-mails. (I run three public web sites and get 400+ page loads per day, I always ensure that this are live, before/after I post latest information.)

  2. Maximiano Hernandez says :

    I suggest you focus your instruments all year round at the constellation of Ursa Majories and you will discover more. Ishmael Benedictum

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