PlanetHunters sounding good…

PlanetHunters has inspired all sorts of activity, and all sorts of people, but I think one of the most creative responses yet is in a new song by the Regaae/rock/much else besides band Echo Movement.

There’s a track on their new album that contains sounds generated from the light-curves of KIC4665989 and KIC10291683, an eclipsing binary they (and some colleagues at Georgia Tech) found in the Planet Hunters data. You can read more about their efforts in these articles.

The band aren’t the only ones looking at turning light curves into sound – there are some excellent efforts on this talk thread too.

PS The Echo Movement song is on iTunes here (track 8!), but I hope they’ll put up a music video we can link to before too long. Perhaps illustrated with Planet Hunters data…

PPS If you have spotify’s desktop client installed, you can listen to Echo Movement’s track just by clicking here :


One response to “PlanetHunters sounding good…”

  1. Troy says :

    Kudos! Amazing news made all the more exciting because it was found by ordinary people–God’s chosen!

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