Finishing Q5

You might have noticed that we’re no longer showing Q5 light curves. That’s because we’ve retired Q5. Thanks to your efforts , almost all of the Q5  light curves have been reviewed by 5 or more volunteers. We’re putting in new data at the moment , but in the mean time we’ve gone back to showing Q3 light curves. Only about 30% of Q3 light curves were searched before we switched to a newer data release (Q4), so you’re seeing new light curves that haven’t been searched before. You might notice that Q3 has more glitches that Q5. You can find a guide here for some of the glitches you might spot in those light curves.  We should have the new light curves ready soon, but there are still transits that may be hiding in the Q3 data, but we don’t know until we look.

Happy Hunting,


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