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With the start of December, it’s that time of year again. The Zooniverse Advent Calendar is back. Each day this month, a door opens and there’s a new surprise.  Planet Hunters was behind one of those doors two years ago.  On Day 1,  the door revealed the new Zooniverse publications page. There you will find all of the peer-reviewed and Journal accepted papers for Planet Hunters as well as the other projects that make up the Zooniverse. It’s been a busy year with our first paper which was accepted for publication in 2011 officially printed in  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2012,  2 more papers accepted (Schwamb et al. 2012 accepted and published in Astrophysical Journal; Lintott et al 2012 accepted to Astronomical Journal), and the PH1 paper submitted. You’ll see the PH1 paper isn’t listed there yet. That’s because it’s still in the peer-review process.  We’re the midst of responding to the referee’s report and resubmitting the paper to the Journal and the referee. We hope to have it accepted and listed there on the Publications page soon.

P.S. Thanks for all of your hard work to help make these publications happen. We can’t add thousands of names to the paper authorship, but we acknowledge your time, effort, and contribution to all of our publications on our authors page .We update the authors page each time a paper is accepted for publication. The link to the authors page is in the acknowledgements of every Planet Hunters paper.

P.P.S. The background image for the Zooniverse Advent Calendar might look very familiar.


4 responses to “New Publications Page”

  1. zutopian says :

    I recognized the background image of the Zooniverse Advent Calendar. It was presented in following blog post.:
    Well, I don’t see any doors. I use IE9. I asked on the GZ forum for help and GZ astronomer Brooke replied on 3rd Dec, that she notified the Zooniverse team and that they are looking into it. That was one week ago, but still the same problem!

    • Meg says :

      I’ll put in a bug report today. It can take some time for the development team to look at bug reports like this particularly if they’re busy launching a new awesome project. When PH launched we got all of the attention from the development team, and the other new projects deserve the same attention. So it may take some time for them to take a look since they’ve launched a new project today. In the meantime, the doors appear in Safari, FireFox, and Chrome.

  2. zutopian says :

    The doors appeared on 14th, 15th and 16th Dec, when using IE9, but today there is the same problem as before.: Just a background image, but no doors.

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