Live Chat at 3pm GMT Today

Later today (3PM GMT / 9am CST) we’ll be holding a Google+ Hangout on Air to talk about Planet Hunters science and news. The video feed will be shown here and you’ll also be able to find us find us on the Zooniverse Google+ Page.

If you have questions for the Planet Hunters team you can ask them, either by leaving a comment here on the blog or by tweeting us @planethunters.

PS.  To celebrate  Planet Hunters turning 2 we’ve created another anniversary poster  featuring the names of all the participants.


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5 responses to “Live Chat at 3pm GMT Today”

  1. gildas cozian says :

    What is the added value of planethunters job compared to computerised automatic image processing and detection of transits
    Could you show some examples where computer have not detected one transits and planethunters did detect it? and vice-versa?

    • Meg says :

      Yes, we’ve had a planet discovery, PH1, and several other planet candidates published that were first identified by Planet Hunters. we’re also working on another set of candidates.

      • gildas cozian says :

        Hi Meg
        Thank you for your reply.
        Could you explain why the automatic computer programs could not detect the transits which have been detected by planet hunters for PH1 an others ? Could you confirm the corresponding sets of data had been processed by computers but planet transits not detected by computer processings ?
        And vice versa, could you show us some examples of transit detected by computers but not par planet hunter volunteers (it could help us to sharpen our detection threshold)

  2. Mark Moffatt says :

    Hip Hip Hooray ! Mark Moffatt

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