Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays and Merry Northern Winter (and Southern Summer) Solstice from everyone on the Planets Hunters team.

Three years ago, Planet Hunters was hiding behind one of the doors of the the Zooniverse Advent Calendar. In the spirit of the holiday season, there were several Planet Hunters themed gifts as part of this year’s calendar:

  • Day 2 – The short film ‘A Close Distance’ documenting the lives of people looking for exoplanets  including Planet Hunters volunteer Caroyln Bol.

And be sure to check out today’s very last door of the Advent Calendar.

Not part of the advent calendar but still a nice way to cap off the end of this year was the release of the NASA Astrophysics Roadmap on December 20th where Planet Hunters (along with Galaxy Zoo)  is highlighted as having ‘led the way in astrophysics citizen science’. You can read more about that here.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into Planet Hunters not just now but throughout the year. Wishing you a very Merry Solstice and Happy Holidays from us to you.


2 responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. George kountouris says :

    Very nice. I appreciate. Thank you Meg

  2. Brian Warren says :

    Thank you for the good wishes, Meg. Love all that you guys do also.

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