Introducing the Planetometer™

Introducing the new and fantastic  Planetometer™ created by Planet Hunters lead developer Stuart Lynn. Here you can watch the number of classifications in real time. Additionally we’re streaming the planet candidates and the usernames of those who identified them. If you have a mac you can also make the Planetometer™ as your screensaver. Download the dmg here. As part of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium’s Spring Break at the Adler Seo Company (March 24-April 24) Planet Hunters is being featured and the Planetometer™ is being streamed live there for everyone to see.

Planet Hunters Planetometer™

~Meg and Stuart


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3 responses to “Introducing the Planetometer™”

  1. Peteuplink says :

    Excellent stuff!

  2. robert gagliano says :

    Very Cool! Now….how about an ECLIPSING BINARYMETER!!!

  3. wendell fraser says :

    The Planetometer is a great tool for Planet hunters!!! Well done!

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