Planet Hunters Live Chat: All the Details

In honor of Planet Hunters half-birthday on Thursday (June 16th) we’ll be hosting our first ever Zooniverse live chat. Chris Lintott, Stuart Lynn, and Meg Schwamb from the Planet Hunters team will be answering your questions live on UStream.  Come join us as we discuss all things Planet Hunters and Zooniverse, tell you what the science team has been up to, and answer your burning questions. You can submit questions via PH Talk by posting at this thread or via twitter tweeting your question to @planethunters with the #phlivechat hashtag.

To take part on the day you just need to visit the Zooniverse’s UStream channel on Thursday at 8pm UT (that’s 9pm in London, 4pm in New York, etc*). We’ll be going through the questions you’ve asked online, and chatting with you about the project via UStream’s chat box.

We hope to see you there!

*Thursday 8pm UT is 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 9pm BST, 10pm CEST and Friday 6am AEST.


5 responses to “Planet Hunters Live Chat: All the Details”

  1. echo-lily-mai says :

    See you there!

  2. Hector F says :

    Hi, I would like you to tell us about, in wich way, with the new data and observations, can we continue to explore the posibility that masive gas giants are actually failed binary stars.

    Great Work! Greetings from Panama, Central America.

  3. Mark Moffatt says :

    I would like to know about the wave patterns at the bottom(DAYS FROM BEGINNING OF QUARTER).What shapes indicate planets,starspots,or other phenomena?

  4. Kruttschnitt says :

    What sort of coordination is there between the PH team and NASA (more specifically the scientists analyzing the data from the telescope)?

  5. XSARA says :

    In some parts of the milkyway there are starpopulations with a very high density and so with a lot of 2-, 3-, 0r more starsystems.
    How do you recognize the difference with planettransistions?

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