6 Months Poster

To celebrate Planet Hunters turning six months old we’ve created this massive poster [27MB download] containing the names of our community of more than 30,000 volunteers*! We hope you enjoy it, and that you are able to find your name in amongst the many that make up this lovely image of a planetary system far, far away.

Don’t forget to join us this afternoon/evening/other for our first ever live video chat on UStream. We’ll be answering your questions from 8pm UT – which is 9pm in London and 4pm in New York. Come and see Meg Schwamb, Chris Lintott and Stuart Lynn answering your questions by visiting the Zooniverse UStream channel.

*Names are only shown for users who gave permission for us to show their name on the Zooniverse account settings. To update your settings login to  https://www.zooniverse.org/account and update the ‘name’ field.


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3 responses to “6 Months Poster”

  1. cosmicphil says :

    What a wonderfull idea to have created this massive poster ! I found my name ! … Yes.
    Moreover, for visiting France in October, what are the planethunter’s team preference for wine ? White or Red Wine ?

    From Britany.
    Philippe MICHEL.

  2. Meert says :

    Woot, I found my name too 🙂 Great poster… where can I order one 🙂
    From Holland,
    Maarten Reumer

  3. arvintan says :

    Is there any other way of searching for one’s name? My eyes hurt and I still have to classify stars. 🙂

    BTW, congrats to the community! Forwards to our first anniversary!

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