New Site Guide

Today’s post comes from Thomas Esty, our undergraduate  summer student working on Planet Hunters.

Hello again, Planet Hunters.

I’m happy to say that we are now rolling out the new Site Guide.  It includes a collection of information from the science page, the early blogs and some all new stuff.  We also have examples of the different types of light curves so that you can all see prototypical regular, irregular, pulsating, and quiet curves.  I’ve been putting it together piece by piece for a couple weeks while also working on doing modeling and coding to analyze the best of your classifications so far.  I hope that it will help get more people involved in this project.  If you have friends who you haven’t introduced to Planet Hunters, now is a great time.  You’ll be able to find the new material under the Tutorial tab as Site Guide.  We’ve recently passed 3.5 million classifications and are still going strong.  With a paper in the pipeline, the classifications rolling in, plenty of data left to analyze, and conferences coming up, we’d like to thank all of you for your hard working in making Planet Hunters so successful in just over 7 months of operation.

As always, Happy Hunting.

Thomas Esty


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One response to “New Site Guide”

  1. Angel says :

    Thanks for the new tutorials, Thomas, they are really helpful!

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