The Science team just can’t resist a go

Its getting closer and closer to the day when the Kepler team will release the next few quarters of data. To get ready for it we are working hard behind the scenes to turn your clicks in to science and even more planet candidates. That doesn’t mean however that the science team isn’t lured by the hunt for planets. We all routinely go digging around in the light curves ourselves to help get that classification count up. Don’t believe us ? Want some proof? Well just take a look at this image of Meg intently looking for those elusive transits.

Meg classifying

Meg hard at work

Happy hunting


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3 responses to “The Science team just can’t resist a go”

  1. Meg says :

    Thanks Stuart!

  2. Tony Hoffman says :

    It looks like you found something, Meg. Could that be KIC 10905746 (exoplanet candidate #1)? 🙂 A bit of a stealth pre-announcement…

  3. Meg says :

    You win the prize Tony – First to notice 🙂

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