A Taste of DPS

As a scientist at one point or another you’ve given a talk or a poster at a conference. Conferences are a big part of the scientific process – researchers from your sub-field and wider field get together to share the latest interesting results with talks and poster sessions.  You talk about the results from the conference, new ideas,  and  projects you should work on with new people you meet and old friends and collaborators during the coffee breaks and dinners.

The EPSC-DPS meeting is a little more than a week away, and the team is very excited to be presenting our first results to our peers in the scientific community. Thanks to your hard work,  Chris and I are  going to present a talk on Planet Hunters and our latest results (more on that to come soon) on October 4th.

To give you an idea of  the conference and what it’s like to go – I have a snipet from the BBC’s Sky at Night – if you live in Great Britain you’re probably very familiar with this show. 6 years ago in 2005, the DPS meeting was again joint with the Europeans for EPSC-DPS at Cambridge. I wasn’t there, I started grad school the year after, but Chris was there reporting for the Sky at Night.

You can view the video here (though you’ll need real player – and you don’t need to be in the UK to view it)



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