Anniversary Competition

Before long Planet Hunters will be one year old – we launched on December 16th 2010. It’s been an incredible journey that began with a wild idea and resulted in new planets being discovered by people from allover the world. (The site became available in Polish last week, meaning that even more people can now become planet hunters in their spare time.)

To celebrate a year of amazing citizen science we’ve decided to host a little competition! Every day until Planet Hunters’ birthday on December 16th we’re picking one random classification and that user is getting a prize! All you have to do is classify on Planet Hunters on any day until December 16th to be part of the prize draw. We’ll announce winners, once they’ve been contacted, via the blog and twitter.

Each lucky planet hunter will win either a printed anniversary poster (featuring the names of all our volunteers, see sample above) or an awesome Planet Hunters mug. We’ll get in touch using the email address associated with your Zooniverse account, with you can check in the Account section of Zooniverse Home. The random planet hunter who logs in on our actual anniversary will win a mug, poster and a bonus Yale University mug too!

Good luck and happy planet hunting!

[If you can’t wait, you can download the poster here – warning it’s a 66 MB file.]


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20 responses to “Anniversary Competition”

  1. echo-lily-mai says :

    Oooooooooooooooh!!!! 🙂

  2. David Cohen says :

    If we win the poster, will we find the location of our name because it is really hard to find mine.

  3. Andres Eloy Martinez Rojas (andsul) says :

    Great and thank you!

  4. Nev Walker says :

    I found my name on the poster

  5. Cleomerm says :

    only one person for a day will win in the competition?

  6. Marina de Jonghe d'Ardoye says :

    Wonderfull idea; thank you

  7. says :

    Cool! neat idea. 🙂

  8. Win says :

    I’m from China,a PH fans.In our words:Nothing is more important than participation”

  9. tanghao says :

    It is greatful! I am exiting for this wonderful thing. I hope i can build my own telescope station,because there is very bright dark sky on my hometown.

  10. Shweta Srivastava says :

    Well, waiting for my fabulous prize.

  11. czyzyk14 says :

    It’s harder to find your name on the poster than a new planet 🙂

  12. Francisco Castillo says :

    Nice idea. Thanks!…fc.

  13. monzy says :

    aww this is so cool!!

  14. George Kountouris says :

    I want to apologize to you because the last Months I am too busy, and I spent long time to classify planets. Anyway I believe that I will be able to come back with “full speed”in planet hunting at the beginning of 2012

  15. Bob B says :

    I need to win the lottery so I can set up a fantastic array of amateur planet locators and then be able to share with all my fellow Planet Hunters here at the Zoon………………………

  16. Alejandro says :

    Gracias!!! saludos a todos aquí en la tierra y a los habitantes de otros planetas también, porque si no creyéramos en ellos no estaríamos aquí haciendo esto.
    Saludos desde Córdoba, Argentina.


  17. Tony Hoffman says :

    For those who don’t win, are the items available for sale through the Zooniverse? I’d love to get a Planet Hunters mug and/or poster.


  18. Alex Heard says :

    I see my name! WOOHOO!

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