New Planet Hunters Co-discoveries

When I posted with news of our second paper’s submission last week I mentioned that the new paper from the Kepler team included a section on Planet Hunters.

Neptune-sized worlds may be the most common in the Universe

The section (7.4, since you’re asking) is fabulous, mentioning the ‘remarkable enthusiasm’ of Planet Hunters volunteers, who are not only have the ‘opportunity to experience the scientific method but also the possibility of experiencing the gratification of discovery’.

There should be a whole lot of gratification around, because as well as our own candidates the paper included details of several co-discoveries, where nine of Kepler’s planet candidates were independently identified by our volunteers. The following Planet Hunters thus can claim to have officially discovered planet candidates. In each case, the names in bold were the first to identify a transit in a particular light curve – congratulations to all involved.

KIC 5864975

pina1234, Mary Corfield, Frank Barnet, Derrick Martinez, Vince Brytus, Darin Ragozzine (!), Gary Butler, Robert Casey, Krishna Babu, ‘shutterbug’, Hein Min Tun, Juan Albornoz, Gerald R. Green, Robert Spiker, Natalie Van Cleef

KIC 11875734

Robert Gagliano (who was on the list for the recently announced candidates too), Malcolm Lambert, Di Miceli Gaetano, Hitesh Patel, Robert Rozanski, Penn Gwenn, Jari Paakkonen, ‘maya’, John Mackereth, ‘zocker’, Dominick Dennis, Carl-Johan Wikman, ‘chulej’, Oleg Tsybulskyi

KIC 8160953

Frank Barnet, John Robinson, ‘colinjdavis’, Jari Paakkonen, Carl Davidson, Bruno Mauguin, Jan Bernard, Lee Chapman, Hans Martin Schwengeler, ‘Aurelhun’, Pablo Barroso Rodriguez, Julie Donnell, Dani Iannarelli, Peter Kool, Simon Humphreys, Chris Price, Alan Bowler, Jeff Mack, Rafal Konkol

KIC 6504954

Patrick Gruber, Malcolm Wain, Andrew Young, Steve Harris, ‘planet10’, Juha Lindqvist, Navid Baraty, ‘ahora’, Julia Fedyakina, John Harper, Pablo Barroso Rodriguez, Sue Wilson, Mathew Hadfield, John Ord, Bob Chau, Calum Patterson, Matthew Connolly

KIC 7761918

Breeann Phillips, Abe Hoekstra, ‘ozanne’, Daniel Speir, ‘komandantmirko’, Daryll LaCourse, Daniel Getler, Gene Cumberland, Dave Skillman, Tony Hoffman, Joe Johnson, ‘Tem’, Steve Stav, Daniel Meyersohn, Frederico Centeno Selbach, Mark Riggs

KIC 3326377

‘ronalde000’, Bob Leask, ‘oneironautics’, Bartömiej Jaracz, Priscilla Nowajewski, ‘lolodec’, Michael Ware, Larry Melanson, Victor Gabriel Bibeo, ‘AtheistRamblings’, Stuart Lynn (!), Abe Hoekstra, Andrew Rose, ‘dalwhinnie’, Loic Petitpas

KIC 6268648

‘snark’, Fiona Wynn, Ilya Karpeev, Lily Lau, ‘nargatte’, Kristian U. Saetre, Lubomir Stiak, D Le Clercq, Jeremy Garrett, Lee Martin, Verena Resch, Robert Fletcher, Jason Muir, Nick Amsel, Michael Kavanagh, Anthony Goddard, Tom Hartfil-Allgood, Shannon McLaughlin, ‘Natframpton’, Peter Unitt, Steve House, Paul Wightman, Pooja Rathod, Simon Stockwell, Jenny Satelle, Owain Dewi Hughes, Richard Hopkins, Adam Bunce, Simon Gardiner, ‘snorrelo’, Thomas McGauran, ‘tom0366’, ‘Chippywheetoes’, Ben Galley, Kirsty McMonagle, Rich Haines, Adam Derdzikowski, ‘pat’, Mark Halstead


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8 responses to “New Planet Hunters Co-discoveries”

  1. lallemand says :

    a bit disapointed, I have 4 of these objects in my planet candidate list and I m not among the discoverers…

    • Meg says :

      Hi Lallemand,
      We recognized those users who classified the light curve section from where we first identified the first transit that clued is in that these were planet candidates. You likely classified the star in subsequent quarters which is important and we need the help of everyone to look at other quarters to help confirm and potentially identify new transits from additional planets orbiting the stars for already known candidates.

  2. HeadAroundU says :

    Sweet, I did it again, the last candidate. 9th to mark it in examine. 1 earth, 15 days. Repeats quite often, other transits are not very obvious. Hopefully, not contamined.

    But, why only 7 out of 9 are listed here?

  3. Wokkels says :

    A year ago, I marked two planet candidates orbiting KIC 5371776 and identified the periods and transit times. One of them has an official name now: KOI 1557.02. The other one is KOI 1557.03, but no trace of this one in the paper mentioned below.
    I’m curious who was the first person to discover KOI 1557.02 and 1557.03.

    “We note that nine of the candidates presented in Table 4 (1787.01, 1828.01, 1858.01, 1790.01, 1808.01, 1830.01, 1613.01, 1557.02, 1930.04) were independently identified by Planet Hunters (KIC 5864975, KIC 11875734, KIC 8160953, KIC 6504954, KIC 7761918, KIC 3326377, KIC 6268648, KIC 5371776, and KIC 5511081, respectively) as described by Lintott et al. (2012).”

    ( , 27 Feb 2012, page 35)

    • Meg says :

      As far as I know we’re still working on sorting on the 1557 system trying to get radial velocity observations.

      • Wokkels says :

        Hi Meg,
        That’s interesting!
        What kind of instrument is used to get radial velocity observations?
        A ground-based telescope?

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