More PH1 Artwork

Today we have a blog post from Dirk Terrell.  Dirk is an astrophysicist and the manager of the Astronomy and Computer Systems section at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO. His hobbies include coaching football, racing motorcycles and space art. He is a Fellow and former President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.

Dirk is also a coauthor on the PH1 paper, and you’ll hear more about how he helped confirm and validate PH1 in the next blog post. Inspired by the discovery Dirk made paintings depicting PH1, and we wanted to share with all of you. These images and more can be found on his website. Dirk is kindly letting us share his artwork. Please contact him for all usage, private or commercial, at terrell at

View of PH1 from just above the clouds of the gas giant planet. Image credit: Dirk Terrell

A view of PH1, the first discovery of a circumbinary planet in a quadruple star system. Image credit: Dirk Terrell

Sunset on a Four-star World- Image Credit – Dirk Terrell


7 responses to “More PH1 Artwork”

  1. Robert Gagliano says :

    One of these images should be submitted to APOD on the PH1 discovery.

  2. Jo Echo (@EchoLilyMai) says :

    Wonderful work!! I agree with Robert Gagliano that one of these images should be submitted to APOD.

  3. Kian says :

    I love the first two pictures because if you look closely you can see that the main binary is straddling Orion, and the second binary is in Taurus, just below and to the right of the Pleiades. This tells me that although PH1 is 5000 LY away, it’s in the opposite direction from those constellations, so they’d still be visible in their familiar shapes!

    Already downloaded for my screensaver.

  4. Tom128 says :

    Dirk, your artwork is incredible! Thank you for posting them on PH.

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