Tales from Waimea Part 3

This is part 3 of my  Keck NIRC2 observing log. (See Part 1 and Part 2).

So I can’t sleep, so I decided to go take some photos of where I’ll be sitting all night. So here’s what it’s like to be in Keck Remote Operations Room 2.


Welcome to Remote Ops 2


Telescope status info on the big screen. Smaller screens below will have all the instrument information and control interfaces. I’ll be sitting here for the night.

Welcome to the heart of remote ops 2

Polycom that allows me to remotely video conference with the telescope operator on the summit (I’ll at sea level in Waimea not on the summit). You can see a bit of a view into the summit control room.


There is a window, but I don’t think anyone ever opens the blinds especially at night


On the back wall


On the way out. Those windows actually lead to a view of the hallway.


4 responses to “Tales from Waimea Part 3”

  1. Brian Warren says :

    Go for it, Meg!! What a coup!!

  2. Jean Tate says :

    Hmm, not quite the same as being on the bridge of Enterprise .. but way cooler, ’cause this is real! Thanks a million Meg 🙂

    (OK, I just have to ask: if they have this big window, with blinds, and if they never open the blinds, why put a window there in the first place?!?)

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