More from Protostars and Planets

Last month, many of the Planet Hunters science team attended the Protostars & Planets VI conference in Heidelberg, Germany. The conference happens every few years and serves to summarize the state of the field from stars to exoplanets and everything in between. I presented a poster on the preliminary results from our TCE review and Yale graduate student Joey Schmitt presented a poster on the current status of the Planet Hunters planet candidate effort . Most of the posters from the conference have been posted online. You can find my poster here and Joey’s poster here. The talks from the conference are also online (including a talk on Exoplanet Detection by Planet Hunters PI Debra Fischer).


2 responses to “More from Protostars and Planets”

  1. Terry Halstead says :

    Meg, thanks for posting the links, hours of “must watch tv”!

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