Live Chat Video

Last’s night live chat on UStream was great fun. The video is now available on Vimeo and you should be able to see it below:

We got through a lot of questions, and Meg has said she will go back onto the Talk thread and answer a few of the remaining ones in the next few days.

We hope to do more live chats in the future, and we’re hoping to learn from our efforts during last night’s chat (there was one spectacular technical fault, but we recovered from it within a few minutes). If you have any suggestions for how they could improved let us know in the comments.


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2 responses to “Live Chat Video”

  1. echo-lily-mai says :

    Excellent Live Chat. Thanks for answering my question! I know where to look now 🙂

  2. Rokeby says :

    hey guys,

    I please you to install / built the video with the subtitle. In this project there are deaf people too 😉 .. and they want to understand too.. thanks for your understanding.


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