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Kepler’s Successor

Recently NASA selected the next set of missions for the Explorer Program to be launched in 2017 from four proposed  mission concepts. The two winning missions were the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER).

In some ways you can think of TESS as Kepler’s successor but while it will be monitoring stars for the drop in light due to transiting exoplanets like Kepler,  it’s mission is slightly different. Unlike Kepler which stares continuously at 1 field for it’s entire mission, during TESS’s 2 year primary mission, it will stare at a patch of sky for a short period of time and then move on to examine new stars. In total TESS will survey ~45,000 square degrees of sky, ~400 times larger than the region Kepler monitors.

TESS will target the brightest stars (G-K and M stars) in the sky, much brighter (and therefore closer to the Earth) than the Kepler field stars.  TESS will therefore probe the frequency and properties of  planetary systems that are in the solar neighborhood, and provide a catalog of the closest planet-hosting stars to be followed-up for many years to come.

One of the exciting things about TESS is that the vast majority of the stars it monitors will be prime candidates for current ground-based radial velocity instruments like HIRES (which has been used to help study Planet Hunters planet candidates), HARPS-N, and HARPS-S. This means for the vast majority of TESS planet candidates, we should be able to get masses or constraints on their masses. This is really important because the transit technique gets you a measure of the radius of the planet (if you know the radius of the star). If you can get the mass from radial velocity measurements, then you’ve got yourself the bulk density of the planet. You can think of bulk density as a proxy for composition, and so there will be a large sample of planets to examine how their size and composition compare to that of the planets in our Solar System. In addition, TESS planet host stars will be prime target for studies with the in-construction James Webb Space Telescope (JWST, a space-based infrared telescope scheduled for launch in 2018), that will enable study of the chemical composition of the atmospheres of many of TESS-discovered planets.

Just like Kepler, I think TESS will open a new era in the search and characterization of exoplanets. I think there is a place for Planet Hunters in the TESS age, and I hope that in the future  we’ll be able to share TESS light curves on the Planet Hunters website. You can learn more about TESS here.

The Kepler Extended Mission

Image Credit: NASA/Kepler Team

Today marks the successful end of Kepler‘s primary mission. Kepler has revolutionized the field of exoplanets. Kepler has facilitated the discovery of over 2,000 planet candidates, nearly quadrupling the inventory of known exoplanets. Kepler has transformed our understanding of planetary systems by finding the first Earth-sized planets.  the first habitable zone planet, the first confirmed circumbinary planet (planet orbiting both stars in a stellar binary), and a wealth of multiple planet systems.

NASA has granted  another four years of science operations for Kepler up to 2016 (and hopefully longer with an extended-extended mission depending on spacecraft health,funding, etc). Today marks the transition to the extended mission.  The Planet Hunters science team is very excited that the exquisite Kepler data will continue to come for several more years. The  lightcurves are such a rich dataset with many buried gems (like PH1) awaiting discovery. With so many eyeballs staring at the data we’re bound to find more in the extended mission.

The extended mission also marks a change in the data policy. Before there was a proprietary period where the scientists who helped bring Kepler to fruition had exclusive access to the data for many months to allow them  first access to the science and then after that time the data is released to the community for use by anyone.  Now in the extended mission there will be no proprietary period. All the data will be made public by the Kepler team and shared once the  observations are downloaded from the spacecraft and processed through the data reduction pipelines to make the Kepler light curves. Another change in the extended mission will be how candidate transit events are released by the Kepler team. All events detected by the automated routines utilized by the Kepler team will be announced online as they are detected at the NExScI Exoplanet Archive. Their status will be vetted in close to live time and shared with the community to encourage and foster follow-up and further analysis.

In the coming year, you’ll see changes to the site as we adapt and change in the extended mission. We’re looking forward to what the Kepler extended mission brings. All of the hard work and time that you all put into Planet Hunters has made it a success in the primary mission. We can’t wait to see what is waiting in the light curves for the Planet Hunters community to find in this next phase.

Kepler Gets an Extended Mission

The NASA Senior Review panel decisions are in. The panel assessed Kepler and several other astrophysics missions including Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-ray Observatory, Spitzer Space Telescope, XMM-Newton, Swift, Planck, Fermi Gamma Ray Telescope,and Suzaku. This is to evaluate the missions and decide if they should be renewed or approved for an extended mission. For Kepler, having launched in March 2009, the spacecraft is over 3 years old. The primary mission was to last 3.5 years with the goal to find and constrain the frequency of rocky planets and in particular Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone (the region around the star where liquid water could exist on a planet with an atmosphere similar to the Earth’s) of solar-type stars.

Kepler has been a spectacular success finding a treasure trove of over 2000 planet candidates in the first 16 months of data (Quarters 1-6), and revolutionized our understanding of planetary systems. But the Earth-sized planets are proving tricky because stars are much more variable than the Sun. This was unexpected,so instead of taking 3 years to confidently identify Earth-sized and smaller planets it will take 3 more years beyond the nominal mission. For NASA missions, you’re given the time you request when the mission gets selected to do your primary science goals and then can ask for additional funding for an extended mission. The Kepler spacecraft is in excellent health, with the only major failure being the loss of once of their science modules in Quarter 4. There is plenty of fuel to keep Kepler alive and pointed well beyond 2016, so Kepler team applied as did the other missions for funding to extend the mission another four years.

A NASA panel reviewed the mission, and the excellent news is that Kepler was approved for a 4 year extension!  They also recommended to extend all of the missions it assessed which is excellent for the astronomy community. You can read the entire report here. Congratulations to the Kepler team for the success of their program and thanks for the excellent data that we’ve been finding planets and other interesting things in with Planet Hunters. This is great news! So this means Kepler will be running an additional 4 years – so a total of ~7 years of data. This means we can probe planets out at even further distances. This will be particularly interesting because we have been finding these very compact multiplanet systems (some having more several planets on orbits smaller than Mercury’s), so I’m curious to see how many multiplanet systems that have planets at distances beyond an 1 AU exist.

So what does this mean for Planet Hunters? First off it’s mean we’ll have plenty of light curves to look at for a long while with the potential to find even more interesting things and planets awaiting discovery. But what’s going to change come November, is the there is no proprietary data anymore. Currently the Kepler scientists have a first crack at the data before it is released to the rest of the scientific community and the public. Kepler is currently observing Quarter 13 but we have only up to Quarter 6 data. In Novemeber this all changes – they’ll be another big data release in July 28 (Quarters 7,8, and 9 will be released) and the next on October 28 (Quarters 10, 11, 12, and 13 will be released) . After that once the data comes off the Kepler spacecraft and is processed by the data processing algorithms the data will be released to the public and the Kepler team at the same time and we’ll be showing the light curves as fast as we can get them on the site.

This is a new era for the exoplanet community.  I can’t wait for November, it’s going to be a great couple of years for Kepler and Planet Hunters if the past year has been any indication of the interesting science we’ll be able to do. In the meantime, there’s still lots of light curves to search through before the next data release and we’re starting to look for new planet candidates in those classifications from Quarters 3, 4, and 5  as well as  take follow-up observations of our highest priority candidates (more on that in next the few blog posts). So keep those clicks coming.

BBC Stargazing Live

We at Planet Hunters are thrilled to be part of this year’s BBC Stargazing Live  – three nights of astronomy programing featured on the BBC  hosted by Dara O Briain and Prof Brian Cox. Existing Planet Hunters will be glad to know that to celebrate we’ve put brand new data up on the site – Quarter 4 has now been added and there’s more to come. We’re keen to win the race to find whatever’s in this dataset, and so we’ve challenged the viewers of Stargazing to help us view 250,000 classifications light curves in the next 2 days.There’s a countdown on the Planet Hunters homepage, and we’ll announce what we might have found on Wednesday’s edition of Stargazing.
If you’re new to PH, let us tell you more about the project. With your help, we are looking for planets around other stars. When an extrasolar planet or exoplanet passes in front of its parent star, or transits, a dimming of the star’s light is observed. The transit depth, or decrease in the star’s brightness, is related to ratio of the planet’s radius to that of the star. For a Jupiter-­‐ sized planet (~10 Earth radii), the transit depth is ~1% of the star’s apparent brightness. For Earth-­‐sized planets, the drop in brightness is less than 0.01%.

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft monitors ~150,000 stars for transit signatures taking a measurement every 30 minutes.The Kepler light curves, the time series of brightness measurements, are complex. Many exhibit short-­‐lived variations in brightness. Such variability is difficult to characterize. Using computer algorithms, the Kepler team has detected over 2,000 potential planet candidates and 33 confirmed planetary systems. Despite the impressive success of the Kepler Team’s automated analysis, we think that computers may not recognize transit signals dominated by the natural variability of the star.

Computers are only good at finding what they’ve been told to look for. The human eye can easily identify deviant points and transits that may be missed by sophisticated computer algorithms. The human brain has the uncanny ability to recognize patterns and immediately pick out what is strange or unique, far beyond what we can teach machines to do. With Planet Hunters we asking  you to visually screen the Kepler light curves for transits, individually reviewing 30-­day segments of a star’s light curve for tell-tale transit dips signaling the possible presence of a exoplanet. Over 73,000 volunteers have made nearly 6 million classifications in the project’s first year. We’ve already netted 4 strong planet candidates (read more about those discoveries here and here) that were missed in initial reviews in other searches of the Kepler data.

But we need your help. The Kepler team has just released the next 3 quarters of  Kepler data, nearly 270 days worth of additional  observations to the public. Chris  issued the challenge today; help us search the data for new planet transit signals over the next three days of Stargazing. Mark where you think there might be dips in star light due to passing planets. We’ll review all your classifications and look for new planet candidates and on the last night we’ll preset what we find . Help us make our goal of 250,000 classifications in 48 hours.

These Kepler observations have never before been seen by anyone  on the Planet Hunters website. Most of the light curves will be flat devoid of transit signals but yet,it’s just possible that you might be the first to know that a star somewhere out there in the Milky Way has a companion, just as our Sun does. Fancy giving it a try?

Happy Hunting,

~Meg, Chris and the Planet Hunters Team

Don’t forget that you can ask questions and talk about the lightcurves you’ve seen on our Planet Hunters Talk site , on our blog , on Twitter, and on Facebook.


PS. For comments for Stargazing Live – come to our Live Blog Post 

A Good Start to 2012

Happy New Year and Happy 2012 Everyone –

We’ve got lots in store for 2012. I wanted to give you a quick update on what the team’s been up to. We’re still notifying winners of the Anniversary Competition and  waiting to hear back from some of the winners. So we’ll announce the remaining winners soon. We hope to start mailing prizes in a couple of weeks once I’m back from travel and conferences.

January is turning out to be a busy month.We’ve got papers in the works, including my short period planet analysis paper from all your classifications from Q1. I hope to have a finished draft in the next few weeks. Watch this space to hear more about the papers in the upcoming weeks as we ready them for journal submission.

Next week is the American Astronomical Society‘s annual winter meeting. This year the meeting will be held in Austin, Texas. Chris, Kevin, and I will be attending the meeting with mugs of garcinia cambogia coffee in hand. If you’re interested in following the news from the conference on twitter – you can follow Chris, Kevin, and I (@chrislintott , @kevinschawinski ,and @megschwamb ) and the twitter hashtag #AAS219 . We’ll also be tweeting from the @planethunters account as well.

Chris will be talking about the latest Planet Hunters results on Monday in the  Exoplanets: New Surveys session. The talks are short, only 5 minutes to speak and show slides with a few minutes for questions. So we’ll be showing just the latest science highlights from the project. Kevin and I will also be giving talks on other unrelated projects we’ve been working on. I’ll be talking about my  survey to search the southern skies for large Kuiper belt objects, but I’ll also be giving a talk on Planet Hunters next week but not at the AAS. The annual symposium for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellows is right before the AAS meeting in Austin. My symposium talk on Sunday will be about Planet Hunters.

Also up next, is the next data release. With the accelerated data release schedule from the Kepler team, we’re going to get not just one quarter but 3! Quarters 4,5,and 6 are scheduled right now to be released this weekend. That’s about 1.25 years worth of Kepler data (Quarters 1-6)  in total will be in the public archive. I’m excited to see what unknown planets may be lurking there just waiting to be found. We’ll keep you updated on the process of the upload and when the data will be available on the site.

A good start to 2012 indeed,


The First Kepler Science Conference

Greetings from the Cleaveland airport, I’m on my way back to Yale from California. This past week I’ve been attending y the First Kepler Science Conference at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. It has been a full week of talks and posters on extrasolar planets, planet formation, and stellar astrophysics with emphasis on results from Kepler.

I gave a talk in the Kepler mission and exoplanet statistics session presenting Planet Hunters and our first results. My talk and the entire conference was recorded and the videos are available to view here.

There were lots of interesting talks highlighting what a treasure trove the Kepler data set is. The Kepler team announced the detection of over 2,000 planet candidates identified in the first five quarters of Kepler observations and the discovery of Kepler’s first confirmed planet (Kepler 22-b) orbiting in the habitable zone of a solar-type star. The habitable zone has been dubbed the goldilocks zone because it’s the region around the star where it not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist.  So if Kepler-22b is rocky it might have liquid water on its surface, but we don’t currently have a good mass estimate for Kepler-22b so we don’t know what its composition is.  Kepler-22 b is bigger than the Earth, with a radius of 2.4 times the radius of the Earth. It orbits its star every 290 days, so the Kepler team has just been able to see three complete transits of the planet.Kepler 22-b was called the Kepler team’s “Christmas Planet” says Kepler principal investigator (PI)  Bill Borucki because one of the transits occurred near Christmas.  You can find out more about Kepler-22b here and view the light curve here.

In other exciting new, lots more data and possible planets are coming our way in the next year. The new public release schedule for Kepler data was presented on the first day of the conference. Quarters 4, 5, and 6 (spanning observations fromDec 2009-Sep 2010) will be released on Jan 7, 2012. Quarters 7, 8, and 9 (Sep 2010-Jun 2011) will be released on Jul 28, 2012. Quarters 10, 11, 12, and 13 (Jun 2011-Jun 2012) will be released on Oct 28, 2012. There’s bound to be interesting and new things waiting to found as we add and more.

Past the nominal misson, if the mission is renewed, the Kepler data will no longer have a proprietary period. If NASA awards funding for an extended mission, then beyond November the Kepler light curves will be made available to public as soon as the raw data is downloaded from the spacecraft and processed through the Kepler data processing pipelines. This is going to be an exciting prospect for the exoplanet community and  for Planet Hunters.

Fellow zooites and Planet Hunters Daryll  (nighthawk_black), Kian (kianjin), and  Tom(Tom128) attended the conference too. They’ll each be guest bloggers in the up coming weeks to share their impressions and highlights of the conference.

From left to right: Kian, Tom, and Daryll

Happy Hunting,


A word from Bill Borucki: Kepler P.I.

Dear Planet Hunters:

I’m writing to congratulate you on your wonderful discovery of some unique new planet candidates.  I began designing and working on the idea of a space-based transit mission in the early 1980’s so that we could determine whether Earths were frequent or rare in our galaxy.  The project encountered many obstacles, but the Kepler team overcame each of them and celebrated the Mission launch in March 2009!  It is exciting to see the bounty of planets that Kepler has discovered and it is especially gratifying that all of you have been willing to contribute so many hours of your time to help us discover new planets.  I understand that collectively, your contribution amounts to more than 50 years of “human processing time.”   We now stand at the threshold of detecting planets in wider orbits; planets that might be habitable worlds or might have moons that are habitable.  Transits around these more distant planets will be different than many of the transiting planets that you’ve discovered so far – these planets will have transits that are longer in duration than the transits of close-in planets, but they will be more difficult to find because they will occur less frequently.  I hope that you will redouble your efforts to find these rare but important long period planets.  Good hunting. The Kepler team really appreciates your help!

Bill Borucki, Science Principal Investigator for the Kepler Mission

“Tatooine” discovered by Kepler

Today’s breaking news is that the Kepler team have discovered a planet orbiting two suns, just like the fictional home planet of Luke Skywalker, Tatooine, in Star Wars.

Now we’re all Planet Hunters here, so everyone’s first question is, what does the light curve look like? Look no further, here it is:

The full article is online at Science Magazine (subscription required). You can check out the Kepler team’s website about the new planet here and here. Kepler-16, as it is now dubbed, is even more inhospitable than Tatooine – it’s a Saturn-mass gas planet. So unfortunately, no Javas or Cantina band….

Some more examples – Kepler Favorites

One of the biggest questions people ask for me is more examples. Which is hard to give because the light curves vary so much and transits look different for differing planet radii and periods – the depth of the transit is related to the ratio of the planet radius to the star’s radius, so bigger dips are generally due to larger planets. I thought I’d give links to a good portion of the Kepler team’s  planet candidate list on PH. I’ve listed below  the radii and period of the planet (in the case of the mutliplanets I’m only listing one of the planets). Some transits will be easy to see in these light curves others will be really difficult especially for the smaller 1-2 earth-radii planets. That’s where the simulations in the site help out, because they tell us how sensitive we are to detecting different size planets and how many we might be missing.

Happy Hunting,


PS. In addition, the Kepler team just announced that the next public release of data has been moved up from June 2012 to September 23rd. The press release also mentions Planet Hunters, thanks to all your hard work! Quarter 3  (Q3) is an extra 90 days of light curves, nearly doubling the time baseline we have available for all the Kepler stars – meaning you can find even longer period planets. There’s still lots of Quarter 2 (Q2) data left to search through in the meantime. We ask for your help to make a push to finish as much of the Q2 data to make way for the Q3 light curves.

SPH10042299 kplr000757450 11.7 Earth radii 8.8849 days
SPH10040779 kplr001027438 2.7 Earth radii 110.645 days
SPH10119025 kplr001161345 4.4 Earth radii 4.28899 days
SPH10023585 kplr001431122 1.5 Earth radii 4.29889 days
SPH10131019 kplr001432789 1.6 Earth radii 9.93167 days
SPH10043079 kplr001718189 1.4 Earth radii 21.8524 days
SPH10093049 kplr001865042 1 Earth radii 3.48168 days
SPH10071568 kplr001871056 2.6 Earth radii 20.4024 days
SPH10090959 kplr001996399 1.8 Earth radii 94.1023 days
SPH10054835 kplr002162635 26.2 Earth radii 615.3 days
SPH10075160 kplr002164169 2.5 Earth radii 32.3113 days
SPH10024165 kplr002165002 2.9 Earth radii 16.5681 days
SPH10093335 kplr002302548 6.3 Earth radii 10.3814 days
SPH10080535 kplr002309719 21.9 Earth radii 54.3561 days
SPH10134206 kplr002557816 2.2 Earth radii 9.37924 days
SPH10144492 kplr002574338 1.8 Earth radii 9.22978 days
SPH10133531 kplr002584163 2 Earth radii 14.5563 days
SPH10100527 kplr002715135 1.7 Earth radii 5.74773 days
SPH10072988 kplr002721030 2.4 Earth radii 6.10027 days
SPH10012887 kplr002837111 1.9 Earth radii 8.73492 days
SPH10028206 kplr002849805 1.4 Earth radii 3.74922 days
SPH10074430 kplr002853093 3.7 Earth radii 161.525 days
SPH10055488 kplr002853446 1.8 Earth radii 7.37325 days
SPH10058561 kplr002854698 1.3 Earth radii 8.18758 days
SPH10031197 kplr002854914 2.8 Earth radii 83.4411 days
SPH10089288 kplr003109930 2.2 Earth radii 37.8122 days
SPH10132229 kplr003114167 2.4 Earth radii 6.77034 days
SPH10025978 kplr003114811 1.2 Earth radii 11.0898 days
SPH10096830 kplr003116412 2 Earth radii 12.9917 days
SPH10130592 kplr003120276 1.6 Earth radii 10.2649 days
SPH10100814 kplr003218908 1.4 Earth radii 9.46255 days
SPH10092118 kplr003231341 0.9 Earth radii 8.14561 days
SPH10115542 kplr003235672 1.4 Earth radii 6.72233 days
SPH10009178 kplr003240158 0.9 Earth radii 7.42603 days
SPH10006295 kplr003245969 1.1 Earth radii 2.84764 days
SPH10097021 kplr003246984 4.5 Earth radii 1.62666 days
SPH10009439 kplr003247268 5.7 Earth radii 12.2182 days
SPH10110634 kplr003337425 2.2 Earth radii 7.0472 days
SPH10083908 kplr003425851 1.8 Earth radii 110.374 days
SPH10107232 kplr003438507 1.7 Earth radii 8.39776 days
SPH10111689 kplr003440861 1.2 Earth radii 3.50394 days
SPH10008116 kplr003441784 27.5 Earth radii 52.5686 days
SPH10104421 kplr003442055 2.2 Earth radii 29.6186 days
SPH10087826 kplr003444588 1.5 Earth radii 0.928308 days
SPH10028177 kplr003447722 1.5 Earth radii 10.3013 days
SPH10149985 kplr003453214 7.3 Earth radii 19.6204 days
SPH10146295 kplr003559935 3.7 Earth radii 29.9115 days
SPH10093756 kplr003632418 1.1 Earth radii 2.78575 days
SPH10069514 kplr003640905 5.3 Earth radii 51.0917 days
SPH10027084 kplr003641726 3 Earth radii 9.02971 days
SPH10106174 kplr003642741 5.7 Earth radii 7.25848 days
SPH10079780 kplr003644071 4.1 Earth radii 123 days
SPH10120885 kplr003660924 1.5 Earth radii 4.24176 days
SPH10144165 kplr003732821 2.9 Earth radii 13.7346 days
SPH10074356 kplr003749134 1.8 Earth radii 11.3014 days
SPH10031825 kplr003762468 8.5 Earth radii 3.00385 days
SPH10145081 kplr003833007 2.2 Earth radii 16.2172 days
SPH10121421 kplr003839488 2 Earth radii 11.1313 days
SPH10143508 kplr003847907 6 Earth radii 3.5732 days
SPH10142127 kplr003848972 2.5 Earth radii 0.370528 days
SPH10083842 kplr003859079 2.7 Earth radii 53.5296 days
SPH10016684 kplr003869014 2.1 Earth radii 8.63851 days
SPH10090888 kplr003937519 4.4 Earth radii 3.41304 days
SPH10083816 kplr003939150 2.1 Earth radii 33.0058 days
SPH10099815 kplr003940418 2.7 Earth radii 4.78294 days
SPH10115602 kplr003942446 12.9 Earth radii 59.5309 days
SPH10082533 kplr003962243 2.4 Earth radii 14.1282 days
SPH10082436 kplr003962357 1.2 Earth radii 14.5549 days
SPH10075173 kplr003962440 7 Earth radii 300 days
SPH10083532 kplr003966801 1.8 Earth radii 25.6972 days
SPH10121386 kplr004043190 1.1 Earth radii 6.40068 days
SPH10114501 kplr004049131 4.3 Earth radii 20.5062 days
SPH10038808 kplr004060815 0.8 Earth radii 4.28545 days
SPH10137820 kplr004061149 1.4 Earth radii 2.75753 days
SPH10014849 kplr004072526 2.5 Earth radii 33.1996 days
SPH10073203 kplr004074736 4.8 Earth radii 80.966 days
SPH10145949 kplr004077526 2.5 Earth radii 10.2187 days
SPH10075029 kplr004135665 2 Earth radii 4.16804 days
SPH10049641 kplr004136466 1.1 Earth radii 4.48761 days
SPH10099499 kplr004139816 2.1 Earth radii 46.1851 days
SPH10092279 kplr004155328 7.6 Earth radii 127.829 days
SPH10062476 kplr004243911 1.4 Earth radii 1.92279 days
SPH10084253 kplr004247092 39.7 Earth radii 21.0569 days
SPH10062835 kplr004270253 1.8 Earth radii 5.68804 days
SPH10053988 kplr004275191 6.5 Earth radii 3.89593 days
SPH10145092 kplr004275721 1.6 Earth radii 3.77371 days
SPH10108057 kplr004282872 3.3 Earth radii 10.0354 days
SPH10127972 kplr004466677 1.7 Earth radii 3.223 days
SPH10069337 kplr004476123 1.8 Earth radii 22.367 days
SPH10012977 kplr004544670 10.4 Earth radii 34.8442 days
SPH10013662 kplr004545187 2.4 Earth radii 41.0084 days
SPH10119087 kplr004650674 1.6 Earth radii 4.51434 days
SPH10039303 kplr004741126 1.6 Earth radii 20.4224 days
SPH10043364 kplr004757437 1.7 Earth radii 4.4255 days
SPH10129801 kplr004832837 1.6 Earth radii 2.62814 days
SPH10106964 kplr004840513 20.6 Earth radii 2.37928 days
SPH10049082 kplr004841374 5.4 Earth radii 161.468 days
SPH10122267 kplr004847534 2 Earth radii 9.66856 days
SPH10027740 kplr004860678 1.7 Earth radii 9.97788 days
SPH10076160 kplr004918309 4.5 Earth radii 186.383 days
SPH10006867 kplr004951877 2.1 Earth radii 24.794 days
SPH10136003 kplr005009189 1.8 Earth radii 4.93916 days
SPH10103195 kplr005031857 3.8 Earth radii 24.8076 days
SPH10149468 kplr005039228 2.1 Earth radii 7.79663 days
SPH10149194 kplr005077629 11.5 Earth radii 7.91937 days
SPH10100173 kplr005115978 8.7 Earth radii 1.02844 days
SPH10013400 kplr005122112 11.2 Earth radii 3.05517 days
SPH10025652 kplr005177104 1.4 Earth radii 3.02153 days
SPH10075534 kplr005184584 3.1 Earth radii 53.4493 days
SPH10077161 kplr005252423 2.4 Earth radii 8.10341 days
SPH10115728 kplr005270698 14.9 Earth radii 3.96433 days
SPH10017875 kplr005272878 1.7 Earth radii 6.366 days
SPH10146824 kplr005283542 3.1 Earth radii 5.97569 days
SPH10066367 kplr005299459 3.2 Earth radii 10.4157 days
SPH10149765 kplr005301750 2.3 Earth radii 12.882 days
SPH10102373 kplr005340644 2.5 Earth radii 8.22236 days
SPH10049582 kplr005357901 8 Earth radii 3.79702 days
SPH10107876 kplr005358241 2.7 Earth radii 38.5596 days
SPH10100876 kplr005371776 5.2 Earth radii 3.29571 days
SPH10108545 kplr005376067 4.3 Earth radii 3.9514 days
SPH10086635 kplr005436502 1.4 Earth radii 2.09092 days
SPH10124694 kplr005438757 1.5 Earth radii 10.3507 days
SPH10073937 kplr005441980 6.8 Earth radii 5.89403 days
SPH10075420 kplr005443837 6.1 Earth radii 3.65849 days
SPH10046962 kplr005444548 1.4 Earth radii 13.2487 days
SPH10104787 kplr005449777 12.4 Earth radii 7.21681 days
SPH10110655 kplr005456651 1.6 Earth radii 11.763 days
SPH10040781 kplr005461440 1.7 Earth radii 40.6068 days
SPH10066252 kplr005470739 2.2 Earth radii 19.1797 days
SPH10081667 kplr005474613 2.5 Earth radii 20.4212 days
SPH10120673 kplr005475431 5.8 Earth radii 0.917559 days
SPH10037575 kplr005531576 1.4 Earth radii 4.14459 days
SPH10028355 kplr005534814 7.8 Earth radii 4.85937 days
SPH10033426 kplr005608566 12 Earth radii 4.39691 days
SPH10090244 kplr005617854 1.5 Earth radii 3.51748 days
SPH10018199 kplr005652983 60.1 Earth radii 278 days
SPH10146025 kplr005683743 7.3 Earth radii 4.14702 days
SPH10144253 kplr005686174 2 Earth radii 14.2825 days
SPH10057755 kplr005689351 3.1 Earth radii 13.7673 days
SPH10062207 kplr005728139 8 Earth radii 5.33408 days
SPH10133414 kplr005774349 3.1 Earth radii 15.6555 days
SPH10091566 kplr005780715 2.5 Earth radii 1.58316 days
SPH10022375 kplr005780885 11 Earth radii 4.88549 days
SPH10142136 kplr005791986 2.8 Earth radii 15.2293 days
SPH10111802 kplr005794379 3.1 Earth radii 36.0654 days
SPH10036215 kplr005801571 4.9 Earth radii 0.838598 days
SPH10143167 kplr005809890 2.3 Earth radii 1.26909 days
SPH10034326 kplr005812960 4.3 Earth radii 18.4925 days
SPH10042359 kplr005880320 1.2 Earth radii 4.75793 days
SPH10070346 kplr005881688 6.3 Earth radii 4.1904 days
SPH10051392 kplr005956342 2.6 Earth radii 17.0282 days
SPH10042640 kplr005956656 1.9 Earth radii 1.22485 days
SPH10149340 kplr005959753 1.6 Earth radii 8.3089 days
SPH10023780 kplr005966322 2.9 Earth radii 60.9298 days
SPH10017624 kplr005972334 1.5 Earth radii 19.3245 days
SPH10123982 kplr005978361 2.3 Earth radii 9.17892 days
SPH10003202 kplr006032497 3.6 Earth radii 16.3294 days
SPH10022312 kplr006032981 2 Earth radii 3.32361 days
SPH10121857 kplr006037187 2.3 Earth radii 41.818 days
SPH10136280 kplr006046540 6.9 Earth radii 7.34074 days
SPH10101046 kplr006047498 1.6 Earth radii 0.51875 days
SPH10038623 kplr006060203 1.4 Earth radii 1.02267 days
SPH10045137 kplr006061119 15.3 Earth radii 27.8075 days
SPH10028957 kplr006131236 1.7 Earth radii 6.79673 days
SPH10105301 kplr006191521 5.1 Earth radii 80.8711 days
SPH10007334 kplr006272413 2.7 Earth radii 4.89768 days
SPH10029965 kplr006276477 2.8 Earth radii 10.3554 days
SPH10006865 kplr006289650 7.7 Earth radii 166.788 days
SPH10132111 kplr006291033 2.3 Earth radii 3.706 days
SPH10046357 kplr006291653 8.7 Earth radii 10.5263 days
SPH10146632 kplr006300348 6.5 Earth radii 5.69584 days
SPH10044632 kplr006305192 3.8 Earth radii 8.02509 days
SPH10077818 kplr006362874 1 Earth radii 0.974882 days
SPH10106224 kplr006381846 2.9 Earth radii 11.4635 days
SPH10073630 kplr006383785 3.9 Earth radii 5.64065 days
SPH10138473 kplr006383821 2.1 Earth radii 27.0724 days
SPH10010091 kplr006392727 5.5 Earth radii 4.58353 days
SPH10019166 kplr006422070 2.4 Earth radii 3.76179 days
SPH10040473 kplr006422367 1.4 Earth radii 4.33065 days
SPH10054952 kplr006428700 2.1 Earth radii 14.4968 days
SPH10005676 kplr006441738 2.4 Earth radii 19.0373 days
SPH10002227 kplr006448890 7 Earth radii 10.4945 days
SPH10091765 kplr006451936 2.8 Earth radii 8.00573 days
SPH10129044 kplr006470149 50.2 Earth radii 165.754 days
SPH10106963 kplr006501635 1.8 Earth radii 23.6758 days
SPH10036112 kplr006508221 2.8 Earth radii 88.2547 days
SPH10067097 kplr006522242 12.5 Earth radii 41.4085 days
SPH10052225 kplr006526710 13.1 Earth radii 39.749 days
SPH10103658 kplr006587280 2.2 Earth radii 5.71537 days
SPH10124351 kplr006599919 9.9 Earth radii 13.6101 days
SPH10075461 kplr006603043 17.4 Earth radii 110.321 days
SPH10045030 kplr006607447 6.3 Earth radii 99.642 days
SPH10131158 kplr006621116 26.6 Earth radii 137.76 days
SPH10065930 kplr006629332 8.3 Earth radii 2.15528 days
SPH10029770 kplr006677841 1.7 Earth radii 6.15488 days
SPH10031896 kplr006690082 1.5 Earth radii 2.13957 days
SPH10063319 kplr006692833 1.5 Earth radii 10.8046 days
SPH10071402 kplr006693640 1.5 Earth radii 13.7203 days
SPH10088867 kplr006707833 1.8 Earth radii 15.2837 days
SPH10100963 kplr006766634 17.9 Earth radii 321.216 days
SPH10110044 kplr006784235 2.7 Earth radii 3.16792 days
SPH10004404 kplr006786037 5 Earth radii 127.887 days
SPH10010100 kplr006838050 2.6 Earth radii 6.5098 days
SPH10066374 kplr006862328 6 Earth radii 119.021 days
SPH10005768 kplr006863998 3.4 Earth radii 16.0856 days
SPH10024957 kplr006867155 12.5 Earth radii 234 days
SPH10137194 kplr006879865 9 Earth radii 19.1931 days
SPH10102471 kplr006880531 2.2 Earth radii 69.7118 days
SPH10061252 kplr006922244 10.5 Earth radii 3.5223 days
SPH10134314 kplr006924203 1.7 Earth radii 6.88354 days
SPH10146011 kplr006932987 2.4 Earth radii 19.2549 days
SPH10124556 kplr006934291 1.2 Earth radii 0.56786 days
SPH10121201 kplr006936909 1.8 Earth radii 3.54663 days
SPH10108523 kplr006937692 2.7 Earth radii 35.1806 days
SPH10097949 kplr006960913 2.2 Earth radii 59.8791 days
SPH10046757 kplr007023960 11.6 Earth radii 30.8825 days
SPH10057452 kplr007031517 10.9 Earth radii 12.9407 days
SPH10050896 kplr007098355 2.4 Earth radii 29.008 days
SPH10099906 kplr007102227 2.3 Earth radii 14.5895 days
SPH10095828 kplr007109675 7.4 Earth radii 33.6017 days
SPH10101109 kplr007118364 1.3 Earth radii 4.34761 days
SPH10029800 kplr007132798 0.7 Earth radii 4.12515 days
SPH10022858 kplr007134976 2.2 Earth radii 4.6018 days
SPH10113853 kplr007135852 2.2 Earth radii 4.22094 days
SPH10137374 kplr007211141 2.8 Earth radii 51.929 days
SPH10071756 kplr007211221 0.8 Earth radii 5.62161 days
SPH10047624 kplr007211469 1.6 Earth radii 11.297 days
SPH10075300 kplr007269974 1.7 Earth radii 4.30954 days
SPH10028937 kplr007270230 9.2 Earth radii 6.99808 days
SPH10038589 kplr007287415 1.8 Earth radii 3.01611 days
SPH10089628 kplr007287995 2.3 Earth radii 12.0396 days
SPH10066082 kplr007295235 1.3 Earth radii 3.1793 days
SPH10126761 kplr007296438 2.6 Earth radii 173.9 days
SPH10027143 kplr007303253 5.2 Earth radii 23.5888 days
SPH10023197 kplr007303287 18.1 Earth radii 125.865 days
SPH10077210 kplr007364176 3.5 Earth radii 135.194 days
SPH10079564 kplr007368664 4 Earth radii 12.8747 days
SPH10083870 kplr007375795 1.3 Earth radii 19.302 days
SPH10030396 kplr007377033 13.6 Earth radii 1.95681 days
SPH10064063 kplr007380537 10 Earth radii 2.6889 days
SPH10006513 kplr007439316 1.7 Earth radii 2.61709 days
SPH10089090 kplr007440748 2.2 Earth radii 4.92133 days
SPH10064947 kplr007449844 22 Earth radii 1.15222 days
SPH10037622 kplr007456001 3.3 Earth radii 40.069 days
SPH10023955 kplr007458762 2.3 Earth radii 7.41121 days
SPH10067885 kplr007504328 10.5 Earth radii 53.7186 days
SPH10078632 kplr007512982 2.5 Earth radii 20.3814 days
SPH10148610 kplr007549209 2.2 Earth radii 27.5066 days
SPH10080165 kplr007585481 7.6 Earth radii 8.09888 days
SPH10119119 kplr007619236 4.9 Earth radii 164 days
SPH10000854 kplr007629518 2.6 Earth radii 15.5947 days
SPH10033700 kplr007630229 4.2 Earth radii 278.123 days
SPH10125088 kplr007663405 1.5 Earth radii 5.1445 days
SPH10144767 kplr007663691 2.7 Earth radii 10.0063 days
SPH10104331 kplr007672940 16.3 Earth radii 253 days
SPH10108344 kplr007678434 2.8 Earth radii 10.3718 days
SPH10134171 kplr007690844 1.6 Earth radii 22.047 days
SPH10083590 kplr007691260 0.8 Earth radii 3.98956 days
SPH10107101 kplr007761545 3.6 Earth radii 85.3503 days
SPH10136808 kplr007767559 12.8 Earth radii 4.40939 days
SPH10114364 kplr007768451 4.9 Earth radii 192.674 days
SPH10039555 kplr007808587 1.4 Earth radii 6.24151 days
SPH10047392 kplr007811397 9.4 Earth radii 400 days
SPH10031744 kplr007825899 2.8 Earth radii 6.30815 days
SPH10142110 kplr007841925 3 Earth radii 14.1639 days
SPH10136562 kplr007869917 2.1 Earth radii 7.71467 days
SPH10130187 kplr007871954 1.3 Earth radii 1.93703 days
SPH10132331 kplr007898352 2.4 Earth radii 30.1839 days
SPH10041130 kplr007901948 1.6 Earth radii 2.57889 days
SPH10037376 kplr007906882 11.3 Earth radii 52.5135 days
SPH10027708 kplr007938496 4.3 Earth radii 13.81 days
SPH10112856 kplr007939330 2.3 Earth radii 29.5511 days
SPH10146845 kplr007951018 7.1 Earth radii 52.7593 days
SPH10128889 kplr007975727 12.7 Earth radii 22.4183 days
SPH10024759 kplr007976520 1.7 Earth radii 4.17853 days
SPH10116293 kplr007977197 1.3 Earth radii 6.91977 days
SPH10129277 kplr008008206 2.1 Earth radii 20.728 days
SPH10051181 kplr008009350 2.5 Earth radii 13.7524 days
SPH10048278 kplr008013419 4.4 Earth radii 12.7326 days
SPH10041792 kplr008018547 5.7 Earth radii 83.9042 days
SPH10064826 kplr008022244 2.4 Earth radii 11.9038 days
SPH10105308 kplr008026752 3.1 Earth radii 4.28684 days
SPH10108448 kplr008037145 2.8 Earth radii 25.7512 days
SPH10109788 kplr008039892 5.6 Earth radii 5.00734 days
SPH10028061 kplr008041216 2.3 Earth radii 8.50827 days
SPH10074734 kplr008043638 4.3 Earth radii 17.5878 days
SPH10103647 kplr008046659 29.6 Earth radii 31.5692 days
SPH10030477 kplr008053552 32.8 Earth radii 29.481 days
SPH10085425 kplr008107225 1.8 Earth radii 5.63248 days
SPH10063524 kplr008125580 2.7 Earth radii 17.3173 days
SPH10038039 kplr008158127 1.6 Earth radii 4.08909 days
SPH10011002 kplr008162789 3.9 Earth radii 10.161 days
SPH10033736 kplr008174625 3 Earth radii 17.4453 days
SPH10064669 kplr008176650 13.9 Earth radii 15.8011 days
SPH10011297 kplr008179973 1.2 Earth radii 2.49677 days
SPH10017380 kplr008191672 8.2 Earth radii 3.54846 days
SPH10061319 kplr008193178 2.4 Earth radii 10.6405 days
SPH10102884 kplr008219673 7.5 Earth radii 20.1315 days
SPH10013532 kplr008226994 2.8 Earth radii 7.15684 days
SPH10118638 kplr008229696 2.1 Earth radii 10.128 days
SPH10032756 kplr008255887 11.4 Earth radii 4.70833 days
SPH10090631 kplr008265218 1.9 Earth radii 12.8301 days
SPH10114441 kplr008278371 0.7 Earth radii 0.677375 days
SPH10064769 kplr008280511 1.2 Earth radii 7.41084 days
SPH10040100 kplr008288947 1.5 Earth radii 3.75572 days
SPH10057612 kplr008302450 1.6 Earth radii 2.44184 days
SPH10037522 kplr008313667 2 Earth radii 30.5908 days
SPH10019790 kplr008344004 2.1 Earth radii 2.06187 days
SPH10142573 kplr008346392 2 Earth radii 5.72796 days
SPH10037168 kplr008349405 1.6 Earth radii 7.16918 days
SPH10047051 kplr008351704 1.3 Earth radii 7.09695 days
SPH10149757 kplr008352537 4.3 Earth radii 6.0104 days
SPH10023084 kplr008355239 2.4 Earth radii 20.135 days
SPH10004510 kplr008367113 2.6 Earth radii 24.3178 days
SPH10120491 kplr008394721 2.4 Earth radii 13.484 days
SPH10068764 kplr008410727 2.2 Earth radii 11.4757 days
SPH10027495 kplr008414716 1.9 Earth radii 5.3921 days
SPH10030059 kplr008490993 1.7 Earth radii 4.09361 days
SPH10069850 kplr008491277 3.5 Earth radii 9.61391 days
SPH10012129 kplr008505670 2.6 Earth radii 10.8485 days
SPH10064842 kplr008544996 9.1 Earth radii 4.08228 days
SPH10044731 kplr008547140 2 Earth radii 11.4194 days
SPH10057794 kplr008552202 1.2 Earth radii 3.88667 days
SPH10063760 kplr008561063 10.7 Earth radii 1.86511 days
SPH10087424 kplr008564587 2 Earth radii 5.72943 days
SPH10141123 kplr008565266 3.8 Earth radii 6.41255 days
SPH10045008 kplr008583696 3.3 Earth radii 50.2866 days
SPH10022839 kplr008607720 5.9 Earth radii 3.99942 days
SPH10135141 kplr008609450 2.4 Earth radii 44.3474 days
SPH10065555 kplr008612847 2.7 Earth radii 14.1315 days
SPH10115932 kplr008625925 1.5 Earth radii 6.52125 days
SPH10075309 kplr008628758 1.1 Earth radii 14.3743 days
SPH10098375 kplr008628973 3.9 Earth radii 3.31491 days
SPH10105681 kplr008630788 4.2 Earth radii 36.3392 days
SPH10133511 kplr008655354 3.2 Earth radii 6.71972 days
SPH10148212 kplr008672910 10.6 Earth radii 39.6455 days
SPH10069420 kplr008678594 6.3 Earth radii 133.459 days
SPH10140542 kplr008686097 3.3 Earth radii 172.673 days
SPH10134773 kplr008689031 1.9 Earth radii 21.8059 days
SPH10144761 kplr008700771 0.7 Earth radii 8.09166 days
SPH10066331 kplr008742590 2 Earth radii 49.4787 days
SPH10044776 kplr008751933 10.4 Earth radii 86.6481 days
SPH10050764 kplr008804283 1.5 Earth radii 22.7886 days
SPH10043910 kplr008806072 2.8 Earth radii 40.0595 days
SPH10115735 kplr008806123 2.7 Earth radii 36.8539 days
SPH10056032 kplr008813698 8.6 Earth radii 191 days
SPH10027829 kplr008822216 2.1 Earth radii 6.99689 days
SPH10038609 kplr008822366 2 Earth radii 30.8632 days
SPH10134294 kplr008826878 2.7 Earth radii 5.15456 days
SPH10107186 kplr008874090 1.5 Earth radii 6.66205 days
SPH10101600 kplr008883593 2.9 Earth radii 5.74333 days
SPH10030818 kplr008891318 4.8 Earth radii 350 days
SPH10109387 kplr008934495 2.3 Earth radii 4.59252 days
SPH10036129 kplr008949247 31.1 Earth radii 23.8 days
SPH10116215 kplr008950853 2.1 Earth radii 37.8118 days
SPH10097686 kplr008951215 3.1 Earth radii 39.4766 days
SPH10127443 kplr008958035 8.3 Earth radii 7.98118 days
SPH10105134 kplr009006449 1.5 Earth radii 12.6449 days
SPH10071824 kplr009007866 0.7 Earth radii 1.38719 days
SPH10101975 kplr009008220 3.1 Earth radii 9.39101 days
SPH10064850 kplr009020160 2.2 Earth radii 5.94505 days
SPH10061881 kplr009030447 2 Earth radii 0.566719 days
SPH10011131 kplr009034103 1.7 Earth radii 7.13962 days
SPH10053482 kplr009076513 1.6 Earth radii 2.43689 days
SPH10119198 kplr009115800 14.5 Earth radii 4.45421 days
SPH10030581 kplr009119458 4.3 Earth radii 11.5322 days
SPH10087214 kplr009150827 1.8 Earth radii 14.5345 days
SPH10087180 kplr009157634 2.6 Earth radii 2.10472 days
SPH10074997 kplr009166862 8.6 Earth radii 3.8556 days
SPH10121227 kplr009214713 16.5 Earth radii 200 days
SPH10050057 kplr009214942 2 Earth radii 18.7541 days
SPH10117667 kplr009271752 2.5 Earth radii 11.3612 days
SPH10052939 kplr009278553 15.1 Earth radii 18.6101 days
SPH10132837 kplr009279669 2 Earth radii 3.72218 days
SPH10123897 kplr009305831 7.9 Earth radii 3.24674 days
SPH10043241 kplr009334289 2.4 Earth radii 18.7471 days
SPH10146915 kplr009347899 2.5 Earth radii 87.6464 days
SPH10041982 kplr009391208 3.7 Earth radii 16.5607 days
SPH10132936 kplr009391506 1.6 Earth radii 15.75 days
SPH10086226 kplr009406990 2.3 Earth radii 20.8348 days
SPH10066866 kplr009414417 1.5 Earth radii 53.5067 days
SPH10022544 kplr009415172 1.3 Earth radii 1.0456 days
SPH10074920 kplr009478990 9.6 Earth radii 21.0874 days
SPH10096217 kplr009479273 3.5 Earth radii 6.10484 days
SPH10070353 kplr009512687 2.5 Earth radii 11.5151 days
SPH10145996 kplr009570741 2.1 Earth radii 15.7792 days
SPH10116043 kplr009583881 5 Earth radii 18.0089 days
SPH10029985 kplr009589323 2.6 Earth radii 3.94966 days
SPH10009055 kplr009589524 3.5 Earth radii 22.1845 days
SPH10032348 kplr009595686 3.9 Earth radii 3.10825 days
SPH10011831 kplr009595827 10.4 Earth radii 3.90509 days
SPH10036891 kplr009605514 2.6 Earth radii 40.7193 days
SPH10131020 kplr009607164 3 Earth radii 14.0351 days
SPH10055093 kplr009631762 2.2 Earth radii 10.3555 days
SPH10113009 kplr009636135 1.8 Earth radii 5.83375 days
SPH10002799 kplr009703198 5.5 Earth radii 10.3291 days
SPH10022365 kplr009705459 23.5 Earth radii 2.48659 days
SPH10052584 kplr009761199 6.9 Earth radii 0.692023 days
SPH10059028 kplr009765975 2.1 Earth radii 18.4587 days
SPH10048976 kplr009766437 2.5 Earth radii 12.5327 days
SPH10096482 kplr009775938 6 Earth radii 13.1971 days
SPH10065304 kplr009782691 2.2 Earth radii 50.6962 days
SPH10055895 kplr009813499 2.2 Earth radii 5.03266 days
SPH10069735 kplr009818462 2.4 Earth radii 25.9412 days
SPH10084866 kplr009821454 1.7 Earth radii 17.9762 days
SPH10018442 kplr009823487 2.4 Earth radii 16.0047 days
SPH10047448 kplr009824805 1.3 Earth radii 4.44448 days
SPH10099583 kplr009825625 2.3 Earth radii 7.03918 days
SPH10114423 kplr009844088 4 Earth radii 3.75084 days
SPH10049883 kplr009846086 17.8 Earth radii 37.8654 days
SPH10015597 kplr009850893 2.2 Earth radii 8.47997 days
SPH10144746 kplr009851226 3.7 Earth radii 8.48084 days
SPH10129098 kplr009872292 1 Earth radii 10.192 days
SPH10108337 kplr009875711 5.1 Earth radii 8.36077 days
SPH10097388 kplr009886661 1.2 Earth radii 5.08257 days
SPH10047248 kplr009932970 7.4 Earth radii 52.971 days
SPH10016722 kplr009941066 1.9 Earth radii 5.87084 days
SPH10135754 kplr009941859 3.2 Earth radii 20.5527 days
SPH10060546 kplr009957627 2.7 Earth radii 39.7521 days
SPH10025613 kplr009958962 2.1 Earth radii 9.99757 days
SPH10130719 kplr009967884 13.2 Earth radii 5.42835 days
SPH10056712 kplr010004738 3 Earth radii 56.4754 days
SPH10073929 kplr010006581 2.9 Earth radii 40.1088 days
SPH10115941 kplr010016874 3.5 Earth radii 16.3009 days
SPH10022237 kplr010019643 2 Earth radii 21.3474 days
SPH10080010 kplr010022908 1.7 Earth radii 6.99126 days
SPH10147330 kplr010027323 3.5 Earth radii 105.355 days
SPH10019040 kplr010028140 1.5 Earth radii 19.657 days
SPH10053460 kplr010028792 5.8 Earth radii 114.732 days
SPH10141834 kplr010055126 2.3 Earth radii 41.6984 days
SPH10067450 kplr010068383 6.8 Earth radii 7.305 days
SPH10136673 kplr010118816 1.2 Earth radii 7.71794 days
SPH10137887 kplr010122255 2.5 Earth radii 27.6625 days
SPH10045614 kplr010123064 3.2 Earth radii 4.24375 days
SPH10029648 kplr010141900 1.9 Earth radii 6.50318 days
SPH10109651 kplr010149023 1.4 Earth radii 9.95693 days
SPH10017195 kplr010154388 3.2 Earth radii 12.0621 days
SPH10130138 kplr010155434 2.2 Earth radii 12.7051 days
SPH10147753 kplr010157458 1.6 Earth radii 7.33679 days
SPH10110670 kplr010166274 1.9 Earth radii 3.35368 days
SPH10016644 kplr010189546 4.6 Earth radii 24.6157 days
SPH10133335 kplr010221013 9.9 Earth radii 7.18937 days
SPH10009659 kplr010227020 1.8 Earth radii 7.38469 days
SPH10026343 kplr010265898 2.9 Earth radii 1.26026 days
SPH10042180 kplr010271806 1.5 Earth radii 3.13297 days
SPH10031899 kplr010272442 2.4 Earth radii 24.5437 days
SPH10098926 kplr010319385 1.2 Earth radii 0.689209 days
SPH10132362 kplr010330115 1.8 Earth radii 13.2144 days
SPH10089364 kplr010337517 2.9 Earth radii 7.05404 days
SPH10016933 kplr010340423 2 Earth radii 6.7388 days
SPH10004486 kplr010341831 1.2 Earth radii 2.80113 days
SPH10002934 kplr010345478 5.6 Earth radii 14.4985 days
SPH10016508 kplr010350571 0.9 Earth radii 31.5953 days
SPH10118641 kplr010351231 2.8 Earth radii 7.67503 days
SPH10106882 kplr010353968 3.2 Earth radii 9.07071 days
SPH10110367 kplr010354039 5.3 Earth radii 64.6198 days
SPH10031980 kplr010395381 2.3 Earth radii 17.6722 days
SPH10003996 kplr010395543 4.3 Earth radii 3.68746 days
SPH10107909 kplr010418224 5.6 Earth radii 6.87316 days
SPH10148346 kplr010418797 18.7 Earth radii 23.3554 days
SPH10139543 kplr010426656 2.3 Earth radii 6.05767 days
SPH10036993 kplr010454313 2.3 Earth radii 4.22174 days
SPH10077290 kplr010460629 3.9 Earth radii 458 days
SPH10128803 kplr010460984 2.3 Earth radii 28.9884 days
SPH10046528 kplr010464078 10.9 Earth radii 19.4034 days
SPH10064687 kplr010468940 1.8 Earth radii 8.01533 days
SPH10007843 kplr010482160 1.4 Earth radii 7.34362 days
SPH10076310 kplr010513530 2.6 Earth radii 16.5492 days
SPH10127303 kplr010526549 3.1 Earth radii 9.27391 days
SPH10128223 kplr010528068 3.9 Earth radii 158.695 days
SPH10118204 kplr010583066 2.8 Earth radii 6.02922 days
SPH10049632 kplr010585852 3.5 Earth radii 8.57549 days
SPH10099345 kplr010586208 2 Earth radii 23.5843 days
SPH10065504 kplr010599206 2.4 Earth radii 18.4278 days
SPH10051803 kplr010599397 8 Earth radii 0.937416 days
SPH10128149 kplr010600261 1.4 Earth radii 2.09218 days
SPH10139004 kplr010601284 1.4 Earth radii 3.94097 days
SPH10106027 kplr010604335 3.7 Earth radii 11.0082 days
SPH10144024 kplr010616679 4.8 Earth radii 8.60009 days
SPH10126295 kplr010656508 9.6 Earth radii 372.108 days
SPH10092659 kplr010656823 1.7 Earth radii 8.30811 days
SPH10068334 kplr010662202 2.6 Earth radii 21.6782 days
SPH10005982 kplr010676824 2.3 Earth radii 6.45469 days
SPH10085610 kplr010713616 3.4 Earth radii 83.5755 days
SPH10086395 kplr010717241 2.7 Earth radii 12.3764 days
SPH10020611 kplr010718726 2.1 Earth radii 3.59594 days
SPH10102031 kplr010723750 4.9 Earth radii 18.7957 days
SPH10018822 kplr010724369 2.4 Earth radii 55.6394 days
SPH10061503 kplr010730034 1.3 Earth radii 2.63389 days
SPH10022493 kplr010744335 1.8 Earth radii 4.59723 days
SPH10141754 kplr010790387 9.8 Earth radii 117.93 days
SPH10142408 kplr010794087 0.7 Earth radii 7.64981 days
SPH10137328 kplr010797460 3.4 Earth radii 54.4154 days
SPH10005960 kplr010799735 14.2 Earth radii 37.5903 days
SPH10059863 kplr010811496 6.9 Earth radii 19.8994 days
SPH10114011 kplr010843590 3.5 Earth radii 46.902 days
SPH10078744 kplr010854768 2.5 Earth radii 10.1167 days
SPH10025681 kplr010858691 1.8 Earth radii 5.91495 days
SPH10043059 kplr010858832 3.6 Earth radii 5.26344 days
SPH10073771 kplr010864656 10.2 Earth radii 52.4989 days
SPH10055539 kplr010867062 2.6 Earth radii 34.2936 days
SPH10005869 kplr010873260 3.3 Earth radii 5.853 days
SPH10119470 kplr010874614 9.4 Earth radii 3.2347 days
SPH10003621 kplr010904857 12 Earth radii 3.12083 days
SPH10057894 kplr010928043 1.9 Earth radii 6.84639 days
SPH10019333 kplr010934674 2.6 Earth radii 16.5432 days
SPH10138543 kplr010937029 13.4 Earth radii 328.24 days
SPH10022476 kplr010963242 1.6 Earth radii 6.14681 days
SPH10049828 kplr010964440 2 Earth radii 19.129 days
SPH10033200 kplr010965008 3 Earth radii 162.336 days
SPH10004626 kplr010973814 2.8 Earth radii 20.342 days
SPH10047014 kplr010975146 1.7 Earth radii 0.631331 days
SPH10035160 kplr010987985 3.8 Earth radii 16.016 days
SPH10071544 kplr011013201 5.3 Earth radii 13.1189 days
SPH10055955 kplr011014932 1.9 Earth radii 6.88589 days
SPH10072289 kplr011018648 3.6 Earth radii 32.6272 days
SPH10134406 kplr011027624 4.1 Earth radii 1155 days
SPH10142574 kplr011030711 4.2 Earth radii 205.932 days
SPH10036726 kplr011032227 1.4 Earth radii 7.19298 days
SPH10111020 kplr011037335 1.7 Earth radii 40.7174 days
SPH10040076 kplr011043167 3 Earth radii 44.9279 days
SPH10017511 kplr011046458 12.1 Earth radii 3.31186 days
SPH10109074 kplr011073351 1.4 Earth radii 2.8202 days
SPH10035497 kplr011090765 2.9 Earth radii 21.2147 days
SPH10044277 kplr011122894 36.1 Earth radii 150.034 days
SPH10100878 kplr011129738 1.5 Earth radii 2.61301 days
SPH10129756 kplr011134879 2.7 Earth radii 4.3017 days
SPH10072745 kplr011138155 9.7 Earth radii 4.95933 days
SPH10113148 kplr011153539 1.7 Earth radii 4.4987 days
SPH10121080 kplr011176127 2.3 Earth radii 10.4753 days
SPH10105138 kplr011177707 4.3 Earth radii 124.42 days
SPH10046916 kplr011192141 0.8 Earth radii 1.35366 days
SPH10072918 kplr011193263 1.5 Earth radii 6.91126 days
SPH10056962 kplr011254382 0.8 Earth radii 2.05389 days
SPH10126566 kplr011288051 1.7 Earth radii 13.8215 days
SPH10045131 kplr011288505 1.7 Earth radii 19.8075 days
SPH10038184 kplr011304958 5.6 Earth radii 41.4396 days
SPH10040083 kplr011336883 1.2 Earth radii 7.16875 days
SPH10043532 kplr011356260 2.3 Earth radii 8.50695 days
SPH10035169 kplr011389771 1.5 Earth radii 2.50851 days
SPH10055175 kplr011391957 2.4 Earth radii 8.35404 days
SPH10019949 kplr011401182 1.9 Earth radii 0.92786 days
SPH10122821 kplr011446443 20.3 Earth radii 2.47061 days
SPH10037338 kplr011460018 2 Earth radii 4.28089 days
SPH10004691 kplr011493431 1.4 Earth radii 2.34324 days
SPH10122816 kplr011497958 2 Earth radii 3.62139 days
SPH10007254 kplr011497977 2.3 Earth radii 4.7986 days
SPH10054805 kplr011502867 11.9 Earth radii 3.21752 days
SPH10031428 kplr011507101 2.1 Earth radii 38.3781 days
SPH10128615 kplr011566064 8.2 Earth radii 152.101 days
SPH10044197 kplr011599038 2.2 Earth radii 7.01738 days
SPH10144464 kplr011600889 1.6 Earth radii 0.669311 days
SPH10143146 kplr011611600 1.6 Earth radii 1.21957 days
SPH10081556 kplr011656246 2 Earth radii 18.1142 days
SPH10135779 kplr011656721 1.9 Earth radii 13.6459 days
SPH10136556 kplr011656840 15.8 Earth radii 7.44267 days
SPH10017583 kplr011669125 2.4 Earth radii 70.699 days
SPH10038240 kplr011669239 2.7 Earth radii 41.8867 days
SPH10143628 kplr011702948 4.9 Earth radii 9.77143 days
SPH10074010 kplr011709124 3 Earth radii 20.549 days
SPH10060051 kplr011764462 1.4 Earth radii 5.69927 days
SPH10000381 kplr011773022 7.2 Earth radii 45.1542 days
SPH10112319 kplr011812062 4.3 Earth radii 3.72873 days
SPH10058096 kplr011818800 36 Earth radii 40.4189 days
SPH10019267 kplr011821363 2.4 Earth radii 8.19571 days
SPH10058844 kplr011823054 1.5 Earth radii 3.13785 days
SPH10016746 kplr011853255 1.9 Earth radii 2.24334 days
SPH10105015 kplr011853905 3.7 Earth radii 3.21368 days
SPH10036055 kplr011954842 2 Earth radii 12.9849 days
SPH10014683 kplr011955499 2.1 Earth radii 9.04184 days
SPH10060856 kplr011960862 5.6 Earth radii 6.57526 days
SPH10008607 kplr012020218 2.3 Earth radii 21.3604 days
SPH10066413 kplr012020329 3.5 Earth radii 7.27509 days
SPH10044638 kplr012058931 2.8 Earth radii 20.6846 days
SPH10051984 kplr012061222 2 Earth radii 17.2052 days
SPH10090532 kplr012061238 1.9 Earth radii 1.87642 days
SPH10146035 kplr012066335 2.3 Earth radii 19.2693 days
SPH10010933 kplr012070811 2.1 Earth radii 12.3933 days
SPH10142598 kplr012110942 1.8 Earth radii 3.68995 days
SPH10015008 kplr012116489 3.5 Earth radii 25.303 days
SPH10012369 kplr012159249 1 Earth radii 3.74438 days
SPH10106672 kplr012254792 2.3 Earth radii 40.4291 days
SPH10103454 kplr012266636 2.5 Earth radii 33.3857 days
SPH10064169 kplr012302530 2.2 Earth radii 5.9312 days
SPH10040860 kplr012365184 11.3 Earth radii 69.7454 days
SPH10056141 kplr012366084 2.2 Earth radii 5.68952 days
SPH10050010 kplr012400538 2.7 Earth radii 150.242 days
SPH10026222 kplr012403119 3.7 Earth radii 76.1333 days
SPH10143145 kplr012404086 3.2 Earth radii 26.3953 days
SPH10049473 kplr012404305 1.4 Earth radii 22.1831 days
SPH10057190 kplr012417486 9.3 Earth radii 155.047 days
SPH10136504 kplr012418724 2.3 Earth radii 20.5545 days
SPH10066174 kplr012459913 2.3 Earth radii 12.9141 days
SPH10085740 kplr012470844 1.4 Earth radii 8.47239 days
SPH10010767 kplr012506770 1.5 Earth radii 2.80621 days
SPH10000227 kplr012602568 1.8 Earth radii 8.04725 days
SPH10008411 kplr012644822 7.1 Earth radii 12.6119 days
SPH10146782 kplr012834874 2.4 Earth radii 7.65867 days
SPH21802953 kplr008121310 3.7 Earth radii 22.2077 days
SPH21317749 kplr010290666 1.1 Earth radii 5.45849 days
SPH21608064 kplr011414511 14.2 Earth radii 2.81651 days
SPH21603428 kplr011442793 1.9 Earth radii 59.7389 days
SPH21725054 kplr011548140 14.8 Earth radii 1.37868 days
SPH21344877 kplr005374854 2.5 Earth radii 23.7847 days
SPH21433721 kplr005640085 3.8 Earth radii 43.6205 days
SPH21183870 kplr006266741 3.5 Earth radii 16.6652 days
SPH21353646 kplr006849310 1.8 Earth radii 9.76742 days
SPH21975038 kplr006851425 2.8 Earth radii 11.1198 days
SPH21605331 kplr007115785 4.5 Earth radii 41.749 days
SPH21343552 kplr007119481 2.3 Earth radii 25.8548 days
SPH21910577 kplr007764367 2.8 Earth radii 3.17389 days
SPH21245586 kplr007877496 11.5 Earth radii 1.72086 days
SPH21844130 kplr009651668 9.9 Earth radii 2.68433 days
SPH21605148 kplr009884104 1.5 Earth radii 47.9042 days
SPH21533809 kplr012252424 3.1 Earth radii 4.75398 days
SPH21890380 kplr001432214 25 Earth radii 161.788 days
SPH21370399 kplr002306756 8.3 Earth radii 300 days
SPH21161952 kplr003749365 11.1 Earth radii 1.97376 days
SPH21672824 kplr003964109 1.2 Earth radii 21.4159 days
SPH21843823 kplr004656049 3 Earth radii 40.7013 days
SPH21682155 kplr004833421 1.6 Earth radii 5.76607 days
SPH21262191 kplr006020753 1.9 Earth radii 16.2827 days
SPH21906916 kplr006125481 2.5 Earth radii 23.2056 days
SPH21947015 kplr008506766 16.6 Earth radii 48.9381 days
SPH21833381 kplr008738735 1.7 Earth radii 15.66 days
SPH21271630 kplr009963524 3 Earth radii 5.69057 days
SPH21909631 kplr010619192 13.8 Earth radii 1.48571 days
SPH21650498 kplr010682541 3.2 Earth radii 4.99682 days
SPH21914021 kplr010984090 1.7 Earth radii 3.70921 days
SPH21305103 kplr011192998 3 Earth radii 34.2603 days
SPH21332480 kplr012019440 11.5 Earth radii 3.24326 days
SPH22377982 kplr003541946 2.1 Earth radii 17.7895 days
SPH21875642 kplr008150320 3 Earth radii 27.9389 days
SPH21154781 kplr008684730 4.3 Earth radii 46.1511 days
SPH21204190 kplr003847138 2 Earth radii 11.7228 days
SPH21828624 kplr007040629 1.4 Earth radii 4.22875 days
SPH21519275 kplr006422155 2.7 Earth radii 6.38914 days
SPH22741609 kplr012105051 4.3 Earth radii 2.62422 days
SPH22903718 kplr003656121 2.9 Earth radii 76.735 days
SPH22793789 kplr003831053 0.6 Earth radii 6.14974 days
SPH22386072 kplr006442340 2.1 Earth radii 13.1376 days
SPH22505945 kplr008878187 4 Earth radii 3.03219 days
SPH22649379 kplr006289257 1.7 Earth radii 19.6744 days
SPH22617931 kplr003102384 1.1 Earth radii 10.5737 days
SPH21519031 kplr003642289 1.6 Earth radii 6.00245 days
SPH22440217 kplr004827723 1.2 Earth radii 7.23848 days
SPH22350269 kplr011624249 5.8 Earth radii 1.82708 days
SPH21877426 kplr005709725 2.3 Earth radii 86.4958 days
SPH21561813 kplr010593626 2.4 Earth radii 289.861 days
SPH21713185 kplr011402995 1.9 Earth radii 10.0609 days
SPH22518349 kplr005120087 2.1 Earth radii 17.9798 days
SPH21851377 kplr011125936 5.8 Earth radii 1.3361 days
SPH22727802 kplr005364071 2 Earth radii 2.57654 days
SPH22441101 kplr010002866 3.2 Earth radii 10.0888 days
SPH21603187 kplr008008067 2.8 Earth radii 15.7713 days
SPH21257797 kplr010485250 9.7 Earth radii 16.4706 days
SPH21866131 kplr011905011 1.8 Earth radii 5.65189 days
SPH22705935 kplr008107380 2.6 Earth radii 14.0066 days
SPH22714177 kplr010616571 30.4 Earth radii 23.6738 days
SPH21336604 kplr008711794 8.1 Earth radii 8.98092 days
SPH21340804 kplr003544595 1.6 Earth radii 4.72675 days
SPH21572884 kplr009471974 3.9 Earth radii 49.1838 days
SPH21852362 kplr008292840 2.2 Earth radii 100.279 days
SPH21534970 kplr011242721 13.2 Earth radii 19.6512 days
SPH22469074 kplr009446824 24.1 Earth radii 4.20235 days
SPH21734513 kplr004165473 1.8 Earth radii 13.0237 days
SPH21268045 kplr010925104 2.8 Earth radii 11.7762 days
SPH21302410 kplr012024120 1.1 Earth radii 3.56797 days
SPH21844826 kplr005094751 2.5 Earth radii 21.2222 days
SPH22236992 kplr010990886 4.5 Earth radii 11.0235 days
SPH22780332 kplr002441495 3.7 Earth radii 12.4933 days
SPH22700164 kplr006291837 4.7 Earth radii 35.5906 days
SPH21827427 kplr006071903 3.6 Earth radii 24.3077 days
SPH22336489 kplr008156120 4.4 Earth radii 38.5844 days
SPH22939041 kplr009139084 2.9 Earth radii 5.83674 days
SPH21705043 kplr008359498 9.7 Earth radii 3.57878 days
SPH22386788 kplr004454752 2.7 Earth radii 1.61684 days
SPH22757752 kplr010287248 19.2 Earth radii 4.72225 days
SPH21759935 kplr004563268 2.9 Earth radii 7.75193 days
SPH21849638 kplr005735762 2 Earth radii 42.8955 days
SPH22473634 kplr010973664 1.7 Earth radii 5.40425 days
SPH22768957 kplr008845205 3.5 Earth radii 18.4782 days
SPH21440067 kplr003935914 12.2 Earth radii 1.59475 days
SPH22782950 kplr007021681 3.6 Earth radii 27.5216 days
SPH22218048 kplr010337258 1.9 Earth radii 13.2847 days
SPH22730432 kplr004940438 5.6 Earth radii 9.08593 days
SPH22762524 kplr009410930 10 Earth radii 1.85556 days
SPH22279924 kplr009640976 0.8 Earth radii 2.17819 days
SPH22595637 kplr007219825 2.5 Earth radii 17.2322 days
SPH22541063 kplr004055765 13.6 Earth radii 9.96651 days
SPH21819705 kplr006678383 2.5 Earth radii 103.511 days
SPH21268018 kplr008644288 2.3 Earth radii 3.50472 days
SPH22625368 kplr010552611 2.3 Earth radii 7.01048 days
SPH22693174 kplr007626506 3.7 Earth radii 28.5738 days
SPH22733690 kplr005792202 4.9 Earth radii 31.3286 days
SPH21748720 kplr003662838 3.8 Earth radii 24.8547 days
SPH22465472 kplr008505215 4.6 Earth radii 817 days
SPH21712405 kplr011133306 2.6 Earth radii 41.7452 days
SPH21954721 kplr009141746 9 Earth radii 6.49162 days
SPH22707869 kplr007033671 2.1 Earth radii 9.49006 days
SPH21831523 kplr009590976 1.7 Earth radii 5.37503 days
SPH22737842 kplr009592705 1.5 Earth radii 10.2754 days
SPH22599035 kplr008161561 2.5 Earth radii 3.27581 days
SPH21963118 kplr006347299 2.1 Earth radii 14.4014 days
SPH21440639 kplr002692377 3.6 Earth radii 1.54168 days
SPH22672668 kplr010285631 1.1 Earth radii 18.6842 days
SPH22971315 kplr005358624 7.7 Earth radii 3.52563 days
SPH22616573 kplr010358759 2.9 Earth radii 13.2917 days
SPH21896293 kplr011547513 2 Earth radii 5.31741 days
SPH22612693 kplr009578686 2.2 Earth radii 21.3842 days
SPH22627472 kplr007730747 8.3 Earth radii 4.03492 days
SPH21588992 kplr009846348 6.3 Earth radii 26.8929 days
SPH21447439 kplr009455556 1.9 Earth radii 3.70128 days
SPH22868746 kplr008030148 3.8 Earth radii 5.66063 days
SPH21439111 kplr007670943 1.7 Earth radii 18.0114 days
SPH21748011 kplr005088536 0.9 Earth radii 8.45735 days
SPH21596093 kplr012107021 1.3 Earth radii 5.94042 days
SPH22378373 kplr009946525 1.9 Earth radii 1.72936 days
SPH22484398 kplr012785320 1.7 Earth radii 19.9634 days
SPH21292069 kplr009702072 2.2 Earth radii 4.18202 days
SPH21352826 kplr003547091 9.8 Earth radii 3.3056 days
SPH21525876 kplr010875245 0.7 Earth radii 7.9572 days
SPH21448718 kplr009880467 0.9 Earth radii 8.97297 days
SPH21645762 kplr002444412 2.3 Earth radii 14.9115 days
SPH21933069 kplr011465813 15 Earth radii 10389 days
SPH22302358 kplr009527334 2.8 Earth radii 8.31393 days
SPH22394665 kplr006152974 8.2 Earth radii 20.1721 days
SPH21944538 kplr004478168 2.2 Earth radii 14.5864 days
SPH22712432 kplr011074541 5.8 Earth radii 29.8857 days
SPH21192617 kplr004249725 1.7 Earth radii 12.794 days
SPH22224036 kplr006521045 1.4 Earth radii 12.8152 days
SPH22445676 kplr003115833 7.7 Earth radii 10.1815 days
SPH22700796 kplr010910878 2.3 Earth radii 6.25288 days
SPH22632434 kplr006541920 1.7 Earth radii 10.3039 days
SPH22788591 kplr008972058 3.1 Earth radii 8.99093 days
SPH21902877 kplr008077137 1.1 Earth radii 15.0912 days
SPH22406860 kplr010318874 2.8 Earth radii 2.50809 days
SPH22839942 kplr011568987 4.9 Earth radii 15.96 days
SPH21721007 kplr004770365 2.2 Earth radii 9.51248 days
SPH22822296 kplr009787239 1.1 Earth radii 2.89603 days
SPH21888636 kplr002307199 4.6 Earth radii 13.4474 days
SPH21504009 kplr008845026 7.5 Earth radii 66.5126 days
SPH22927179 kplr008017703 1.9 Earth radii 43.9985 days
SPH21541177 kplr004913852 3.6 Earth radii 8.11429 days
SPH22627371 kplr005531694 1.8 Earth radii 5.16923 days
SPH21880488 kplr011623629 2.3 Earth radii 81.7378 days
SPH22589747 kplr009881662 1.3 Earth radii 3.25424 days
SPH21245938 kplr007685981 2.6 Earth radii 4.40845 days
SPH21589640 kplr011909839 12.8 Earth radii 10.4059 days
SPH22822237 kplr005121511 2.9 Earth radii 30.9967 days
SPH21648172 kplr003342970 2.5 Earth radii 7.21227 days
SPH21921063 kplr005613330 2 Earth radii 23.4494 days
SPH21479335 kplr011918099 2.2 Earth radii 2.33747 days
SPH22367913 kplr009527915 1.9 Earth radii 13.2222 days
SPH22410398 kplr007455287 2 Earth radii 8.01281 days
SPH22595964 kplr011923270 4.3 Earth radii 11.5982 days
SPH22705981 kplr010386922 2 Earth radii 26.6291 days
SPH21741644 kplr004664847 4.6 Earth radii 7.74802 days
SPH21750366 kplr005796675 3 Earth radii 16.0807 days
SPH22891486 kplr008015907 3.6 Earth radii 2.75236 days
SPH21964915 kplr003239945 2.2 Earth radii 7.4063 days
SPH21983287 kplr008890783 2.7 Earth radii 5.35024 days
SPH21593045 kplr009663113 3.3 Earth radii 20.7401 days
SPH22790697 kplr011359879 15.7 Earth radii 4.94278 days
SPH22166930 kplr012314973 2.1 Earth radii 15.413 days
SPH22233941 kplr010577994 2.6 Earth radii 15.3134 days
SPH21931276 kplr003745690 1.4 Earth radii 1.73234 days
SPH22859435 kplr011807274 1.6 Earth radii 7.81279 days
SPH21190482 kplr006062088 2.2 Earth radii 5.37066 days
SPH21167068 kplr008478994 2.1 Earth radii 39.7945 days
SPH22944472 kplr008559644 1.2 Earth radii 3.3418 days
SPH22623736 kplr008962094 1.9 Earth radii 9.36127 days
SPH22679022 kplr010982872 1.6 Earth radii 2.02414 days
SPH22922839 kplr009579641 2.2 Earth radii 7.12575 days
SPH21731500 kplr009458613 2.2 Earth radii 13.1754 days
SPH22817552 kplr008692861 1.6 Earth radii 13.7229 days
SPH21496435 kplr006471021 8.5 Earth radii 125.613 days
SPH22793230 kplr008494142 4.9 Earth radii 42.8821 days
SPH21719328 kplr011754553 2.5 Earth radii 7.87761 days
SPH21745662 kplr008557374 0.8 Earth radii 2.46237 days
SPH22920004 kplr006949607 3.5 Earth radii 8.98597 days
SPH21831400 kplr008056665 5.5 Earth radii 107.5 days
SPH22814934 kplr008866102 2.6 Earth radii 17.8328 days
SPH22872486 kplr012068975 1.8 Earth radii 5.5992 days
SPH22662947 kplr010878263 2.3 Earth radii 4.69975 days
SPH21824206 kplr011666881 1.8 Earth radii 4.91959 days
SPH21743630 kplr011015323 3.2 Earth radii 34.1897 days
SPH21284445 kplr010810838 2.5 Earth radii 56.3509 days
SPH21676052 kplr004180280 6.6 Earth radii 4.17626 days
SPH21671048 kplr010545066 1.6 Earth radii 19.784 days
SPH22658183 kplr005966154 2.1 Earth radii 25.6723 days
SPH22559452 kplr009950612 1.9 Earth radii 9.03423 days
SPH21367311 kplr007366258 2 Earth radii 2.38295 days
SPH21799182 kplr007199397 4.3 Earth radii 105.888 days
SPH22554976 kplr009818381 8.3 Earth radii 3.0241 days
SPH22382674 kplr009710326 2.7 Earth radii 28.5989 days
SPH22693241 kplr008247638 2.1 Earth radii 4.79085 days
SPH22502971 kplr005289854 2.5 Earth radii 9.69448 days
SPH21307306 kplr005651104 10.7 Earth radii 3.04032 days
SPH21520460 kplr007700622 4.8 Earth radii 35.5917 days
SPH22964975 kplr011521793 2.4 Earth radii 27.0827 days
SPH22373213 kplr008891278 12 Earth radii 12.7187 days
SPH22943731 kplr011361646 2.5 Earth radii 7.97398 days
SPH22577388 kplr011259686 2.2 Earth radii 34.4361 days
SPH22289496 kplr012404954 1.3 Earth radii 3.24757 days
SPH21481337 kplr011187837 2.7 Earth radii 17.6044 days
SPH22774477 kplr009146018 1.5 Earth radii 21.2234 days
SPH22574382 kplr009264949 2.1 Earth radii 11.4197 days
SPH21224590 kplr006752502 6.5 Earth radii 4.30525 days
SPH21867565 kplr007849854 12 Earth radii 2.05235 days
SPH21506979 kplr007831264 2.5 Earth radii 5.96884 days
SPH22646960 kplr005356593 35.3 Earth radii 45.9775 days
SPH22169592 kplr007509886 1.7 Earth radii 6.04097 days
SPH22998920 kplr006587002 3.6 Earth radii 47.4276 days
SPH21880316 kplr006849046 7.8 Earth radii 4.22539 days
SPH22657255 kplr003733628 2.5 Earth radii 13.8995 days
SPH22991025 kplr006707835 2 Earth radii 22.2484 days
SPH21701578 kplr005084942 5.3 Earth radii 3.1055 days
SPH22324661 kplr004725681 2.1 Earth radii 23.9716 days
SPH21761980 kplr005131180 3.2 Earth radii 14.852 days
SPH21373033 kplr012470954 2.7 Earth radii 1.90221 days
SPH21572067 kplr009266431 1.7 Earth radii 18.3971 days
SPH22238769 kplr010554999 1.4 Earth radii 2.73588 days
SPH22461360 kplr003351888 9.6 Earth radii 1.62552 days
SPH21970153 kplr010287242 5 Earth radii 22.341 days
SPH22923534 kplr007603200 1.6 Earth radii 23.0904 days
SPH22901309 kplr010872983 1.8 Earth radii 2.5667 days
SPH21938697 kplr008456679 6.9 Earth radii 1.73513 days
SPH22928314 kplr008120608 1.8 Earth radii 3.88676 days
SPH22614834 kplr011086270 2.8 Earth radii 31.7195 days
SPH21593482 kplr002713049 2.1 Earth radii 2.53915 days
SPH21332386 kplr011752906 2.9 Earth radii 6.38324 days
SPH22402542 kplr006022556 2.8 Earth radii 3.70988 days
SPH22591515 kplr004141376 3.1 Earth radii 11.8729 days
SPH21770323 kplr010489206 2.9 Earth radii 4.16437 days
SPH21172039 kplr008805348 3.1 Earth radii 29.9065 days
SPH22402784 kplr006425957 1.7 Earth radii 20.3071 days
SPH22757802 kplr009388479 2 Earth radii 0.893044 days
SPH22851029 kplr005771719 16.3 Earth radii 12.265 days
SPH21171104 kplr003353050 2 Earth radii 5.07977 days
SPH22675579 kplr007124613 1.8 Earth radii 4.41748 days
SPH22213514 kplr006962977 2.7 Earth radii 7.05519 days
SPH22995962 kplr007595157 1 Earth radii 3.38352 days
SPH22626123 kplr008689373 1.5 Earth radii 3.78406 days
SPH22473666 kplr010388286 1.7 Earth radii 1.68271 days
SPH21729613 kplr010905239 3.2 Earth radii 3.48771 days
SPH21522290 kplr006850504 0.6 Earth radii 6.09852 days
SPH22507613 kplr012406749 4.6 Earth radii 56.3647 days
SPH21563282 kplr011870545 1.8 Earth radii 0.839992 days
SPH22831173 kplr006185476 2.9 Earth radii 17.6608 days
SPH21669867 kplr006685609 0.8 Earth radii 3.07154 days
SPH21651401 kplr007373451 3.9 Earth radii 226.892 days
SPH21180235 kplr009873254 0.9 Earth radii 14.7075 days
SPH22387774 kplr008558011 2.6 Earth radii 39.6729 days
SPH22238966 kplr007445445 2.2 Earth radii 29.0236 days
SPH21734555 kplr002446113 3.1 Earth radii 6.71743 days
SPH22932598 kplr007950644 9.9 Earth radii 10.291 days
SPH21847635 kplr007419318 2.2 Earth radii 8.43628 days
SPH21271361 kplr009757613 1.3 Earth radii 3.54387 days
SPH22821728 kplr009450647 2.9 Earth radii 9.94075 days
SPH22436948 kplr010264660 12.1 Earth radii 6.79012 days
SPH22850927 kplr009480189 6.6 Earth radii 24.6647 days
SPH22292331 kplr005542466 1.9 Earth radii 2.3558 days
SPH22577192 kplr005351250 2.6 Earth radii 30.8287 days
SPH21944863 kplr009965439 1.8 Earth radii 46.408 days
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Q3 Data Release Annoucement

The Kepler team announced yesterday the release of Q3 data has moved up from June 2012 to September 23rd. Q3 is about 90 days of additional data (bringing the time baseline to about 210 days). The press release also mentions Planet Hunters by name (thanks Kepler team!).


We just heard the news yesterday, so we’re starting to discuss and plan now about how to get the data uploaded quickly and take the lessons learned from the last two uploads. We’ll keep you posted as we know more about Q3 and what our plans for PH are. There’s still lots of Q2 data left to go through in the meantime.


Happy Hunting,