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PH1 : A planet in a four-star system

A family portrait of the PH1 planetary system: The newly discovered planet is depicted in this artist's rendition transiting the larger of the two eclipsing stars it orbits. Off in the distance, well beyond the planet orbit, resides a second pair of stars bound to the planetary system. Image Credit: Haven Giguere/Yale.

Image credit: Haven Giguere/Yale

Today we’re pleased to announce the discovery of the first confirmed planet discovered by Planet Hunters, and it’s a fabulous and unusual world. Labelled ‘Planet Hunters 1’ (or PH1) in a paper released today and submitted to the Astrophysical Journal, it is the first planet in a four-star system. It is a circumbinary planet – one which orbits a double star – and our follow-up observations indicate that there is a second pair of stars approximately 90 billion miles (1000 Astronomical Units) away which are gravitationally bound to the system.

This is much closer than the nearest stars are to the Sun, so anyone viewing the sky from PH1 would have a spectacular view of all four stars. More importantly, this amazing system will help us understand how and where planets can form – producing a stable planet in a system where four different stars are moving about can’t be easy. This is the seventh circumbinary planet, and the first to be in a quadruple system.

The planet itself has a radius a little more than 6 times that of Earth, making it a little bigger than Neptune. It’s mass is harder to pin down (and being in such a complicated system didn’t help), but we have a definite limit that means it must be no more than half that of Jupiter – so this is definitely a planet.

A huge amount of work went into this discovery (as well as a fair bit of observing time on the Keck and other telescopes), but a lot of the credit should be pointed at the Planet Hunters who made the discovery. It was Kian Jek and Robert Gagliano, working together on Talk that made the initial discovery; there’s a post from them on exactly what happened up already. The paper also credits Hans Martin Schwengeler, Dr. Johann Sejpka, and Arvin Joseff Tan all of whom flagged one or more of the transits before the paper was published! This is great news for us and we’re sure there are more planets hiding in data, both at the main interface and over on Talk. For today, though, we can celebrate the arrival of Planet Hunters 1!


PS We’ve announced discoveries before, of course – as well as being the first four-star planetary system, this is the first where we’ve been able to obtain not only transit information but follow up with radial velocity measurements, detecting the wobbles of the parent stars as well as the dips in light seen when the planet moves in front of them. This is the gold standard for planet discovery, and so this is officially a planet, not just a planet candidate.

PPS The paper, of course, still has to be refereed. We’ll keep you updated here as that process goes on, but as Meg is presenting the details of the system at the annual Division of Planetary Sciences meeting right now we thought you’d want to know the news as soon as possible. There will be more posts about exactly how PH1 was tracked down later in the week, so watch this space. In the meantime, you might prefer version of the paper, which has been annotated with the ScienceWISE tool in order to help explain some of the more technical language.

Planet Hunters’s First Circumbinary Planet- A True Team Effort

Today we have a guest post by Planet Hunters Robert Gagliano and Kian Jek, the discoverers of PH1, our first confirmed planet and first circumbinary planet.

Kian Jek found an anomalous dip in APH10421275 in May 2011 which turned out to be KIC 12644769 (Kepler-16b) the Kepler team’s first circumbinary planet discovery. He documented it on Talk in his thread “Strange transit in an EB”. He subsequently started a thread in the forums called “Finally-an EB with a planet?” Meg Schwamb then added a list of all known Kepler Eclipsing Binaries (EBs) with links to the light curves to this thread in November 2011.

Robert Gagliano did a systematic search of the ~ 1500 known Kepler EB’s, looking for possible planets in February 2012.  He initially spotted a possible transit in Q4.1 at day 244 in SPH10052872 and subsequently a possible 2nd matching transit at day 106 in Q2.3. Interestingly, the day 106 transit had been detected previously by JKD and commented on by Kian in the thread “Potential TERNARY System“. Robert also noted a possible 3rd transit in Q5.3 at day 379 but didn’t comment on it because it was distorted and he wasn’t sure whether this was a real 3rd transit. This Q5.3 transit was subsequently predicted by an seo company and officially confirmed by Kian.

Kian decided to check the Skyview image to be sure it wasn’t contaminated from other background stars and did an analysis to determine if the transit period, depth, and duration were consistent with a planet. He detrended the light curve with a modified smoothing filter that removed the EB eclipses, leaving the suspected planetary transits in place, and then folded the curve to confirm that the profile of the transits were similar in depth and duration. His analysis was confirmatory. Meg then assembled an outstanding science team of 10 professionals to conduct extensive follow-up observations and data analysis. Eureka! KIC 4862625 was Planet Hunters’s  “Tatooine”….we bagged our first circumbinary planet!

PlanetHunters sounding good…

PlanetHunters has inspired all sorts of activity, and all sorts of people, but I think one of the most creative responses yet is in a new song by the Regaae/rock/much else besides band Echo Movement.

There’s a track on their new album that contains sounds generated from the light-curves of KIC4665989 and KIC10291683, an eclipsing binary they (and some colleagues at Georgia Tech) found in the Planet Hunters data. You can read more about their efforts in these articles.

The band aren’t the only ones looking at turning light curves into sound – there are some excellent efforts on this talk thread too.

PS The Echo Movement song is on iTunes here (track 8!), but I hope they’ll put up a music video we can link to before too long. Perhaps illustrated with Planet Hunters data…

PPS If you have spotify’s desktop client installed, you can listen to Echo Movement’s track just by clicking here :

Turning a planet candidate into a bona fide planet

Today we have a guest post by Tom Barclay, Tom is a member of the Kepler team and also a collaborator and co-author on our second Planet Hunters paper. Tom  is a research scientist supporting the work of the Kepler mission. He got his Ph.D from University College London in the UK before moving to NASA Ames Research Center in California where he spends time improving the quality of the Kepler data products, finding new planet candidates and supporting the wider astrophysics community.

The Kepler team have found several thousand exoplanet candidates. The number of targets showing transit-like signals is increasing on a nearly daily basis as we search through light curves. However, these candidates are just that, candidates. Even though the planet candidates list is thought to have a high degree of fidelity, meaning that the vast majority of candidates are indeed real planets (somewhere in the region of 90%), it requires significant amounts of time and resources to turn a planet candidate into a planet.

I’ll start by being careful with my terminology. The Kepler team use two terms when deciding a candidate is a planet. Confirmation and validation. The former generally only used when we have spectroscopic radial velocity follow-up observations. These are measurements of the wobble induced on the star by the mass of the planet. The planet and star orbit a common point in space. When the planet is moving towards us the star moves away, and vice versa. When the star moves away it gets a little redder and when it moves towards us it get a little bluer. We measure these shifts and it tells us how fast the star is moving in along out line of sight.

Radial velocity measurements in combination with a transit give the planet’s mass and radius. A radial velocity detection of a planetary mass object (normally taken to be less than 13 Jupiter masses) is very unlikely to be erroneous and we are therefore happy to confirm the existence of a planet.

In order to measure a radial velocity a planet must be close enough and massive enough to have a measurable effect on the star. The best instruments currently available are sensitive to a periodic change in radial velocity of around 1 m/s and even getting this precision requires a bright star. The Earth causes a radial velocity pull on the Sun of around 10 cm/s, measuring with this precision is out of the question with currently available instruments. We therefore require another method to use another method if we want to turn small planet candidates into planet.

Validation of a planet

Validation of a planet applies when we use a statistical argument to say that it is much more likely that the transit signal is caused by a planet passing in front of the the target star (I’ll call it star A) that it is to be caused by something else.

There are 4 main ‘something else’, or false positive, scenarios we consider.

  1. A background eclipsing binary
  2. A background planetary system*
  3.  An eclipsing binary physically associated with the star A
  4.  A transiting star-planet system physically associated with star A (***There is some debate on whether a planet orbiting a star other than star A should really be considered a false positive. It is still a planet but it does contaminates our statistics on how many small planet are in the Galaxy.**)

A background eclipsing binary is a system of two stars that are appear fainter than star A, usually because they are far away (although they could be intrinsically faint stars which are, counter-intuitively, in the foreground between us and star A). The two fainter stars pass in front of one another much like a transiting planet does and cause a periodic dip in brightness. Because star A is much brighter than the eclipsing system, the eclipse depth appears to be much shallower than it really is and hence the eclipse looks similar to planet transiting star A.

A background planetary system is much the same as scenario (1) but the fainter system contains a star and a planet instead of two stars. If we think the transit is of a planet around the larger star A, we get the planet radius wrong. If we are not careful this scenario could cause us to claim a Jupiter-sized planet is Earth-sized.

Scenario (3) is what is known as a hierarchical triple. There are three stars in the system, star A and two lower mass stars which eclipse each other and orbit around the same center of mass as star A. This is more common than one would initially think guess. Around half of all stars are members of binary systems and in the region of 10% of these are triple or multiple star systems. The light from star A washes out the eclipse of the smaller stars and the eclipse looks much more shallow than it intrinsically is.

Finally, there is the case where a star-planet system orbits star A. The depth of the transit is decreased by the presence of extra light from star A and we get the planet radius wrong.

We try to obtain high resolution images using fancy techniques like adaptive optics imaging which changes the shape of one of the telescope’s mirrors to correct for the movement of the air in the atmosphere. These images allow us to see very close to the star and therefore look for other stars nearby in the image that could cause the transit-like signal. Typically if we don’t see star nearby star A we are able to say there are no stars further than 0.1 arcseconds away (0.00003 degrees) which could cause the transit-like signal. We are then able to make use of models of our Galaxy to predict the probability that there is a star in the right brightness range and within the allowed separation from star A that could mimic the transit signal. It is common for us to be able to say there is less than one in a million chance of a there being an allowed background star. When we take into account the probability that a background star is an eclipsing binary or hosts a planet the result is usually that it is very unlikely that there is a background eclipsing binary or star-planet system.

Ruling out a physically associated star-planet or eclipsing binary system can be much more challenging. We can again use the high resolution imaging but it is much more likely that a companion star is very close to star A than is the case for a background star. One thing on our side is that the shape of the transit can be used to rule out a stellar eclipse: eclipses are usually much more ‘V-shaped’ than the typically ‘U-shaped’ planet transit. We can often say that we cannot fit the shape we observe with a stellar binary. It is also possible to rule out planet transits around a smaller star because the timescale of the ingress and egress (the part of a transit where the planet is moving into and out of transit) does not agree with the transit depth as both these piece of information yield the planet radius. However, we really need good signal-to-noise in order to place firm constraints on the ingress and egress durations. Even so, it always gives us some information even if it is not particularly constraining and this can be used to calculate a false positive probability.

The final step is to sum up the combined false positive probabilities from the different scenarios and compare that to the probability that the transit signal is due to a planet transit around star A. If the transit scenario is much more likely (say 1000 times more likely) than a false positive we claim the planet is validated. On other occasions we have to hold our hands up and say we can’t rule out the false positive scenario with a high enough degree of confidence and the source of the signal remains a planet candidate.

The case where stars host multiple planet candidates, such as that found by the Planet Hunter in the paper by Chris Lintott, is a particularly interesting one. This is because the probability that the a multi-planet candidate system contains a false positive is much lower than for single planet candidates system, somewhere in the region of 50 times less likely. This makes validation much easier.

Planet Hunters have already shown they can find these multi-planet system. Keep searching a more will appear, especially long period ones. There is a good chance that there is an Earth-like planet hiding somewhere in the data currently available.

Searching for Earthlike Worlds

Today’s post is a guest post by Tony  Hoffman. He’s a fellow Planet Hunter and is also one of our  Planet Hunters Talk moderators. Today he’s writing about the public talk Planet Hunters PI Debra Fischer gave at the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York.

On March 30, Planet Hunters’ own Debra Fischer, professor of astronomy at Yale University, gave a talk on “Searching for Earthlike Worlds” for my astronomy club, the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, at the American Museum of Natural History’s Kaufmann Theater. The talk was both informative and inspirational, expanded my perspective on the science of exoplanetology, and left my head spinning with the discovery possibilities that the next decades may have in store.

Dr. Fischer covered 6 broad topic areas in her talk: our place in space in time; exoplanet discovery techniques; the importance of finding many Earthlike worlds;  how do we know if a planet is “habitable” enough; how our solar system compares with others we’ve found; and astronomy as a vision plan for life on Earth.

Our Place in Space and Time

Debra started with our own solar system, describing the (now) 8 planets and other bodies, and how Earth is the only habitable world among them, and then quickly zoomed out, with the Sun as one of billions of stars in our galaxy, and the Milky Way one of billions of galaxies. “We’re such a tiny speck in a vast universe,” she said.

As to our place in time, she evoked Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendar,  a measuring stick in which the age of the universe is compressed into a single year, to try to put the time scale of the universe in human terms. In it, the Big Bang occurred as the New Year began, and we’re waiting just as the clock is about to tick over into a new year. In this scenario the Milky Way formed in May, the Sun and its planets in August. The dinosaurs arose on December 25 and went extinct on December 30. All of human history would have taken place in the last hour or so. Fischer marveled at the human ability to study and comprehend the universe around us, and wondered what humanity might be able to accomplish if we were to have the same species longevity as the dinosaurs.

She then related a brief history of exoplanetology, describing how before the discovery of 51 Pegasi in 1995, some early planet hunters despaired of finding planets and wondered if we were alone. When 51 Peg was discovered, using the radial velocity or wobble technique (which Fischer uses in her own research), many scientists were incredulous that there could be a Jupiter-sized world orbiting its star in only 4 days—how did it survive, and how was it formed? (We now know that it formed much farther out and migrated there.)

The Birth of Planet Hunters

Debra then discussed the transit method and the Kepler project, singling out Kepler-11—the 6-planet system whose small worlds were confirmed by transit timing variations: some of the transits appeared earlier or later than expected, enabling the Kepler team to calculate the mass of the planets based on their effect on each other. She also discussed “Tatooine,” the Saturn-sized world orbiting a double star.

She related how Planet Hunters began. “We were very excited about the Kepler mission at Yale,” she said. “Kevin Schwainski, an Einstein fellow at Yale, would stand in the hallway, and every morning when I’d walk in he’d say, ‘So Debra, what can we do for planet hunters? There has to be something we can do with exoplanets. People love exoplanets.’”

“I’d sort of look at him and say “Nothing I can think of.” Then in the summer of 2010, I sent my grad students and postdocs to a Sagan summer school where they looked at the Kepler data. The way that they were studying the data was inspiring. They’d take one light curve and puzzle over it. I realized that the computer algorithms to solve these systems weren’t terribly robust, and maybe we could start a new citizen science project where we’d serve up the Kepler light curves.”

She, Meg Schwamb, and others at Yale got in touch with Chris Lintott and the Oxford team running the Zooniverse, and the result is the Planet Hunters site, with which she notes the public has found exoplanets that “…fell through the cracks in the Kepler data.” Our work here has also helped the Kepler project fine-tune its search algorithms.

Another exoplanet discovery technique she mentioned is direct imaging. So far, mostly using the Keck telescope, astronomers have imaged a couple of dozen gas giants at relatively large separations from their stars. Fischer thinks that’s just the beginning, though. “We want to be at the point some day when we can take a photograph of a star, null out the light from the star, and see those pale blue dots, orbiting.”

Hundreds of Earth

Projects like Kepler and HARPS have been detecting smaller, rocky worlds, some in or near their star’s habitable zone. In order to eventually find life-bearing worlds, it’s important that we find a large sample of potentially habitable worlds. “We want to find hundreds of Earths,” she said.

Suppose we find a super-Earth that’s 10 Earth masses. How would we know if it might be habitable? “It’s tricky because the composition of a planet can vary wildly,” says Fischer.”You really want to have the mass of the planet as well as its size, so you can start to figure out whether it’s a planet like the Earth, which has a layer of molten iron, which convects turbulently and spawns a magnetic field that protects us from the solar wind, or is it something like a super-Earth that has a heavy iron and rock mantle, that may be convecting very actively, or is it in fact a water world?”

Water is one of the most common elements in the universe, and if you have a planet in the habitable zone, it’s going to have liquid water. But water doesn’t guarantee habitability. “A lot of astronomers right now are a little bit worried,” she continued. “If you don’t have an active world with plate tectonics that shoves the land up into mountains, and has the water pooling at lower levels, you’ll just end up with a planet that’s covered with a whole skin of water. Will we be able to find life on those kinds of worlds? I think the answer is yes, but it’s probably not going to be a SETI kind of life. Electronics and water usually don’t mix very well.”

She has been very involved in increasing the sensitivity of spectrographs in the Yale Doppler Diagnostic Facility, an instrumentation lab where she works with 3 post-docs, to be able to detect smaller rocky worlds. “We don’t want to build spectrographs the way they’ve always been built. We’re trying to think outside the box. How low can we go? As we increase the resolution of the spectrograph and control all of our systematic errors, we think we can get down to something like 2, 5, 10 cm/second  (instead of meters per second).”

Debra is in charge of a project that uses CHIRON, a spectrometer her team developed, to search for low-mass, rocky planets around Alpha Centauri A and B, the nearest star system to Earth. If planets are found there, she thinks that eventually humans will send space probes there—not spaceships filled with humans, but nanotechnology-inspired micro-ships more like cell phones, which can take pictures and “phone home”.

In the next decade, Fischer expects spectroscopy to be a powerful tool in helping to determine the potential habitability of the worlds we find, as astronomers look for the chemical signatures they associate with life. “What you’re going to see in the next decade is transmission spectra from transiting planets,” said Fischer. “The planet’s light also disappears when it passes behind the star. By dividing out the starlight, you can see the spectrum of the planet.”

Fischer also noted that the science is changing, borrowing and learning from other disciplines.”Exoplanet discoveries used to happen in isolation,” she said,” but now we’re partnering with biologists working to understand origins of life on our planet, and geologists, who are helping us to understand the geological processes that spawn magnetic fields, that store water, sequester water, on planets.”

How Our Solar System Stacks Up

We’ve found hundreds of planets, thousands of candidates. Most of the planets are multiple-planet systems. How many of the systems look like ours?

Statistical analysis of Kepler data indicates that there are ~1.6 planets per star (a lower limit). Around 1% of stars will have hot Jupiters, and that occurrence rate goes up if the star has more heavy elements and if the star is bigger. For Earths and super-Earths, occurrence rate is greater than 30 percent, probably 45 or 50 percent. Also, planets are prone to migrate away from the location they formed, just as 51 Peg B migrated in to a 4-day orbit. Theoreticians are convinced that planets move around all the time. In fact, there’s evidence that asteroids and comets scattered in a configuration that only makes sense if Uranus and Neptune were once between Jupiter and Saturn, and then went spiraling outward into wider orbits.

Astronomy as a Vision Plan for Earth

Fischer ended the talk by revisiting the dinosaurs, and what we as a species might be able to accomplish if we’re able to survive. “The dinosaurs were munching along as the asteroids were flying over their heads,” she said. “They had no idea. Of all the species that have existed, we are, I think, magnificent, because we are willing to look out and try to understand our place, our origin, our history, our fate. We’re the first species to be able to consider engineering solutions to some of the big threats. A lot of people say, this doesn’t seem important to me, let’s take all of that huge NASA budget—which is something like a half penny on the dollar—and use it to feed people. If you’re a business manager, you have to think about the day-to-day running of your business, but to be really successful—to be a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates—you also need to have vision. That’s where I think astronomy plays a key role. We have vision—we’re looking out, and looking back, and understanding ourselves better for that.”

Direct Imaging of Planets

HR8799 direct imaging planet detections Credit: Marois et al (2010)

Today we have a guest blog from Sasha Hinkley talking about a different way of detecting exoplanets than the transit method we use at Planet Hunters. Sasha is a Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. Sasha received his PhD from Columbia University in New York City and has been involved in the direct imaging of exoplanets for several years.

In recent years, astronomers have identified hundreds exoplanets (as well as over 2000 new candidates from the Kepler mission), launching the new and thriving field of exoplanetary science.  The vast majority of these objects have been discovered indirectly by observing the variations induced in their host star’s light.  The Doppler surveys detect stellar “wobbles” induced by the planets, and provide valuable information about the orbital separations, eccentricities, as well as lower limits on the masses of companion planets. At the same time, observations of planets that transit their host star, creating a brief dimming of the stellar light, can provide fundamental data on planet radii and even some coarse information about the compositions and atmospheres of these extremely hot planets.  However, studying those objects out of reach to the Doppler and transit methods will reveal completely new aspects of exoplanetary science in great detail.

The direct imaging of exoplanets, i.e. actually obtaining an image of exoplanets, is a technique that is sensitive to massive planets at much larger orbital distances—larger than even the orbital distance of our Neptune. This technique is already providing a completeley new and complementary set of parameters such as luminosity, as well as detailed spectroscopic information.  This spectroscopic information will provide clues to the planets’ atmospheric chemistry, compositions, and perhaps may even shed light on non-equilibrium chemistry associated with these objects.   Moreover, the direct imaging of these exoplanets will allow astronomers to more fully characterize the architecture of planetary systems, especially at young ages where the radial velocity methods are hampered by the instrinsic stellar “jitter” of the stars. Observing the placement of these planetary mass companions at very young ages serves as a “birth snapshot”, lending support to various planet formation models.

The major obstacle to the direct detection of planetary companions to nearby stars is the overwhelming brightness of the host star.  For example, if our solar system were viewed from 70 light years (average for a nearby star), Jupiter would appear roughly a billion  times fainter than our Sun with a separation on the sky comparable to the size of a dime viewed from 5 miles away. As such, these planets are completely lost in the glare of their host star. The key requirement is the suppression of the star’s overwhelming brightness through precise starlight control.

Astronomers are currently overcoming this incredibly challening task through precise starlight control, using sophisticated instruments and observing strategies at the largest ground-based telescopes.  So far, astronomers have successfully obtained direct images of a handful of exoplanets, including around the stars HR 8799, Fomalhaut,and Beta Pictoris.  These studies have demonstrated that direct imaging of exoplanets is now a mature technique and may become routine using ground-based observatories. More so, we will soon see a new fleet of instruments dedicated to detailed spectroscopic characterization of planetary mass companions making these kinds of discoveries routine, initiating an era of comparative exoplanetary science.

One such instrument, the Gemini Planet Imager (GPI), has been built by a consortium of American and Canadian institutions and will be deployed to the 8 meter Gemini South telescope in 2013.  This instrument will survey several hundred, nearby young stars achieving sensitivities that will allow it to image planets with masses a few times that of Jupiter, and  gather information on the detected exoplanets’ spectrum and any polarized light they may emit.  The Europoean counterpart to GPI is the SPHERE project  at the Very Large Telescope.  This project, also in the Southern Hemisphere, will be a similar dedicated exoplanet imaging instrument with similar science goals as GPI. A pre-cursor project called Project 1640, on the Palomar 5m telescope is currently testing some of the techniques to be used by these projects and hopes to image exoplanets in the Northern Hemisphere.  These instruments will likely obtain images of dozens of exoplanets in the next several years, and reveal completely new aspects of planetary science that we could not yet have imagined.

Image Credit: Marois et al (2010)

New Planet Hunters Co-discoveries

When I posted with news of our second paper’s submission last week I mentioned that the new paper from the Kepler team included a section on Planet Hunters.

Neptune-sized worlds may be the most common in the Universe

The section (7.4, since you’re asking) is fabulous, mentioning the ‘remarkable enthusiasm’ of Planet Hunters volunteers, who are not only have the ‘opportunity to experience the scientific method but also the possibility of experiencing the gratification of discovery’.

There should be a whole lot of gratification around, because as well as our own candidates the paper included details of several co-discoveries, where nine of Kepler’s planet candidates were independently identified by our volunteers. The following Planet Hunters thus can claim to have officially discovered planet candidates. In each case, the names in bold were the first to identify a transit in a particular light curve – congratulations to all involved.

KIC 5864975

pina1234, Mary Corfield, Frank Barnet, Derrick Martinez, Vince Brytus, Darin Ragozzine (!), Gary Butler, Robert Casey, Krishna Babu, ‘shutterbug’, Hein Min Tun, Juan Albornoz, Gerald R. Green, Robert Spiker, Natalie Van Cleef

KIC 11875734

Robert Gagliano (who was on the list for the recently announced candidates too), Malcolm Lambert, Di Miceli Gaetano, Hitesh Patel, Robert Rozanski, Penn Gwenn, Jari Paakkonen, ‘maya’, John Mackereth, ‘zocker’, Dominick Dennis, Carl-Johan Wikman, ‘chulej’, Oleg Tsybulskyi

KIC 8160953

Frank Barnet, John Robinson, ‘colinjdavis’, Jari Paakkonen, Carl Davidson, Bruno Mauguin, Jan Bernard, Lee Chapman, Hans Martin Schwengeler, ‘Aurelhun’, Pablo Barroso Rodriguez, Julie Donnell, Dani Iannarelli, Peter Kool, Simon Humphreys, Chris Price, Alan Bowler, Jeff Mack, Rafal Konkol

KIC 6504954

Patrick Gruber, Malcolm Wain, Andrew Young, Steve Harris, ‘planet10’, Juha Lindqvist, Navid Baraty, ‘ahora’, Julia Fedyakina, John Harper, Pablo Barroso Rodriguez, Sue Wilson, Mathew Hadfield, John Ord, Bob Chau, Calum Patterson, Matthew Connolly

KIC 7761918

Breeann Phillips, Abe Hoekstra, ‘ozanne’, Daniel Speir, ‘komandantmirko’, Daryll LaCourse, Daniel Getler, Gene Cumberland, Dave Skillman, Tony Hoffman, Joe Johnson, ‘Tem’, Steve Stav, Daniel Meyersohn, Frederico Centeno Selbach, Mark Riggs

KIC 3326377

‘ronalde000’, Bob Leask, ‘oneironautics’, Bartömiej Jaracz, Priscilla Nowajewski, ‘lolodec’, Michael Ware, Larry Melanson, Victor Gabriel Bibeo, ‘AtheistRamblings’, Stuart Lynn (!), Abe Hoekstra, Andrew Rose, ‘dalwhinnie’, Loic Petitpas

KIC 6268648

‘snark’, Fiona Wynn, Ilya Karpeev, Lily Lau, ‘nargatte’, Kristian U. Saetre, Lubomir Stiak, D Le Clercq, Jeremy Garrett, Lee Martin, Verena Resch, Robert Fletcher, Jason Muir, Nick Amsel, Michael Kavanagh, Anthony Goddard, Tom Hartfil-Allgood, Shannon McLaughlin, ‘Natframpton’, Peter Unitt, Steve House, Paul Wightman, Pooja Rathod, Simon Stockwell, Jenny Satelle, Owain Dewi Hughes, Richard Hopkins, Adam Bunce, Simon Gardiner, ‘snorrelo’, Thomas McGauran, ‘tom0366’, ‘Chippywheetoes’, Ben Galley, Kirsty McMonagle, Rich Haines, Adam Derdzikowski, ‘pat’, Mark Halstead

Multiplanets and the New Kepler Planet Candidate List

It’s been a very busy few weeks for the Planet Hunters science team. Chris submitted his paper and posted online announcing the discovery of two more planet candidates. In addition, I submitted (finally!!) my paper detailing the results of the Q1 classifications looking for short period planets and how well we do at finding transits from planets 2 earth radii and larger.  So stay tuned , more on the results from my paper in about a month when we’ll get the referee’s report back. Also the Kepler team have released their newest list of planet candidates in their latest paper which includes an excellent section on Planet Hunters and several co-discoveries of candidates that were on our candidates list that you’ve helped us find (more on that tomorrow).  The Kepler team have announced a whopping 2321 planet candidates orbiting 1790 stars. This includes 368 planetary systems with multiple transiting planets. We’re in the process of updating the Talk labels to identify those new candidates and new multiplanet systems found by the Kepler team.

A really nice website for looking up and sorting the planet parameters and host star properties of this latest batch of Kepler planet candidates is the NASA Exoplanet Archive  and also the Kepler website has a cool tool called the  Kepler Planet Candidate Data Explorer that allows you to plot the distribution of the candidates in terms of the planet properties and stellar properties or anything else you might be interested in looking at.

As you probably know, the  second planet candidate  KIC 10005758, detailed in Chris’s paper, was part of a multiplanet system where there are two planets transiting the host star. We found the longer period planet that first transited in Q2  and the Kepler team found the short period planet that had more than 2 visible transits in the Q1-Q6 observations. I’ve plotted the Q1-Q6 light curve below – the dashed red line is our Planet Hunters candidate (3.79 Earth radii with a 284 period orbit), the solid green (6.606 Earth radii with a period of 134.5 days) is the candidate identified by the Kepler team.

I’ve been thinking more about multplanet systems lately. One question I have is, are there are longer period transits that might have been missed  in  these systems we think are currently single transiting planet system? According to the Kepler team’s latest paper describing the new candidates list, they use a separate algorithm to look for repeating signals after they remove the known candidate signal from the light curve – if there aren’t many transits of the additional planet it might not show up when you look for periodic signals in the data. There are about 1420 single Kepler planet candidates. If anyone’s interested, I’ve listed them below with links to their source pages. Anyone fancy taking a look? Maybe we’ll find something interesting or some additional transits from a second planet.

Latest Kepler single planet candidates –

kplr011446443 14.4 Earth radii 2.4706132 days
kplr010666592 22.3 Earth radii 2.2047354 days
kplr010748390 4.7 Earth radii 4.8878003 days
kplr003861595 11.8 Earth radii 3.8493724 days
kplr011853905 3.7 Earth radii 3.2136641 days
kplr006922244 15.9 Earth radii 3.5224991 days
kplr005812701 13.2 Earth radii 17.855149 days
kplr009941662 22.8 Earth radii 1.7635877 days
kplr010874614 11.1 Earth radii 3.2346996 days
kplr008191672 17.4 Earth radii 3.5484657 days
kplr011804465 17.6 Earth radii 4.4379629 days
kplr009631995 11.3 Earth radii 7.8914502 days
kplr008866102 2.7 Earth radii 17.834381 days
kplr008845026 9.9 Earth radii 66.467694 days
kplr009527334 3.2 Earth radii 8.3137595 days
kplr006056992 20.9 Earth radii 10.431163 days
kplr011554435 6.3 Earth radii 9.4341577 days
kplr007051180 5.1 Earth radii 1.9510914 days
kplr003544595 1.5 Earth radii 4.7267482 days
kplr007199397 8.8 Earth radii 105.88531 days
kplr002571238 2.5 Earth radii 9.2870093 days
kplr010593626 2.1 Earth radii 289.86219 days
kplr007941200 3.3 Earth radii 65.704619 days
kplr005780885 16.1 Earth radii 4.8854892 days
kplr010264660 10.0 Earth radii 6.7901235 days
kplr008505215 3.4 Earth radii 580.0 days
kplr004055765 15.5 Earth radii 9.9664392 days
kplr008456679 3.7 Earth radii 1.7351363 days
kplr002444412 3.0 Earth radii 14.910745 days
kplr010318874 3.4 Earth radii 2.5080585 days
kplr008711794 3.4 Earth radii 8.9810082 days
kplr011250587 3.1 Earth radii 7.2569987 days
kplr009450647 2.9 Earth radii 9.9406782 days
kplr002306756 90.5 Earth radii 387.0 days
kplr003531558 1.4 Earth radii 24.993341 days
kplr008349582 2.8 Earth radii 11.523063 days
kplr008359498 10.9 Earth radii 3.5787827 days
kplr011359879 11.9 Earth radii 4.9427833 days
kplr007778437 9.6 Earth radii 5.0142325 days
kplr009818381 10.6 Earth radii 3.0240949 days
kplr008506766 22.9 Earth radii 48.937964 days
kplr012105051 5.4 Earth radii 2.6242336 days
kplr005446285 4.1 Earth radii 10.916384 days
kplr004180280 3.0 Earth radii 4.1762599 days
kplr003835670 5.5 Earth radii 14.557339 days
kplr002307199 5.5 Earth radii 13.447247 days
kplr008030148 3.7 Earth radii 5.6606911 days
kplr005084942 2.7 Earth radii 3.1055091 days
kplr008107380 2.5 Earth radii 14.006406 days
kplr006851425 2.3 Earth radii 11.119889 days
kplr009527915 2.7 Earth radii 13.22178 days
kplr002441495 2.7 Earth radii 12.493311 days
kplr011666881 2.4 Earth radii 4.9195764 days
kplr008692861 1.8 Earth radii 13.722342 days
kplr011402995 2.5 Earth radii 10.060791 days
kplr010810838 1.9 Earth radii 56.353873 days
kplr006442377 2.4 Earth radii 30.22935 days
kplr006803202 1.8 Earth radii 21.060459 days
kplr009663113 3.1 Earth radii 20.740285 days
kplr009573539 2.5 Earth radii 10.045607 days
kplr009651668 11.6 Earth radii 2.684329 days
kplr012019440 12.3 Earth radii 3.2432603 days
kplr007023960 14.6 Earth radii 30.882549 days
kplr005357901 9.3 Earth radii 3.7970171 days
kplr011391018 10.4 Earth radii 30.360446 days
kplr005771719 15.6 Earth radii 12.264862 days
kplr007950644 9.5 Earth radii 10.290999 days
kplr010799735 13.8 Earth radii 37.590272 days
kplr010904857 14.0 Earth radii 3.12083 days
kplr011502867 11.2 Earth radii 3.2175204 days
kplr009410930 9.9 Earth radii 1.8555577 days
kplr002987027 7.8 Earth radii 17.27629 days
kplr010019708 11.3 Earth radii 3.2686948 days
kplr006046540 8.9 Earth radii 7.3407239 days
kplr006849046 9.9 Earth radii 4.2253846 days
kplr007877496 11.4 Earth radii 1.7208604 days
kplr010619192 14.8 Earth radii 1.4857113 days
kplr009305831 7.3 Earth radii 3.246732 days
kplr007046804 7.5 Earth radii 11.720119 days
kplr005728139 7.8 Earth radii 5.3340867 days
kplr003762468 12.7 Earth radii 3.0038752 days
kplr010656508 9.9 Earth radii 372.10836 days
kplr006300348 6.2 Earth radii 5.6959013 days
kplr011046458 7.1 Earth radii 3.3118628 days
kplr009595827 12.9 Earth radii 3.9050817 days
kplr006305192 4.1 Earth radii 8.0251044 days
kplr003937519 4.2 Earth radii 3.4130377 days
kplr005801571 40.6 Earth radii 0.8385977 days
kplr005959753 2.0 Earth radii 8.3084852 days
kplr006185476 2.9 Earth radii 17.660114 days
kplr003847907 5.9 Earth radii 3.57321 days
kplr008491277 3.1 Earth radii 9.6137159 days
kplr008107225 2.1 Earth radii 5.6325655 days
kplr008041216 2.5 Earth radii 8.5083547 days
kplr006383785 3.6 Earth radii 5.6406608 days
kplr008026752 4.0 Earth radii 4.2868587 days
kplr011288051 1.7 Earth radii 13.821391 days
kplr003642741 5.5 Earth radii 7.2584656 days
kplr011295426 2.5 Earth radii 5.3987665 days
kplr011852982 1.9 Earth radii 13.815058 days
kplr009390653 2.0 Earth radii 9.5492728 days
kplr011187837 3.1 Earth radii 17.604437 days
kplr011752906 2.4 Earth radii 6.3831833 days
kplr005794240 10.2 Earth radii 2.4552405 days
kplr007021681 2.8 Earth radii 27.521741 days
kplr011548140 25.3 Earth radii 1.3786789 days
kplr005514383 2.6 Earth radii 6.8834027 days
kplr011231334 5.2 Earth radii 4.1574033 days
kplr005383248 2.7 Earth radii 16.238479 days
kplr010514430 2.0 Earth radii 20.719359 days
kplr012024120 1.3 Earth radii 3.5680647 days
kplr003425851 1.6 Earth radii 110.37908 days
kplr007670943 1.5 Earth radii 18.011336 days
kplr003102384 1.8 Earth radii 10.573769 days
kplr011133306 2.5 Earth radii 41.745912 days
kplr011401755 3.8 Earth radii 16.231204 days
kplr004141376 2.5 Earth radii 11.872914 days
kplr004143755 3.5 Earth radii 19.556634 days
kplr005695396 2.2 Earth radii 16.091924 days
kplr006196457 3.4 Earth radii 13.748761 days
kplr009592705 3.1 Earth radii 10.275394 days
kplr010386922 2.6 Earth radii 26.629176 days
kplr011075737 1.6 Earth radii 2.5866272 days
kplr011259686 2.2 Earth radii 34.435758 days
kplr011547513 1.8 Earth radii 5.3174114 days
kplr011802615 2.2 Earth radii 28.862308 days
kplr011905011 1.6 Earth radii 5.6518383 days
kplr012785320 1.4 Earth radii 19.963639 days
kplr002692377 2.1 Earth radii 1.5416821 days
kplr003642289 1.8 Earth radii 6.0025224 days
kplr003662838 5.2 Earth radii 24.854798 days
kplr005966322 3.1 Earth radii 60.929196 days
kplr006063220 1.6 Earth radii 4.6035711 days
kplr006071903 2.3 Earth radii 24.307983 days
kplr006291837 3.1 Earth radii 35.597429 days
kplr007700622 2.1 Earth radii 35.589436 days
kplr008121310 4.2 Earth radii 22.207918 days
kplr008156120 5.2 Earth radii 38.583359 days
kplr008684730 7.4 Earth radii 46.151586 days
kplr008753657 1.6 Earth radii 2.4263076 days
kplr009139084 2.2 Earth radii 5.8359731 days
kplr009881662 1.5 Earth radii 3.2542815 days
kplr011361646 2.3 Earth radii 7.9740591 days
kplr010285631 3.5 Earth radii 18.684209 days
kplr010290666 1.9 Earth radii 5.4585137 days
kplr010337258 2.3 Earth radii 13.285388 days
kplr010470206 4.9 Earth radii 46.566778 days
kplr010545066 1.9 Earth radii 19.783025 days
kplr010616571 16.8 Earth radii 23.673188 days
kplr011015108 3.3 Earth radii 39.309241 days
kplr011074541 2.7 Earth radii 29.88571 days
kplr011100383 2.4 Earth radii 12.924909 days
kplr011194032 3.5 Earth radii 28.511096 days
kplr011394027 2.9 Earth radii 14.386786 days
kplr011395587 2.4 Earth radii 12.991603 days
kplr011521793 2.5 Earth radii 27.081734 days
kplr011566064 9.2 Earth radii 152.10483 days
kplr011568987 2.3 Earth radii 15.959927 days
kplr011621223 2.4 Earth radii 4.9033487 days
kplr011624249 6.3 Earth radii 1.8270813 days
kplr012107021 0.7 Earth radii 5.9417382 days
kplr012404954 1.5 Earth radii 3.2475829 days
kplr011623629 2.3 Earth radii 81.737475 days
kplr003545478 10.6 Earth radii 75.112019 days
kplr004815520 5.0 Earth radii 31.57868 days
kplr006603043 19.2 Earth radii 110.32161 days
kplr005652983 84.2 Earth radii 498.39282 days
kplr006471021 8.5 Earth radii 125.63064 days
kplr007364176 2.5 Earth radii 135.18981 days
kplr008686097 3.0 Earth radii 172.69092 days
kplr012356617 10.4 Earth radii 600.0 days
kplr003353050 1.7 Earth radii 5.0800604 days
kplr003446746 2.1 Earth radii 13.144941 days
kplr003733628 2.2 Earth radii 13.899645 days
kplr003831053 3.0 Earth radii 6.1493618 days
kplr003964109 2.0 Earth radii 21.416645 days
kplr004247092 39.4 Earth radii 21.056478 days
kplr005444548 2.2 Earth radii 13.249212 days
kplr005449777 40.0 Earth radii 7.2168889 days
kplr005683743 6.7 Earth radii 4.1470197 days
kplr006289650 7.2 Earth radii 166.78821 days
kplr006879865 11.7 Earth radii 19.193091 days
kplr007975727 9.4 Earth radii 22.41833 days
kplr008219673 31.1 Earth radii 20.13151 days
kplr008352537 3.6 Earth radii 6.0103736 days
kplr009115800 11.2 Earth radii 4.4541913 days
kplr009214713 14.0 Earth radii 480.0 days
kplr009478990 9.4 Earth radii 21.087174 days
kplr009967884 11.8 Earth radii 5.4283501 days
kplr010016874 3.3 Earth radii 16.301293 days
kplr010418224 6.5 Earth radii 6.8731791 days
kplr010616679 3.9 Earth radii 8.6001206 days
kplr010717241 2.3 Earth radii 12.376463 days
kplr010858832 3.5 Earth radii 5.2634076 days
kplr012470954 3.9 Earth radii 1.90221 days
kplr003833007 2.5 Earth radii 16.217504 days
kplr003847138 2.2 Earth radii 11.722936 days
kplr006291033 2.4 Earth radii 3.7059697 days
kplr007098355 3.0 Earth radii 29.007796 days
kplr007504328 8.0 Earth radii 53.717983 days
kplr008043638 4.0 Earth radii 17.587568 days
kplr008845205 2.5 Earth radii 18.477659 days
kplr008891318 4.1 Earth radii 350.0 days
kplr009008220 7.6 Earth radii 9.3910376 days
kplr009583881 5.0 Earth radii 18.009297 days
kplr009589524 3.4 Earth radii 22.184312 days
kplr009703198 5.8 Earth radii 10.32908 days
kplr009844088 4.6 Earth radii 3.7508299 days
kplr010123064 3.0 Earth radii 4.2437425 days
kplr010155434 3.2 Earth radii 12.706784 days
kplr010599206 2.1 Earth radii 18.427869 days
kplr010934674 2.5 Earth radii 16.543015 days
kplr010990886 2.8 Earth radii 11.023423 days
kplr011015323 3.4 Earth radii 34.188957 days
kplr011134879 2.5 Earth radii 4.3016712 days
kplr011497977 2.4 Earth radii 4.7986252 days
kplr012061222 2.2 Earth radii 17.205222 days
kplr012404305 1.8 Earth radii 22.183387 days
kplr012834874 2.6 Earth radii 7.6587739 days
kplr002557816 1.9 Earth radii 9.379012 days
kplr003559935 3.8 Earth radii 29.911496 days
kplr003966801 2.0 Earth radii 25.695968 days
kplr004454752 2.1 Earth radii 1.6168863 days
kplr004847534 1.8 Earth radii 9.6684636 days
kplr004951877 2.2 Earth radii 24.795128 days
kplr005340644 1.9 Earth radii 8.2224801 days
kplr005461440 2.1 Earth radii 40.60709 days
kplr005780715 3.1 Earth radii 1.5831556 days
kplr005812960 3.2 Earth radii 18.492336 days
kplr006838050 2.8 Earth radii 6.5100362 days
kplr006937692 3.8 Earth radii 35.181123 days
kplr008015907 3.5 Earth radii 2.7523623 days
kplr008162789 3.6 Earth radii 10.160956 days
kplr008265218 2.9 Earth radii 12.82994 days
kplr008934495 2.3 Earth radii 4.5923916 days
kplr009119458 5.1 Earth radii 11.531837 days
kplr009157634 3.1 Earth radii 2.1047142 days
kplr010266615 2.1 Earth radii 10.940266 days
kplr010395543 2.8 Earth radii 3.6874687 days
kplr010454313 2.6 Earth radii 4.2216437 days
kplr010513530 2.6 Earth radii 16.549432 days
kplr010873260 3.3 Earth radii 5.8529809 days
kplr010965008 3.0 Earth radii 162.3394 days
kplr011073351 2.0 Earth radii 2.8202099 days
kplr011090765 2.8 Earth radii 21.217109 days
kplr011656721 2.4 Earth radii 13.646246 days
kplr012116489 4.2 Earth radii 25.302868 days
kplr012600735 3.1 Earth radii 21.30003 days
kplr004165473 2.3 Earth radii 13.023636 days
kplr005122112 9.8 Earth radii 3.05517 days
kplr005443837 7.3 Earth radii 3.6584892 days
kplr005774349 2.6 Earth radii 15.65558 days
kplr005978361 2.1 Earth radii 9.1784753 days
kplr006422367 1.2 Earth radii 4.3313457 days
kplr006501635 2.6 Earth radii 23.675226 days
kplr006665695 1.7 Earth radii 5.3789005 days
kplr006707833 1.8 Earth radii 15.284623 days
kplr007119481 2.2 Earth radii 25.855148 days
kplr007595157 1.3 Earth radii 3.3835275 days
kplr008367113 2.5 Earth radii 24.315867 days
kplr008558011 2.4 Earth radii 39.678657 days
kplr008565266 3.9 Earth radii 6.4124599 days
kplr008625925 2.8 Earth radii 6.5212343 days
kplr008822216 3.2 Earth radii 6.9969311 days
kplr009076513 1.5 Earth radii 2.4370184 days
kplr009279669 2.4 Earth radii 3.7221801 days
kplr009570741 2.2 Earth radii 15.779554 days
kplr009607164 2.6 Earth radii 14.034832 days
kplr009631762 1.6 Earth radii 10.355742 days
kplr009957627 2.7 Earth radii 39.750621 days
kplr010388286 1.4 Earth radii 1.6826933 days
kplr010656823 2.5 Earth radii 8.3077831 days
kplr010676824 2.5 Earth radii 6.4545176 days
kplr010718726 2.3 Earth radii 3.5957356 days
kplr012459913 2.5 Earth radii 12.913842 days
kplr004832837 1.5 Earth radii 2.6280998 days
kplr005441980 6.4 Earth radii 5.8939913 days
kplr005608566 14.8 Earth radii 4.3969343 days
kplr005686174 1.8 Earth radii 14.282318 days
kplr006309763 11.3 Earth radii 3.251658 days
kplr007368664 7.9 Earth radii 12.874686 days
kplr009846086 41.0 Earth radii 37.865195 days
kplr010353968 3.1 Earth radii 9.0708078 days
kplr012417486 7.0 Earth radii 155.04292 days
kplr004449034 46.6 Earth radii 38.138187 days
kplr004478168 2.1 Earth radii 14.586667 days
kplr004563268 2.5 Earth radii 7.7519792 days
kplr004644604 1.9 Earth radii 14.485882 days
kplr004656049 2.7 Earth radii 40.699443 days
kplr004827723 1.5 Earth radii 7.2385188 days
kplr004841374 5.3 Earth radii 161.47896 days
kplr005020319 2.7 Earth radii 16.719787 days
kplr005120087 2.3 Earth radii 17.97988 days
kplr005121511 2.4 Earth radii 30.996444 days
kplr005131180 1.8 Earth radii 14.851757 days
kplr005356593 33.2 Earth radii 45.977864 days
kplr005531694 1.6 Earth radii 5.1694955 days
kplr005613330 2.3 Earth radii 23.449545 days
kplr005786676 2.3 Earth radii 11.954776 days
kplr005796675 2.6 Earth radii 16.080672 days
kplr005941160 3.0 Earth radii 8.5947676 days
kplr006125481 2.5 Earth radii 23.205805 days
kplr006267535 3.2 Earth radii 6.079629 days
kplr006365156 2.0 Earth radii 10.214019 days
kplr006707835 2.6 Earth radii 22.248183 days
kplr006752502 5.3 Earth radii 4.305218 days
kplr007033671 1.9 Earth radii 9.4893825 days
kplr007040629 1.7 Earth radii 4.2286992 days
kplr007124613 2.2 Earth radii 4.4174634 days
kplr007277317 12.1 Earth radii 16.338952 days
kplr007529266 7.2 Earth radii 8.6001453 days
kplr007619236 10.7 Earth radii 562.14245 days
kplr007630229 6.0 Earth radii 278.12221 days
kplr007730747 30.6 Earth radii 4.0349149 days
kplr007764367 2.8 Earth radii 3.1739047 days
kplr007906882 11.1 Earth radii 52.513565 days
kplr007976520 1.4 Earth radii 4.1783824 days
kplr008161561 2.1 Earth radii 3.275783 days
kplr008361905 1.7 Earth radii 15.873692 days
kplr008802165 2.8 Earth radii 17.421125 days
kplr008805348 2.5 Earth radii 29.907574 days
kplr008878187 4.0 Earth radii 3.0321542 days
kplr008891278 11.4 Earth radii 12.718706 days
kplr009162741 1.4 Earth radii 1.3686106 days
kplr009266431 2.9 Earth radii 18.396319 days
kplr009578686 2.0 Earth radii 21.384502 days
kplr009590976 2.1 Earth radii 5.3749187 days
kplr009640976 0.9 Earth radii 2.1781266 days
kplr009702072 2.6 Earth radii 4.1820098 days
kplr009846348 6.3 Earth radii 26.893084 days
kplr009873254 1.9 Earth radii 14.70742 days
kplr009950612 1.5 Earth radii 9.0342194 days
kplr009964801 2.8 Earth radii 13.724462 days
kplr009965439 2.6 Earth radii 46.4073 days
kplr010068383 10.7 Earth radii 7.3049603 days
kplr010221013 11.3 Earth radii 7.1893676 days
kplr010265898 3.3 Earth radii 1.2602573 days
kplr010272442 3.2 Earth radii 24.543571 days
kplr010287242 4.4 Earth radii 22.341326 days
kplr010345478 5.1 Earth radii 14.49836 days
kplr010386984 1.5 Earth radii 1.2870749 days
kplr010395381 2.2 Earth radii 17.671684 days
kplr010418797 22.8 Earth radii 23.355343 days
kplr010464078 7.5 Earth radii 19.404001 days
kplr010485250 7.2 Earth radii 16.469959 days
kplr010526549 2.4 Earth radii 9.2738273 days
kplr010583066 3.3 Earth radii 6.0292722 days
kplr010662202 1.6 Earth radii 21.67689 days
kplr010682541 2.6 Earth radii 4.9967769 days
kplr010811496 8.4 Earth radii 19.899148 days
kplr010987985 3.1 Earth radii 16.012851 days
kplr011018648 3.9 Earth radii 32.62412 days
kplr011138155 10.9 Earth radii 4.9593347 days
kplr011153539 2.3 Earth radii 4.4988398 days
kplr011242721 12.4 Earth radii 19.651221 days
kplr011304958 5.4 Earth radii 41.439542 days
kplr011391957 2.4 Earth radii 8.3539166 days
kplr011403044 4.2 Earth radii 4.1255728 days
kplr011414511 12.2 Earth radii 2.8165052 days
kplr011460018 2.3 Earth radii 4.2809693 days
kplr011465813 13.4 Earth radii 616880.0 days
kplr011493732 12.7 Earth radii 61.257142 days
kplr011507101 2.3 Earth radii 38.377836 days
kplr011656840 14.7 Earth radii 7.4426623 days
kplr011812062 5.3 Earth radii 3.7287325 days
kplr011818800 6.7 Earth radii 40.419432 days
kplr011853255 1.6 Earth radii 2.2433803 days
kplr011909839 10.0 Earth radii 10.405956 days
kplr011918099 2.2 Earth radii 2.3374517 days
kplr011923270 3.1 Earth radii 11.598192 days
kplr011960862 5.0 Earth radii 6.5753244 days
kplr012020329 4.8 Earth radii 7.2750257 days
kplr012070811 2.4 Earth radii 12.393425 days
kplr012110942 1.8 Earth radii 3.689938 days
kplr012404086 3.1 Earth radii 26.394521 days
kplr012470844 2.3 Earth radii 8.4723407 days
kplr012644822 7.1 Earth radii 12.611904 days
kplr002713049 2.1 Earth radii 2.5391695 days
kplr003114167 2.5 Earth radii 6.7702775 days
kplr003115833 7.7 Earth radii 10.181582 days
kplr003246984 6.1 Earth radii 1.6266374 days
kplr003351888 9.0 Earth radii 1.6255234 days
kplr003453214 10.5 Earth radii 19.620342 days
kplr003641726 2.5 Earth radii 9.0293047 days
kplr003734868 12.8 Earth radii 10.328019 days
kplr003935914 10.9 Earth radii 1.5947447 days
kplr003940418 2.7 Earth radii 4.7830002 days
kplr004049131 3.8 Earth radii 20.505935 days
kplr004275191 6.8 Earth radii 3.8959309 days
kplr004476123 2.5 Earth radii 22.366576 days
kplr004544670 32.6 Earth radii 34.844086 days
kplr004664847 4.8 Earth radii 7.7480826 days
kplr004913852 2.4 Earth radii 8.1143678 days
kplr005021899 3.7 Earth radii 21.812929 days
kplr005077629 9.8 Earth radii 7.9193704 days
kplr005115978 7.9 Earth radii 1.028414 days
kplr005164255 10.0 Earth radii 15.375871 days
kplr005272878 2.4 Earth radii 6.365815 days
kplr005283542 3.3 Earth radii 5.9758073 days
kplr005358624 10.7 Earth radii 3.5256325 days
kplr005376067 36.9 Earth radii 3.9514177 days
kplr005534814 12.3 Earth radii 4.8593843 days
kplr005651104 8.1 Earth radii 3.0403293 days
kplr005881688 6.2 Earth radii 4.1904091 days
kplr006022556 3.7 Earth radii 3.7098842 days
kplr006032497 3.5 Earth radii 16.329857 days
kplr006061119 13.6 Earth radii 27.807543 days
kplr006191521 4.7 Earth radii 80.871588 days
kplr006276477 2.4 Earth radii 10.35546 days
kplr006291653 8.3 Earth radii 10.526294 days
kplr006392727 5.4 Earth radii 4.5835184 days
kplr006422070 2.3 Earth radii 3.7618485 days
kplr006435936 2.3 Earth radii 56.056284 days
kplr006522242 10.8 Earth radii 41.4083 days
kplr006526710 13.7 Earth radii 39.748877 days
kplr006599919 11.7 Earth radii 13.610141 days
kplr006685526 1.8 Earth radii 2.237492 days
kplr006784235 2.6 Earth radii 3.1678756 days
kplr006862328 6.7 Earth radii 119.02088 days
kplr006863998 3.3 Earth radii 16.085351 days
kplr006867155 7.9 Earth radii 235.97424 days
kplr007031517 16.5 Earth radii 12.940672 days
kplr007118364 1.6 Earth radii 4.3473256 days
kplr007135852 2.3 Earth radii 4.220959 days
kplr007270230 12.2 Earth radii 6.9980904 days
kplr007303253 3.0 Earth radii 23.589055 days
kplr007377033 12.2 Earth radii 1.9568102 days
kplr007380537 9.9 Earth radii 2.6888981 days
kplr007458762 2.5 Earth radii 7.4111381 days
kplr000757450 10.2 Earth radii 8.8849176 days
kplr007585481 8.3 Earth radii 8.0988814 days
kplr007663691 3.1 Earth radii 10.006563 days
kplr007678434 2.5 Earth radii 10.371721 days
kplr007685981 2.1 Earth radii 4.4084678 days
kplr007767559 10.5 Earth radii 4.4094114 days
kplr007849854 12.4 Earth radii 2.0523497 days
kplr007938496 4.6 Earth radii 13.80994 days
kplr008013419 4.8 Earth radii 12.73262 days
kplr008018547 4.7 Earth radii 83.910893 days
kplr008039892 6.3 Earth radii 5.007312 days
kplr008180063 4.1 Earth radii 5.7950603 days
kplr008255887 11.3 Earth radii 4.708327 days
kplr008414716 2.9 Earth radii 5.392066 days
kplr008490993 2.4 Earth radii 4.0936027 days
kplr008544996 10.0 Earth radii 4.0822769 days
kplr008552202 1.6 Earth radii 3.8866086 days
kplr008628973 4.2 Earth radii 3.3149523 days
kplr008655354 2.5 Earth radii 6.7197464 days
kplr008672910 10.3 Earth radii 39.643231 days
kplr008689031 2.4 Earth radii 21.804411 days
kplr008826878 2.1 Earth radii 5.1544414 days
kplr008883593 3.0 Earth radii 5.7434909 days
kplr008951215 3.6 Earth radii 39.475849 days
kplr009077124 3.6 Earth radii 3.1663528 days
kplr009140402 2.6 Earth radii 2.4941545 days
kplr009141746 8.9 Earth radii 6.4916717 days
kplr009166862 12.1 Earth radii 3.8556024 days
kplr009406990 2.7 Earth radii 20.834945 days
kplr009479273 3.7 Earth radii 6.104862 days
kplr009512687 3.1 Earth radii 11.515093 days
kplr009513865 2.2 Earth radii 3.6014486 days
kplr009595686 4.3 Earth radii 3.1082511 days
kplr009710326 2.5 Earth radii 28.598776 days
kplr009766437 2.9 Earth radii 12.532507 days
kplr009820483 4.8 Earth radii 3.5840842 days
kplr009825625 2.6 Earth radii 7.0390776 days
kplr009875711 3.8 Earth radii 8.3608471 days
kplr008176650 15.0 Earth radii 15.801108 days
kplr011013201 6.0 Earth radii 13.118953 days
kplr009414417 3.2 Earth radii 53.506075 days
kplr003632418 1.7 Earth radii 2.7858189 days
kplr003441784 84.4 Earth radii 52.569092 days
kplr011192141 63.5 Earth radii 1.3537763 days
kplr008607720 3.1 Earth radii 3.9978022 days
kplr001161345 3.2 Earth radii 4.2873775 days
kplr007295235 1.3 Earth radii 3.1792616 days
kplr010154388 2.7 Earth radii 12.062148 days
kplr001432789 1.8 Earth radii 9.9316068 days
kplr001718189 1.7 Earth radii 21.853872 days
kplr001431122 1.4 Earth radii 4.2988629 days
kplr001432214 27.9 Earth radii 161.78811 days
kplr002165002 2.6 Earth radii 16.568081 days
kplr001865042 1.4 Earth radii 3.4815385 days
kplr005780460 4.6 Earth radii 35.617583 days
kplr001027438 1.6 Earth radii 110.63825 days
kplr006047498 2.2 Earth radii 0.5187486 days
kplr008125580 1.8 Earth radii 17.317287 days
kplr008174625 3.4 Earth radii 17.444869 days
kplr008179973 2.1 Earth radii 2.4970517 days
kplr002309719 58.7 Earth radii 54.356319 days
kplr002716853 2.6 Earth radii 18.827285 days
kplr002715135 1.7 Earth radii 5.7477186 days
kplr002164169 3.0 Earth radii 32.311529 days
kplr002574338 2.1 Earth radii 9.2296855 days
kplr002584163 2.0 Earth radii 14.55916 days
kplr002162635 25.3 Earth radii 650.0 days
kplr006131236 2.2 Earth radii 6.7968593 days
kplr005956656 1.2 Earth radii 1.2248624 days
kplr006032981 18.5 Earth radii 3.3230303 days
kplr006060203 1.0 Earth radii 1.0226928 days
kplr006037187 2.3 Earth radii 41.812865 days
kplr008229696 2.4 Earth radii 10.128238 days
kplr010149023 2.2 Earth radii 9.955121 days
kplr010141900 1.5 Earth radii 6.5032865 days
kplr010157458 1.6 Earth radii 7.3367412 days
kplr010118816 1.1 Earth radii 7.7179682 days
kplr010122255 2.1 Earth radii 27.665559 days
kplr002721030 2.8 Earth radii 6.1002946 days
kplr003329204 8.4 Earth radii 51.598448 days
kplr003230491 8.6 Earth radii 414.0 days
kplr002853093 5.6 Earth radii 161.52664 days
kplr003245969 1.4 Earth radii 2.8477395 days
kplr003240158 2.2 Earth radii 7.4251442 days
kplr003218908 1.9 Earth radii 18.925203 days
kplr003235672 0.7 Earth radii 6.7210783 days
kplr002837111 1.6 Earth radii 8.7347662 days
kplr003120276 1.6 Earth radii 10.265508 days
kplr003109930 2.1 Earth radii 37.810619 days
kplr003337425 1.9 Earth radii 7.0471338 days
kplr003116412 2.1 Earth radii 12.991783 days
kplr002849805 1.6 Earth radii 3.7491033 days
kplr003114811 2.2 Earth radii 11.089417 days
kplr002853446 2.5 Earth radii 7.3730088 days
kplr006362874 1.4 Earth radii 0.9748764 days
kplr006272413 1.7 Earth radii 4.8971345 days
kplr008346392 1.6 Earth radii 5.7282561 days
kplr008288947 1.7 Earth radii 3.7557701 days
kplr008302450 1.5 Earth radii 2.4419785 days
kplr008313667 2.5 Earth radii 30.583964 days
kplr008351704 1.1 Earth radii 7.0970279 days
kplr008410727 1.9 Earth radii 11.476069 days
kplr008349405 0.9 Earth radii 7.1689903 days
kplr008278371 1.1 Earth radii 0.6773911 days
kplr010287248 16.0 Earth radii 4.7222521 days
kplr010354039 5.0 Earth radii 64.616348 days
kplr010330115 2.5 Earth radii 13.214145 days
kplr010528068 4.2 Earth radii 158.69244 days
kplr010341831 0.8 Earth radii 0.9337899 days
kplr010337517 2.6 Earth radii 7.0539776 days
kplr010351231 2.5 Earth radii 7.6747803 days
kplr010460629 3.6 Earth radii 432.0 days
kplr010319385 1.5 Earth radii 0.689204 days
kplr010482160 1.7 Earth radii 7.3436916 days
kplr010287723 2.5 Earth radii 1299.0 days
kplr010350571 2.2 Earth radii 31.590378 days
kplr003749365 10.9 Earth radii 1.9737605 days
kplr003547091 11.0 Earth radii 3.3055735 days
kplr003848972 3.4 Earth radii 0.370529 days
kplr003644071 35.1 Earth radii 201292.0 days
kplr003942446 8.3 Earth radii 119.06285 days
kplr003859079 2.3 Earth radii 53.529389 days
kplr004061149 1.2 Earth radii 2.7575668 days
kplr003444588 1.2 Earth radii 0.9282974 days
kplr003438507 1.8 Earth radii 8.3981119 days
kplr003869014 2.1 Earth radii 8.6384518 days
kplr003756801 6.0 Earth radii 1548.0 days
kplr003732821 2.4 Earth radii 13.734682 days
kplr003962440 6.3 Earth radii 289.0 days
kplr003534076 5.8 Earth radii 272.07 days
kplr003962357 2.2 Earth radii 14.554264 days
kplr003749134 1.6 Earth radii 11.30118 days
kplr003660924 1.3 Earth radii 4.2414992 days
kplr003839488 1.6 Earth radii 11.131272 days
kplr003442055 2.2 Earth radii 29.619807 days
kplr003440861 0.6 Earth radii 3.5037616 days
kplr004043190 1.9 Earth radii 6.4009537 days
kplr004060815 2.0 Earth radii 4.2855255 days
kplr006621116 35.4 Earth radii 137.75961 days
kplr006629332 26.4 Earth radii 2.1552777 days
kplr006470149 37.1 Earth radii 165.72106 days
kplr006383821 1.8 Earth radii 27.072594 days
kplr006607447 50.4 Earth radii 99.643569 days
kplr006692833 1.6 Earth radii 10.804906 days
kplr006693640 2.0 Earth radii 13.719896 days
kplr006441738 2.4 Earth radii 19.037071 days
kplr008751933 7.0 Earth radii 86.647744 days
kplr008612847 3.0 Earth radii 14.131789 days
kplr008547140 2.0 Earth radii 11.419267 days
kplr008813698 11.8 Earth radii 269.0 days
kplr008631160 10.3 Earth radii 161.85932 days
kplr008806072 3.5 Earth radii 40.054884 days
kplr008800954 4.7 Earth radii 362.0 days
kplr008583696 3.1 Earth radii 50.285783 days
kplr008742590 1.8 Earth radii 49.477788 days
kplr008822366 3.0 Earth radii 30.863916 days
kplr008700771 1.5 Earth radii 8.0921362 days
kplr010599397 6.4 Earth radii 0.9374439 days
kplr010790387 10.1 Earth radii 117.93119 days
kplr010604335 2.0 Earth radii 11.008134 days
kplr010864656 9.6 Earth radii 52.501278 days
kplr010975146 1.1 Earth radii 0.6313298 days
kplr010724369 2.6 Earth radii 55.637648 days
kplr010867062 5.0 Earth radii 34.298338 days
kplr010744335 1.5 Earth radii 4.5973073 days
kplr010586208 2.1 Earth radii 23.584614 days
kplr010854768 2.8 Earth radii 10.117121 days
kplr010964440 2.1 Earth radii 19.12962 days
kplr010713616 4.2 Earth radii 83.577525 days
kplr010963242 1.6 Earth radii 6.1469185 days
kplr010585852 3.5 Earth radii 8.5750669 days
kplr010928043 1.5 Earth radii 6.8463372 days
kplr004282872 4.0 Earth radii 10.035355 days
kplr004074736 4.8 Earth radii 80.967107 days
kplr004072526 2.9 Earth radii 33.199403 days
kplr004155328 7.7 Earth radii 127.83286 days
kplr004243911 1.1 Earth radii 1.9228203 days
kplr004135665 1.8 Earth radii 4.1680782 days
kplr004650674 1.7 Earth radii 4.5143493 days
kplr004136466 0.9 Earth radii 4.4875479 days
kplr007211141 4.8 Earth radii 51.929807 days
kplr007363829 8.8 Earth radii 384.0 days
kplr006960913 2.2 Earth radii 59.877686 days
kplr006934291 1.4 Earth radii 0.5678562 days
kplr007287415 1.5 Earth radii 3.0161483 days
kplr006924203 1.7 Earth radii 6.883593 days
kplr006880531 2.1 Earth radii 69.627542 days
kplr006766634 6.7 Earth radii 321.21388 days
kplr006774826 2.4 Earth radii 7.1389057 days
kplr007211469 1.6 Earth radii 11.297141 days
kplr007375795 1.2 Earth radii 19.301248 days
kplr007211221 1.1 Earth radii 5.6215457 days
kplr009446824 22.6 Earth radii 4.2023359 days
kplr009278553 55.2 Earth radii 18.610093 days
kplr008949247 45.3 Earth radii 23.799932 days
kplr008958035 8.2 Earth radii 7.9811836 days
kplr008935810 3.5 Earth radii 6.2302267 days
kplr009030447 1.5 Earth radii 0.5667281 days
kplr009034103 2.3 Earth radii 7.1396828 days
kplr009214942 1.7 Earth radii 18.754443 days
kplr008874090 1.9 Earth radii 13.324108 days
kplr009264949 2.5 Earth radii 11.419039 days
kplr009271752 2.7 Earth radii 11.361168 days
kplr009007866 0.8 Earth radii 1.3866179 days
kplr009150827 1.2 Earth radii 14.533976 days
kplr009391208 2.7 Earth radii 16.560623 days
kplr009391506 2.3 Earth radii 15.749545 days
kplr008950853 2.5 Earth radii 37.812659 days
kplr009006449 1.4 Earth radii 12.6446 days
kplr011125936 8.3 Earth radii 1.3361075 days
kplr011342550 9.9 Earth radii 485.0 days
kplr011177707 4.3 Earth radii 124.41949 days
kplr011611600 1.5 Earth radii 1.2195847 days
kplr011254382 2.2 Earth radii 2.0538994 days
kplr011129738 1.3 Earth radii 2.6130043 days
kplr011401182 1.6 Earth radii 0.927855 days
kplr011030711 4.8 Earth radii 205.91715 days
kplr011075279 8.4 Earth radii 345.16135 days
kplr011288505 2.0 Earth radii 19.807617 days
kplr011493431 1.2 Earth radii 2.3432481 days
kplr011599038 1.7 Earth radii 7.0177282 days
kplr011193263 1.3 Earth radii 6.9113014 days
kplr011027624 7.8 Earth radii 394.61071 days
kplr011032227 1.6 Earth radii 7.1929423 days
kplr011356260 1.6 Earth radii 8.5069128 days
kplr011600889 1.4 Earth radii 0.6693163 days
kplr011043167 3.2 Earth radii 44.931277 days
kplr009705459 24.2 Earth radii 2.4865874 days
kplr007449844 22.4 Earth radii 1.1522169 days
kplr009761199 4.2 Earth radii 0.6920069 days
kplr007672940 17.4 Earth radii 580.0 days
kplr011702948 7.3 Earth radii 9.771455 days
kplr009512981 11.1 Earth radii 281.56354 days
kplr009851226 3.5 Earth radii 8.4806253 days
kplr007761545 5.3 Earth radii 85.35172 days
kplr012365184 9.3 Earth radii 69.732975 days
kplr012406749 4.2 Earth radii 56.363911 days
kplr007811397 9.4 Earth radii 339.07808 days
kplr012403119 5.2 Earth radii 76.133539 days
kplr009589323 2.3 Earth radii 3.9496333 days
kplr009823487 2.0 Earth radii 16.004512 days
kplr011821363 2.0 Earth radii 8.1958976 days
kplr007629518 2.7 Earth radii 15.594898 days
kplr009636135 2.9 Earth radii 5.8336852 days
kplr007841925 2.3 Earth radii 14.163991 days
kplr007439316 1.4 Earth radii 2.6170562 days
kplr012061238 2.1 Earth radii 1.8764018 days
kplr012400538 3.4 Earth radii 150.24131 days
kplr009813499 2.1 Earth radii 5.0325893 days
kplr012254792 2.8 Earth radii 40.42805 days
kplr012020218 2.6 Earth radii 21.359126 days
kplr007690844 3.0 Earth radii 22.045788 days
kplr011870545 1.5 Earth radii 0.83995 days
kplr007901948 1.7 Earth radii 2.5788779 days
kplr011955499 2.5 Earth radii 9.0417982 days
kplr012418724 2.9 Earth radii 20.553414 days
kplr007456001 2.9 Earth radii 40.068414 days
kplr007549209 1.9 Earth radii 27.506549 days
kplr007663405 1.6 Earth radii 5.1443917 days
kplr009765975 2.0 Earth radii 18.45848 days
kplr009818462 1.8 Earth radii 25.941993 days
kplr012266636 2.3 Earth radii 33.385415 days
kplr009850893 1.8 Earth radii 8.4815229 days
kplr007869917 2.4 Earth radii 7.7146828 days
kplr009824805 1.4 Earth radii 4.4444598 days
kplr007768451 4.3 Earth radii 192.67467 days
kplr007691260 0.8 Earth radii 3.9895503 days
kplr011954842 1.6 Earth radii 12.984971 days
kplr011764462 1.4 Earth radii 5.6992147 days
kplr011656246 2.1 Earth radii 18.114505 days
kplr007808587 1.6 Earth radii 6.2415154 days
kplr004741126 1.7 Earth radii 20.422673 days
kplr011669125 2.1 Earth radii 70.698452 days
kplr012159249 1.3 Earth radii 3.7443514 days
kplr009872292 0.8 Earth radii 10.191441 days
kplr005649956 31.6 Earth radii 1.2078535 days
kplr004840513 23.2 Earth radii 2.3792823 days
kplr005270698 13.7 Earth radii 3.9643337 days
kplr005475431 9.9 Earth radii 0.9175471 days
kplr008053552 62.0 Earth radii 29.481015 days
kplr007951018 7.9 Earth radii 52.758859 days
kplr008046659 17.6 Earth radii 31.569127 days
kplr004940438 21.5 Earth radii 9.085941 days
kplr005184584 5.5 Earth radii 53.449652 days
kplr008009350 2.8 Earth radii 13.7521 days
kplr005031857 4.6 Earth radii 24.810301 days
kplr010028792 5.9 Earth radii 114.7373 days
kplr012506770 1.3 Earth radii 2.8062415 days
kplr007939330 2.5 Earth radii 29.544154 days
kplr004918309 6.6 Earth radii 186.39863 days
kplr012602568 2.0 Earth radii 8.0473184 days
kplr009941066 1.3 Earth radii 5.8707188 days
kplr005470739 2.3 Earth radii 19.179031 days
kplr010022908 1.8 Earth radii 6.9913072 days
kplr009932970 17.7 Earth radii 52.971159 days
kplr005617854 1.2 Earth radii 3.5174817 days
kplr010028140 2.8 Earth radii 19.656668 days
kplr005289854 2.2 Earth radii 9.6947894 days
kplr010006581 2.8 Earth radii 40.109992 days
kplr005039228 2.7 Earth radii 7.7967336 days
kplr005474613 2.3 Earth radii 20.417415 days
kplr005438757 1.5 Earth radii 10.351126 days
kplr004860678 1.6 Earth radii 9.9774071 days
kplr005177104 1.5 Earth radii 3.0215425 days
kplr005009189 2.5 Earth radii 4.9392244 days
kplr009886661 1.6 Earth radii 5.0827092 days
kplr005009743 2.3 Earth radii 41.698313 days
kplr010963065 0.8 Earth radii 2.4649988 days
kplr006268648 1.1 Earth radii 15.866212 days
kplr004278221 1.2 Earth radii 1.340638 days
kplr009015738 1.4 Earth radii 13.932815 days
kplr007215603 0.8 Earth radii 2.3643203 days
kplr004276716 0.8 Earth radii 20.665886 days
kplr005561278 2.5 Earth radii 20.310354 days
kplr007287683 3.7 Earth radii 69.837324 days
kplr006975129 2.7 Earth radii 19.747304 days
kplr008685497 1.5 Earth radii 4.4096731 days
kplr009017682 1.7 Earth radii 11.30488 days
kplr009277896 1.3 Earth radii 4.59492 days
kplr009401997 1.9 Earth radii 32.298607 days
kplr010621666 1.1 Earth radii 2.6183491 days
kplr010686864 1.8 Earth radii 2.9704393 days
kplr010879038 1.3 Earth radii 4.8538242 days
kplr010990917 2.0 Earth radii 11.045641 days
kplr011046025 1.0 Earth radii 3.7202265 days
kplr011177543 1.6 Earth radii 38.325273 days
kplr011337141 1.1 Earth radii 4.0435387 days
kplr011337833 2.5 Earth radii 51.300193 days
kplr011547505 1.5 Earth radii 0.9384704 days
kplr004471747 2.1 Earth radii 51.389989 days
kplr004650733 2.6 Earth radii 29.538383 days
kplr004830605 1.9 Earth radii 35.638 days
kplr004844004 1.7 Earth radii 0.7840262 days
kplr005183357 2.0 Earth radii 61.039003 days
kplr005269467 1.9 Earth radii 33.867365 days
kplr005360920 7.6 Earth radii 14.624301 days
kplr005531953 1.3 Earth radii 6.9392283 days
kplr006034945 1.8 Earth radii 9.1151298 days
kplr006048024 6.7 Earth radii 62.815575 days
kplr006049190 3.4 Earth radii 70.465411 days
kplr006149553 1.4 Earth radii 56.867168 days
kplr006198999 1.6 Earth radii 3.9324492 days
kplr006310636 0.9 Earth radii 0.9210557 days
kplr006696462 2.3 Earth radii 3.4037458 days
kplr007220429 1.5 Earth radii 8.0376166 days
kplr007222086 1.7 Earth radii 2.4390056 days
kplr007304449 1.6 Earth radii 1.5381625 days
kplr007386827 2.9 Earth radii 10.418751 days
kplr007522911 2.7 Earth radii 20.499406 days
kplr007626370 2.8 Earth radii 1.9214304 days
kplr007703955 2.8 Earth radii 96.1022 days
kplr007750419 2.1 Earth radii 32.773734 days
kplr007815744 1.9 Earth radii 14.204369 days
kplr007955580 2.7 Earth radii 55.674544 days
kplr009836959 1.9 Earth radii 105.01288 days
kplr009838949 2.1 Earth radii 4.8808606 days
kplr009895006 1.9 Earth radii 10.561562 days
kplr009896558 3.5 Earth radii 67.666974 days
kplr010015937 2.2 Earth radii 59.662571 days
kplr010019065 2.2 Earth radii 52.631962 days
kplr010080248 1.6 Earth radii 14.877118 days
kplr010213902 3.3 Earth radii 59.622166 days
kplr010905746 1.9 Earth radii 9.8847244 days
kplr008242434 5.2 Earth radii 44.963928 days
kplr006185331 5.2 Earth radii 49.769987 days
kplr006869184 2.7 Earth radii 43.316879 days
kplr008396405 1.6 Earth radii 19.181231 days
kplr006604328 2.6 Earth radii 31.003096 days
kplr004365645 1.1 Earth radii 4.1678557 days
kplr007199906 1.9 Earth radii 220.65651 days
kplr008197343 1.6 Earth radii 11.791742 days
kplr007032421 3.0 Earth radii 20.558938 days
kplr006786348 2.1 Earth radii 26.964474 days
kplr006209677 1.3 Earth radii 7.7684658 days
kplr008651389 2.7 Earth radii 15.135803 days
kplr004067336 8.7 Earth radii 10.127483 days
kplr005387843 2.0 Earth radii 0.870697 days
kplr010153011 29.8 Earth radii 83.09699 days
kplr010005758 7.7 Earth radii 134.47972 days
kplr010158418 5.6 Earth radii 5.0074099 days
kplr003128793 4.4 Earth radii 24.678853 days
kplr005864975 6.4 Earth radii 98.718701 days
kplr006504954 6.7 Earth radii 130.35148 days
kplr010676014 2.3 Earth radii 16.781774 days
kplr006867766 8.6 Earth radii 12.964712 days
kplr006058614 45.5 Earth radii 1.7310805 days
kplr011017901 4.4 Earth radii 7.7942966 days
kplr005088591 3.4 Earth radii 14.532271 days
kplr011298298 2.4 Earth radii 5.2486805 days
kplr004349442 4.5 Earth radii 4.5392865 days
kplr007761918 3.8 Earth radii 89.192842 days
kplr006279974 4.6 Earth radii 0.805263 days
kplr009455325 3.1 Earth radii 9.7678048 days
kplr005621125 4.5 Earth radii 14.800119 days
kplr009872283 5.3 Earth radii 3.1268651 days
kplr008624520 4.2 Earth radii 10.240605 days
kplr007870032 3.4 Earth radii 16.877342 days
kplr009597058 1.6 Earth radii 12.057086 days
kplr005124667 3.1 Earth radii 150.88114 days
kplr005375194 4.5 Earth radii 13.522604 days
kplr006468138 2.1 Earth radii 134.25188 days
kplr011875734 4.0 Earth radii 99.746941 days
kplr007697568 28.6 Earth radii 22.841454 days
kplr003326377 1.8 Earth radii 13.226919 days
kplr011601584 2.5 Earth radii 51.804027 days
kplr011853878 1.4 Earth radii 3.6929732 days
kplr010657406 2.7 Earth radii 34.173252 days
kplr005526527 2.5 Earth radii 16.736955 days
kplr005856571 4.9 Earth radii 9.5906328 days
kplr007765528 4.0 Earth radii 7.0393236 days
kplr011760231 2.0 Earth radii 49.608047 days
kplr007779077 2.7 Earth radii 16.841896 days
kplr006776401 2.5 Earth radii 26.853359 days
kplr007430034 2.3 Earth radii 49.62473 days
kplr009735426 2.4 Earth radii 8.0880343 days
kplr008826168 1.9 Earth radii 11.551282 days
kplr010464050 2.2 Earth radii 4.469763 days
kplr009763348 2.5 Earth radii 15.773779 days
kplr008804397 2.0 Earth radii 60.085559 days
kplr009662811 3.2 Earth radii 43.032522 days
kplr011570749 4.3 Earth radii 46.294942 days
kplr011297236 2.6 Earth radii 88.645781 days
kplr003648437 2.4 Earth radii 17.504389 days
kplr007286173 2.4 Earth radii 56.434999 days
kplr011126381 2.5 Earth radii 33.788823 days
kplr004149450 2.7 Earth radii 3.2151497 days
kplr009520838 3.9 Earth radii 105.30797 days
kplr006773862 2.1 Earth radii 17.760669 days
kplr010187159 2.6 Earth radii 7.964294 days
kplr009758089 2.2 Earth radii 92.725031 days
kplr009883311 6.5 Earth radii 30.523094 days
kplr004939346 5.3 Earth radii 71.309463 days
kplr009967771 1.9 Earth radii 9.917207 days
kplr011622600 2.2 Earth radii 82.53186 days
kplr010454632 3.3 Earth radii 20.160204 days
kplr003098810 3.2 Earth radii 40.809531 days
kplr010332883 1.5 Earth radii 1.1511671 days
kplr004035640 2.6 Earth radii 28.266812 days
kplr006205228 1.5 Earth radii 3.7705674 days
kplr011758544 1.0 Earth radii 2.7072899 days
kplr011413812 1.9 Earth radii 5.6537173 days
kplr009549648 2.5 Earth radii 5.9918486 days
kplr010063802 4.3 Earth radii 120.01897 days
kplr007449136 1.5 Earth radii 4.3364907 days
kplr009030537 3.0 Earth radii 62.562586 days
kplr008689793 1.2 Earth radii 3.5549007 days
kplr011673802 16.3 Earth radii 5.2880157 days
kplr005695524 2.6 Earth radii 59.77049 days
kplr007668663 1.5 Earth radii 6.4980134 days
kplr007047922 2.1 Earth radii 19.762158 days
kplr009353314 1.3 Earth radii 5.1849802 days
kplr003629967 2.0 Earth radii 85.65394 days
kplr005809954 20.8 Earth radii 137.86145 days
kplr008766650 3.6 Earth radii 12.439517 days
kplr010328393 1.4 Earth radii 7.6262792 days
kplr011773328 15.6 Earth radii 8.7104203 days
kplr007094486 2.0 Earth radii 11.350106 days
kplr008226050 2.3 Earth radii 34.267491 days
kplr009965957 2.4 Earth radii 5.7532014 days
kplr009704384 1.4 Earth radii 5.5085758 days
kplr008426567 5.1 Earth radii 18.930937 days
kplr009101496 1.5 Earth radii 6.562328 days
kplr010074466 2.3 Earth radii 35.011981 days
kplr008218379 2.1 Earth radii 16.571117 days
kplr007755636 3.1 Earth radii 16.004901 days
kplr004989057 2.8 Earth radii 7.2340495 days
kplr005108214 1.4 Earth radii 2.119128 days
kplr009955598 1.2 Earth radii 68.958001 days
kplr005770074 2.8 Earth radii 63.038138 days
kplr005202905 5.9 Earth radii 22.825115 days
kplr009072190 2.7 Earth radii 49.101459 days
kplr004242147 1.6 Earth radii 28.782809 days
kplr010190777 1.2 Earth radii 1.4112264 days
kplr009651234 2.1 Earth radii 96.914917 days
kplr007045496 2.0 Earth radii 13.474881 days
kplr002832589 2.9 Earth radii 10.849813 days
kplr002438513 6.2 Earth radii 12.184118 days
kplr012253474 1.5 Earth radii 6.4229574 days
kplr009836149 2.7 Earth radii 17.815631 days
kplr004813563 2.3 Earth radii 36.515669 days
kplr006949061 1.6 Earth radii 8.9686747 days
kplr007269493 2.1 Earth radii 1.9078086 days
kplr005513648 2.4 Earth radii 32.858326 days
kplr007887791 0.7 Earth radii 2.2293226 days
kplr011657891 1.4 Earth radii 2.5146147 days
kplr006205897 1.4 Earth radii 4.4177486 days
kplr007948784 3.5 Earth radii 10.087508 days
kplr009244756 2.2 Earth radii 16.343574 days
kplr009347009 2.4 Earth radii 19.329599 days
kplr011253711 1.9 Earth radii 17.79099 days
kplr004917596 1.6 Earth radii 3.2901688 days
kplr007289577 2.6 Earth radii 109.444 days
kplr008543100 2.3 Earth radii 7.5603439 days
kplr002693736 2.2 Earth radii 12.124004 days
kplr007273277 0.9 Earth radii 2.7140596 days
kplr011769890 2.9 Earth radii 122.87668 days
kplr006862721 2.9 Earth radii 4.8875329 days
kplr010094670 2.1 Earth radii 22.064104 days
kplr008142942 1.8 Earth radii 5.7562391 days
kplr008257205 7.3 Earth radii 148.45667 days
kplr009044228 3.4 Earth radii 0.9348918 days
kplr010779233 3.0 Earth radii 201.12324 days
kplr011614617 2.3 Earth radii 24.757244 days
kplr011450414 1.6 Earth radii 12.798579 days
kplr010384798 2.2 Earth radii 38.505192 days
kplr009834040 2.9 Earth radii 6.7739575 days
kplr008802693 2.2 Earth radii 26.41073 days
kplr006061773 2.4 Earth radii 8.277379 days
kplr010024701 1.4 Earth radii 14.375171 days
kplr012154526 2.1 Earth radii 56.189447 days
kplr006665512 1.4 Earth radii 6.9210291 days
kplr010525027 0.8 Earth radii 3.2734589 days
kplr002449431 1.9 Earth radii 86.749003 days
kplr005631630 2.3 Earth radii 25.962639 days
kplr005384079 1.2 Earth radii 7.0568228 days
kplr009839821 2.5 Earth radii 34.853331 days
kplr004056616 0.8 Earth radii 2.4143597 days
kplr006707908 2.4 Earth radii 2.4660769 days
kplr008492026 1.6 Earth radii 4.3064297 days
kplr008750043 1.2 Earth radii 2.2950259 days
kplr009973109 2.1 Earth radii 27.495408 days
kplr006226290 2.5 Earth radii 14.088184 days
kplr009349482 2.1 Earth radii 110.96554 days
kplr008578780 2.4 Earth radii 13.590528 days
kplr004544907 1.9 Earth radii 46.878819 days
kplr011923284 1.8 Earth radii 2.7580062 days
kplr005940165 1.5 Earth radii 9.3042358 days
kplr002985767 1.3 Earth radii 14.079698 days
kplr002304320 1.3 Earth radii 16.540908 days
kplr009790806 2.2 Earth radii 1.9315635 days
kplr008804845 1.6 Earth radii 5.4259628 days
kplr010480915 2.0 Earth radii 19.58579 days
kplr009111849 8.7 Earth radii 63.072868 days
kplr010663396 2.2 Earth radii 23.8992 days
kplr011457726 1.7 Earth radii 6.2216319 days
kplr008956206 1.2 Earth radii 6.1800503 days
kplr009649706 1.4 Earth radii 1.5690601 days
kplr003248501 4.2 Earth radii 4.2246359 days
kplr003128552 1.8 Earth radii 8.6788959 days
kplr010134152 2.3 Earth radii 39.314351 days
kplr009573685 1.1 Earth radii 5.9456782 days
kplr010329835 1.1 Earth radii 1.5237315 days
kplr012301181 0.6 Earth radii 6.1473012 days
kplr009279354 1.9 Earth radii 2.8001313 days
kplr006774880 2.3 Earth radii 34.351731 days
kplr007449541 1.3 Earth radii 3.0072567 days
kplr002579043 2.0 Earth radii 6.3121922 days
kplr003239671 3.1 Earth radii 147.97237 days
kplr009304101 3.0 Earth radii 13.245143 days
kplr011360571 3.8 Earth radii 77.255729 days
kplr006035124 2.1 Earth radii 3.8568735 days
kplr012058147 0.8 Earth radii 1.5431978 days
kplr008866137 2.3 Earth radii 33.418318 days
kplr010857519 1.3 Earth radii 2.0533522 days
kplr009517393 2.8 Earth radii 56.777274 days
kplr009351316 1.8 Earth radii 18.784292 days
kplr009473078 0.8 Earth radii 0.6938521 days
kplr002853780 4.1 Earth radii 6.2139215 days
kplr009472000 1.9 Earth radii 31.588441 days
kplr007097965 1.9 Earth radii 7.7208697 days
kplr006922710 1.5 Earth radii 23.127597 days
kplr005705819 2.6 Earth radii 8.779877 days
kplr008505920 2.2 Earth radii 42.422267 days
kplr007918992 0.9 Earth radii 1.4347788 days
kplr009307509 1.8 Earth radii 9.7628336 days
kplr010158729 2.1 Earth radii 58.600334 days
kplr003120355 2.7 Earth radii 78.097104 days
kplr009411412 1.1 Earth radii 2.8922188 days
kplr007008211 2.8 Earth radii 187.74649 days
kplr007620413 1.2 Earth radii 2.5430664 days
kplr010854546 3.2 Earth radii 2.1684458 days
kplr008165946 1.3 Earth radii 6.4219285 days
kplr012017109 2.1 Earth radii 9.7538016 days
kplr009225395 2.0 Earth radii 81.316975 days
kplr010709622 3.2 Earth radii 51.329234 days
kplr011499228 1.9 Earth radii 19.792435 days
kplr011460462 1.1 Earth radii 5.037282 days
kplr006921944 1.3 Earth radii 4.4215386 days
kplr008164012 1.2 Earth radii 1.2527398 days
kplr004140813 1.9 Earth radii 13.36011 days
kplr004055304 1.5 Earth radii 0.5710391 days
kplr004857213 1.3 Earth radii 8.7740565 days
kplr009415108 1.3 Earth radii 4.5101418 days
kplr004262581 1.5 Earth radii 37.64617 days
kplr008591693 2.2 Earth radii 29.455603 days
kplr011462341 1.0 Earth radii 42.337112 days
kplr009405595 2.3 Earth radii 23.35986 days
kplr009351920 1.7 Earth radii 8.7963087 days
kplr002161536 1.7 Earth radii 16.85481 days
kplr010549023 2.5 Earth radii 14.362739 days
kplr009661979 1.8 Earth radii 69.894057 days
kplr008219268 18.2 Earth radii 6.2465798 days
kplr004254466 2.3 Earth radii 42.300199 days
kplr009904006 2.3 Earth radii 55.187713 days
kplr009364609 1.8 Earth radii 14.97441 days
kplr005022828 2.3 Earth radii 23.555385 days
kplr008233702 2.5 Earth radii 41.698101 days
kplr011403339 1.1 Earth radii 4.7902783 days
kplr008260902 2.6 Earth radii 38.669518 days
kplr008381204 1.7 Earth radii 8.3264927 days
kplr006774537 1.6 Earth radii 2.9490167 days
kplr010404582 1.6 Earth radii 37.866272 days
kplr010617017 1.6 Earth radii 13.151268 days
kplr003229150 2.5 Earth radii 18.505948 days
kplr009641481 2.0 Earth radii 42.193005 days
kplr012505076 2.6 Earth radii 11.929566 days
kplr012116380 1.5 Earth radii 4.33946 days
kplr002556650 3.4 Earth radii 2.8523746 days
kplr003327993 1.7 Earth radii 2.115547 days
kplr005211199 1.6 Earth radii 4.5621528 days
kplr008804455 1.0 Earth radii 7.5967686 days
kplr005546761 1.5 Earth radii 17.670894 days
kplr009205938 1.4 Earth radii 108.58773 days
kplr011358389 1.8 Earth radii 10.664852 days
kplr007204981 1.2 Earth radii 5.1233377 days
kplr004370527 3.4 Earth radii 61.619291 days
kplr011410904 1.3 Earth radii 3.532292 days
kplr004173026 2.5 Earth radii 10.440828 days
kplr009022166 1.1 Earth radii 26.846283 days
kplr010965588 1.9 Earth radii 62.890838 days
kplr007286911 1.8 Earth radii 11.5556 days
kplr008591173 3.5 Earth radii 12.288587 days
kplr008611781 1.9 Earth radii 76.961078 days
kplr005601258 1.3 Earth radii 8.8478128 days
kplr008282651 1.6 Earth radii 2.3617152 days
kplr003548044 1.5 Earth radii 34.764316 days
kplr011401767 2.1 Earth radii 20.053511 days
kplr010909127 1.6 Earth radii 3.1705984 days
kplr002141783 2.7 Earth radii 116.52689 days
kplr004144576 1.1 Earth radii 0.8131804 days
kplr008494542 3.0 Earth radii 10.860844 days
kplr009992325 2.4 Earth radii 24.086384 days
kplr010531955 0.8 Earth radii 2.3445468 days
kplr008168187 1.0 Earth radii 18.302157 days
kplr004142847 1.3 Earth radii 2.8888697 days
kplr007457296 1.5 Earth radii 3.9708052 days
kplr010328458 1.2 Earth radii 2.3522372 days
kplr007050060 0.8 Earth radii 22.040551 days
kplr004248120 2.1 Earth radii 23.34034 days
kplr009580992 2.1 Earth radii 37.802233 days
kplr005357545 1.1 Earth radii 3.7573074 days
kplr006287313 2.2 Earth radii 10.628789 days
kplr009289704 4.4 Earth radii 34.132265 days
kplr009278725 1.5 Earth radii 1.1044546 days
kplr011569782 3.3 Earth radii 2.7878755 days
kplr010600955 2.0 Earth radii 65.646212 days
kplr010801100 2.0 Earth radii 102.65649 days
kplr004473226 2.8 Earth radii 14.832163 days
kplr002854181 3.6 Earth radii 101.13375 days
kplr008963721 1.6 Earth radii 1.8114344 days
kplr005005121 2.7 Earth radii 76.424109 days
kplr008229458 1.1 Earth radii 1.6468194 days
kplr005125347 2.9 Earth radii 7.1651869 days
kplr009336200 1.5 Earth radii 1.7558456 days
kplr004770617 1.5 Earth radii 5.1854578 days
kplr004454934 2.6 Earth radii 33.470245 days
kplr009458343 1.4 Earth radii 11.895337 days
kplr007802719 0.8 Earth radii 4.4573559 days
kplr006206214 1.5 Earth radii 13.53996 days
kplr008959839 1.9 Earth radii 22.708011 days
kplr007672097 1.7 Earth radii 7.9708314 days
kplr009071593 2.4 Earth radii 32.562808 days
kplr011811193 0.9 Earth radii 6.1179816 days
kplr008613535 1.8 Earth radii 29.968282 days
kplr012256520 2.1 Earth radii 33.242009 days
kplr011774303 2.2 Earth radii 0.6140747 days
kplr010329469 2.1 Earth radii 55.822834 days
kplr009654875 1.5 Earth radii 1.3413638 days
kplr009717943 1.0 Earth radii 6.1101216 days
kplr007960980 2.5 Earth radii 9.9896497 days
kplr003458028 3.0 Earth radii 1.4425953 days
kplr009221517 0.9 Earth radii 0.7698541 days
kplr006751874 1.3 Earth radii 6.8922502 days
kplr010206675 14.8 Earth radii 17.401708 days
kplr009945370 3.3 Earth radii 37.945231 days
kplr008973129 1.7 Earth radii 24.175337 days
kplr009718066 2.4 Earth radii 16.092392 days
kplr003440978 2.1 Earth radii 38.103253 days
kplr003867615 2.1 Earth radii 62.784623 days
kplr012121570 1.8 Earth radii 91.502067 days
kplr008410415 2.0 Earth radii 44.292288 days
kplr008321314 2.2 Earth radii 15.033433 days
kplr006934986 2.4 Earth radii 131.48512 days
kplr004049901 0.6 Earth radii 16.290217 days
kplr011498128 2.1 Earth radii 106.249 days
kplr005342473 1.5 Earth radii 4.6448804 days
kplr009334893 0.7 Earth radii 16.667341 days
kplr009963265 10.9 Earth radii 16.486832 days
kplr010583761 1.3 Earth radii 2.685058 days
kplr007542813 1.6 Earth radii 16.858181 days
kplr004458082 1.4 Earth radii 4.8940676 days
kplr008042453 1.5 Earth radii 11.173597 days
kplr010874215 2.5 Earth radii 31.033643 days
kplr006666233 0.9 Earth radii 0.512404 days
kplr007661065 1.9 Earth radii 4.1503155 days
kplr003749978 3.0 Earth radii 28.502726 days
kplr010010440 2.4 Earth radii 53.596636 days
kplr011718144 1.9 Earth radii 16.458805 days
kplr010026544 2.4 Earth radii 176.27678 days
kplr010132832 2.2 Earth radii 16.076775 days
kplr003219995 2.1 Earth radii 18.870611 days
kplr006062929 1.8 Earth radii 22.133896 days
kplr007504778 2.3 Earth radii 17.137558 days
kplr010684670 1.3 Earth radii 3.7887527 days
kplr011495458 1.3 Earth radii 10.458536 days
kplr009003401 1.7 Earth radii 21.103536 days
kplr010481045 0.8 Earth radii 2.0373148 days
kplr005978559 2.1 Earth radii 95.609091 days
kplr008872048 1.6 Earth radii 58.345307 days
kplr007746958 0.5 Earth radii 1.2046814 days
kplr007120108 1.4 Earth radii 1.0258586 days
kplr010730703 1.4 Earth radii 5.5997944 days
kplr008007644 2.2 Earth radii 25.203304 days
kplr011192235 1.4 Earth radii 1.6153495 days
kplr012401863 1.3 Earth radii 2.8326167 days
kplr005534941 1.5 Earth radii 3.7005633 days
kplr002990873 1.7 Earth radii 16.22391 days
kplr005599774 2.1 Earth radii 8.4964491 days
kplr008099138 1.9 Earth radii 66.183172 days
kplr008681734 1.9 Earth radii 7.6849281 days
kplr010212441 1.2 Earth radii 15.044626 days
kplr006119141 2.6 Earth radii 29.073084 days
kplr008247771 1.0 Earth radii 1.118557 days
kplr005629538 1.8 Earth radii 15.187005 days
kplr008561231 2.3 Earth radii 28.68549 days
kplr008235924 1.0 Earth radii 0.5879933 days
kplr006941084 3.0 Earth radii 85.742803 days
kplr006200235 1.9 Earth radii 1.0783902 days
kplr001872821 1.8 Earth radii 10.274024 days
kplr012505654 2.0 Earth radii 5.1867808 days
kplr007215678 1.5 Earth radii 1.1512393 days
kplr011670125 1.5 Earth radii 1.2169973 days
kplr011461844 1.6 Earth radii 13.682009 days
kplr007449554 1.4 Earth radii 2.4209142 days
kplr005716932 1.9 Earth radii 56.494312 days
kplr011566256 1.9 Earth radii 5.7839256 days
kplr007987866 1.5 Earth radii 3.1386912 days
kplr011560897 1.6 Earth radii 35.968642 days
kplr011342416 1.4 Earth radii 25.368553 days
kplr009086251 1.2 Earth radii 6.8920399 days
kplr010863608 1.5 Earth radii 8.0707324 days
kplr005385304 5.7 Earth radii 78.727551 days
kplr011824786 1.7 Earth radii 12.941299 days
kplr012254909 1.1 Earth radii 5.3493247 days
kplr010798331 2.2 Earth radii 147.27956 days
kplr005906426 1.6 Earth radii 13.903091 days
kplr010813132 1.5 Earth radii 4.7670289 days
kplr009718379 2.3 Earth radii 40.00728 days
kplr003002478 3.9 Earth radii 6.3571518 days
kplr009395024 1.4 Earth radii 4.3703807 days
kplr004172013 1.5 Earth radii 16.269318 days
kplr012254378 1.6 Earth radii 2.0323238 days
kplr008494617 1.4 Earth radii 22.922718 days
kplr010289119 1.5 Earth radii 16.105186 days
kplr007382313 1.2 Earth radii 7.4271643 days
kplr004665571 1.3 Earth radii 4.6030977 days
kplr009269042 1.4 Earth radii 12.00095 days
kplr006199056 1.7 Earth radii 1.168993 days
kplr011461433 0.8 Earth radii 1.9169924 days
kplr007984574 2.2 Earth radii 11.619244 days
kplr010336951 1.1 Earth radii 38.230206 days
kplr008481129 1.3 Earth radii 16.301773 days
kplr006364215 1.5 Earth radii 2.1007672 days
kplr005007345 1.7 Earth radii 7.0107235 days
kplr012120484 1.4 Earth radii 17.291841 days
kplr006429812 1.9 Earth radii 94.289853 days
kplr010024051 1.5 Earth radii 0.5773752 days
kplr008073806 2.5 Earth radii 11.96712 days
kplr009210387 1.5 Earth radii 5.9057734 days
kplr010027247 1.7 Earth radii 86.829916 days
kplr006343170 3.2 Earth radii 9.9569896 days
kplr007107802 1.3 Earth radii 10.417281 days
kplr008838950 0.5 Earth radii 2.2703946 days
kplr011360805 2.1 Earth radii 26.783563 days
kplr009845898 2.0 Earth radii 45.125689 days
kplr012453581 2.7 Earth radii 11.939987 days
kplr008081899 0.8 Earth radii 4.1606928 days
kplr007047363 1.9 Earth radii 31.057449 days
kplr008570333 2.6 Earth radii 84.573109 days
kplr005036705 1.4 Earth radii 4.1476529 days
kplr005339567 1.2 Earth radii 4.8665907 days
kplr011080405 1.5 Earth radii 25.194427 days
kplr003354846 2.4 Earth radii 18.552695 days
kplr007289317 1.5 Earth radii 16.831918 days
kplr006500206 2.0 Earth radii 13.375222 days
kplr008631751 1.1 Earth radii 1.5305518 days
kplr009753154 1.1 Earth radii 3.7042973 days
kplr007604328 1.6 Earth radii 4.3540823 days
kplr011236244 1.1 Earth radii 11.323063 days
kplr005042210 1.4 Earth radii 12.146636 days
kplr012454461 1.1 Earth radii 7.4672763 days
kplr011818607 1.3 Earth radii 5.0567392 days
kplr008380709 1.8 Earth radii 24.335563 days
kplr006149910 2.1 Earth radii 131.18966 days
kplr009108085 0.8 Earth radii 2.1749461 days
kplr005436013 1.7 Earth radii 25.888984 days
kplr009395719 1.9 Earth radii 2.60755 days
kplr008240617 1.4 Earth radii 176.83043 days
kplr006846911 2.2 Earth radii 14.026251 days
kplr005963582 1.9 Earth radii 25.540039 days
kplr004476423 16.8 Earth radii 33.847596 days
kplr011403389 2.0 Earth radii 45.088714 days
kplr009851662 1.1 Earth radii 15.054172 days
kplr010453588 1.2 Earth radii 68.888098 days
kplr011125613 1.8 Earth radii 9.9912595 days
kplr008074328 2.6 Earth radii 4.2679688 days
kplr007212184 1.8 Earth radii 36.292943 days
kplr008559152 1.3 Earth radii 12.413006 days
kplr003122913 1.9 Earth radii 11.606583 days
kplr009229657 1.4 Earth radii 2.6683619 days
kplr011752632 0.9 Earth radii 0.9849379 days
kplr010028535 1.4 Earth radii 0.6630983 days
kplr007047207 1.3 Earth radii 19.118502 days
kplr011179076 2.4 Earth radii 48.430751 days
kplr005959719 0.8 Earth radii 6.7382498 days
kplr008631504 2.4 Earth radii 14.820222 days
kplr006767840 1.8 Earth radii 17.358479 days
kplr008379705 2.0 Earth radii 11.129558 days
kplr009880190 1.0 Earth radii 4.5514327 days
kplr009574158 21.2 Earth radii 15.920931 days
kplr009653622 12.0 Earth radii 19.00545 days
kplr007294743 1.2 Earth radii 2.8103242 days
kplr008947520 1.0 Earth radii 0.9685204 days
kplr004047631 4.2 Earth radii 4.7909237 days
kplr010059645 1.3 Earth radii 6.4944739 days
kplr009177629 2.5 Earth radii 5.6040182 days
kplr007515762 1.9 Earth radii 40.988956 days
kplr005942949 1.8 Earth radii 57.293713 days
kplr007879433 0.5 Earth radii 1.3858003 days
kplr009205907 4.8 Earth radii 12.022982 days
kplr008463346 1.4 Earth radii 16.79684 days
kplr009011825 1.6 Earth radii 37.330768 days
kplr005174858 1.8 Earth radii 7.9710542 days
kplr011074835 2.9 Earth radii 6.0331004 days
kplr009635606 1.7 Earth radii 48.892755 days
kplr003728701 2.6 Earth radii 51.129543 days
kplr001849702 2.8 Earth radii 39.831013 days
kplr012306058 2.0 Earth radii 7.4168864 days
kplr006183511 1.1 Earth radii 0.7273148 days
kplr012469800 1.1 Earth radii 1.301993 days
kplr008676148 2.5 Earth radii 28.625246 days
kplr009696358 0.8 Earth radii 6.9815756 days
kplr004484336 1.4 Earth radii 8.9432649 days
kplr011622985 1.8 Earth radii 18.024474 days
kplr008757824 1.2 Earth radii 3.656953 days
kplr009832208 2.0 Earth radii 88.07081 days
kplr005350244 1.1 Earth radii 12.571439 days
kplr005374403 1.2 Earth radii 40.836374 days
kplr006605493 1.0 Earth radii 9.3095455 days
kplr007259298 0.9 Earth radii 3.2394254 days
kplr005175024 1.4 Earth radii 23.477714 days
kplr009026749 1.4 Earth radii 66.559841 days
kplr008247770 1.1 Earth radii 8.2813051 days
kplr006867588 1.0 Earth radii 0.8262695 days
kplr012257999 27.7 Earth radii 18.55616 days
kplr006922203 42.3 Earth radii 13.330973 days
kplr009896018 1.4 Earth radii 2.7296513 days
kplr011037511 1.6 Earth radii 3.1160819 days
kplr011818872 0.9 Earth radii 12.736723 days
kplr011771430 2.0 Earth radii 40.032518 days
kplr010387742 0.7 Earth radii 3.0328016 days
kplr007673841 1.2 Earth radii 5.3419133 days
kplr005546691 1.4 Earth radii 12.947711 days
kplr012156347 1.1 Earth radii 5.7795718 days
kplr010468885 1.3 Earth radii 0.6640818 days
kplr006765135 2.2 Earth radii 175.60855 days
kplr008212002 0.8 Earth radii 14.797634 days
kplr008004903 2.4 Earth radii 11.254547 days
kplr008883329 1.8 Earth radii 9.1825212 days
kplr007446631 1.3 Earth radii 29.22604 days
kplr007531677 0.9 Earth radii 2.6222502 days
kplr010068659 1.3 Earth radii 11.476854 days
kplr002443393 1.4 Earth radii 73.698351 days
kplr009019191 1.3 Earth radii 14.433246 days
kplr005095635 1.4 Earth radii 0.7544552 days
kplr006269070 1.4 Earth radii 2.7612098 days
kplr009712350 2.8 Earth radii 51.573938 days
kplr008025596 1.6 Earth radii 4.6951528 days
kplr004915638 1.3 Earth radii 8.6298929 days
kplr010916600 0.9 Earth radii 5.5766107 days
kplr009153570 1.6 Earth radii 3.8136681 days
kplr011768142 1.5 Earth radii 38.098241 days
kplr006124512 1.0 Earth radii 8.384691 days
kplr010070468 1.1 Earth radii 1.681873 days
kplr007584650 1.5 Earth radii 44.99955 days
kplr011337566 1.1 Earth radii 7.1282551 days
kplr001995519 2.1 Earth radii 19.939901 days
kplr006198182 0.6 Earth radii 3.8814555 days
kplr009574179 0.7 Earth radii 3.9901793 days
kplr006211812 1.5 Earth radii 2.5240738 days
kplr011391755 3.1 Earth radii 25.092328 days
kplr009088780 7.8 Earth radii 33.180895 days
kplr008894646 1.1 Earth radii 3.5558626 days
kplr011962284 1.4 Earth radii 8.8391516 days
kplr004346178 2.0 Earth radii 16.128224 days
kplr009664142 1.6 Earth radii 13.563149 days
kplr010018233 1.7 Earth radii 16.295712 days
kplr008636539 1.1 Earth radii 6.7738916 days
kplr009283156 0.5 Earth radii 5.224152 days
kplr008547429 1.1 Earth radii 11.659755 days
kplr009893318 2.9 Earth radii 18.016626 days
kplr003426367 1.0 Earth radii 2.1043158 days
kplr005562090 2.1 Earth radii 28.841786 days
kplr005342061 2.4 Earth radii 64.046365 days
kplr005513012 1.2 Earth radii 0.6793614 days
kplr010917043 2.2 Earth radii 205.38314 days

2nd Planet Hunters Paper Submitted

Way back in January I blogged about our announcement of two new candidates, confidently predicting that the paper would be out in the next few days. That didn’t happen for all sorts of reasons, but it’s now submitted to the Astronomical Journal. Rather than wait until we get the referee’s seal of approval (or a lot of criticism!), we’ve made the paper public via the arXiv – you can read it here.

Congratulations to Robert Gagliano, Joe Gilardi, Kian Jek, Jari-Pekka Paakkonen & Tjapko Smits

As the picture on the blog post shows, five volunteers are co-authors, many more are thanked in the paper, and there’s a link to the authors page to give credit to all our volunteers for taking part. In the month or so that we’ve had since the conference, we’ve done some more work to pin down the behaviour of these systems. The first exciting new discovery was the length of time between transits was changing slightly for KIC4552729. These transit timing variations, or TTVs, suggest that there’s something else there, another body whose gravity is affecting the orbit of the planet candidate whose transits we do detect. We need more data to work out exactly what’s going on, but the immediate implication is that it’s more likely that our planet candidate is real, as it’s harder to create a three-body system using interference from background eclipsing binaries.

We also – mostly for fun – worked out whether the two planets that Planet Hunters had uncovered could be in the habitable zone of their star, that thin sliver of space where liquid water, and hence life, might be able to survive on the surface of a planet. Now, both of ours are almost certainly too large to be anything but gaseous, and one has to make a planet’s worth of assumptions about things like its albedo (how much light is reflected and how much absorbed by the atmosphere) and its atmosphere. Nonetheless, the encouraging thing is that both of our candidates seem to lie in the habitable zone of their star system, making them interesting targets.

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, also on the arXiv and submitted to the journal is the latest Kepler paper announcing new candidates. They include a section on Planet Hunters, and announce another handful of independent discoveries where we found candidates they’d already uncovered. More on that – including a list of Planet Hunters involved in those discoveries – in the next few days.

Two new discoveries announced at AAS

We’re delighted to announce that you’ve done it again, with two new planet hunters discoveries being announced at the 219th meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin, Texas today. Both of these were missed by standard procedures and have only been found because of the efforts of volunteers.

Both of these were sequences of transits that were picked up by planet hunters volunteers, both using the main site and via Talk, and we’ve done enough work that we’re confident that they’re real. They thus become the third and fourth planet candidates to be discovered by Planet Hunters. Congratulations to those involved both on Talk and in the interface.

Discovery of a transit around KIC10005758

Preliminary work indicates that the first, around the star KIC 4552729, has a 97.5 day period and is approximately 4 times the radius of the Earth. Its transit was caught amongst Quarter 2 data, and we’ve confirmed that it repeats in later data. We can’t quite call this a planet yet, but with more than 95% certainty in our discovery it becomes an official planet candidate.

The second candidate is even more exciting. It orbits around the star KIC 10005758, has a 284 day period and is just 3.3 times the size of the Earth. The first transit was caught in Quarter 2, and analysis by the Kepler team caught another, larger planet, closer to its star and orbiting it every 132 days. Not only is it exciting to have the first Planet Hunters multiplanet system, but this makes it much more unlikely that we’re being fooled by a background eclipsing binary.

I’ll post more after my talk, and we hope to have a paper finished and uploaded in the next couple of days. In the meantime, congratulations to our roll of honour :

Lubomir Stiak, Kian Jek, Robert Gagliano, Pamela Fitch, Dr Johann Sejpka, Jari Paakkonen, Gregoire P.A. Boscher, Matthew Lysne, Thanos Koukoulis, Andre Engels, Ben Myers, Daniel Posner, Terrence Goodwin, Theron Warlick, Charles Bell, ‘damalimaan’, Sean Parkinson, Samuel Randall, Eduardo Mariño, Frank Barnet, Terrence Goodwin, Ewa Tyc-Karpinska, Heinz W. Edelmann, Lynn van Rooijen-McCullough, Gary Duffy, ‘kamil’, Branislav Marz, ‘Adnyre’ and Colin Pennycuick.

If you’d like to join them as discoverers of planet candidates, then keep clicking at Planet Hunters – there must be more in there to find, and we have new data coming shortly to keep you all busy!

Chris & the Planet Hunters team.

PS I’m struck in looking through that list of names as to how international the Planet Hunters community is. I’d like to thank Lech Mankiewicz and his team who led the charge to make Planet Hunters available in other languages.